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  1. Ok heres the deal, i was making this list to write the completed last part of my guide... these notes were to help me write the guide, but seeing as i've gotten a few requests for part 2, ill go ahead and release these notes and hope you can decipher them people xD... GL!! This is not complete by any means, i hope to get back to it soon and complete it, and clean it up to look op fancy nice... thank you again for bearing with me Divine-pride picky peck description: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/skill/5033/picky-peck 700% atk over a bundle of 5hits *carries endowment *ranged atk *relies on hit vs flee *aftercast delay 1second Difference of Skill dmg vs dps possible for summoner to reach well over 1 million damage per picky peck picky peck has cast delay which means can be reduced for example if can cast 1m per sec @1 picky=1m picky dmg=dps 1m or 600k 3 picky per second=picky dmg 600k= dps 1.8m need balance, less cast delay means higher chance of hit lock, quicker changing targets anytime when reducing cast delay, need a)cast delay reduction b)aspd (chain only strong as weakest link 100% aftercast with 63 aspd =still slow, 190 aspd with 0% aftercast still slow) Hitlock extremely important especially vs high hp target/mvps without endure effect also more chances for u to hit (1picky per second with 50%chance 100% dmg per second, 3 picky a second 50% chance each time for 33.3% dmgper second) **mathematically a doram with max aspd(190) and with 80%aftercast delay reduction can cast 5 picky per second max, but 100% delay reduction is still 5 skill per second because of aspd ASPD Formula 50/(200-aspd)= how many auto atk per second doram max aspd = 190=50/10= 5 possible skill per second [180aspd would be half of 190 @ 2.5 skill per second potential 180aspd+60% aftercast=harmony 190aspd+80%aftercast=harmony) in order to harmonize max aspd of doram with skill delay time u need 80% aftercast delay and perfect timing (not to mention pretty much be a robot) for max potential. server max aspd= 193=50/7=7.14 possible skill per second talisman: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28424/plump-earthworm-charm-1 -50%vct picky peck -increases picky dmg 1%per skill level learned per 6 base dex (120 highest possible doram max 125 stat = 5% per 6 dex=5x20=100%) -each talisman adds 100%dmg with 120dex upper headgears summoner race cap id#19205 https://www.limitro.com/item/view/?id=19205 5atk/matk per refine aspd 2% per per 3 refines +8 savage cooldownis reduced 4 seconds per level of lunatic carrot beat learned +11 reduces cast delay by 15% (which is like .5 kiel cards) Laser of Eagle id#19111 https://www.limitro.com/item/view/?id=19111 dex+2 long range physical dmg 10% chance to transform into cecil damon, during transformation cast delay=100% reduced +9 vanagrand helmet 18652 hp sp leeching Republic Hat[1] 19115 https://www.limitro.com/item/view/?id=19115 at +10 gives 12% ranged atk other alternatives Captains hat[1] 7% long range rideword hat[1] for hp sp leech Mid HG low hg Crow Tengu Mask 5933 *worn in combination with tengu scroll 19112 (highest picky dmg) New wave Sunglasses18813 nice to combo with spiked scarf 5462 (30atk) Sunglasses[1]2202 in conjunction with mob scarf28502 Headgear cards v.coacelenth KIEL!! maybe fenrir gemini/nightmare(not so much after new update with silence and sleep immunities) I hate Dark Pingicula cause of herbs Armors +7Cursed Magic Mail Abusive Robe (for Def bypass and str or dex enchants) Evil Dragon Armor for hp sp leech +7excellion str atk atk Doram suit(with or without set is ok for general tankishness) Cards Rama/ama (hate the drain) minerpitman (only 5% atk but has hit and no drain) watcher card 30atk tgk xtra hp = usually survive longer Garment FAW Max EA (more dmg than gwing but...) GWING max ea (i really like gwing because of all the hit added) Heroic BP (meh, still decent... but meh) Cloak of casualty[1] (see above note) +7 excellion atk atk atk (combo with suit gives 20% more to aftercast delay reduction) general redux garments immune heros etrans (at +10 is also nice because of the elimination of knockback) etc etc doram set (elegant) not horrible option to begin with, keep u alive a lot longer than most sets, pretty tanky bonuses Garment cards Menblatt brown rat noxious raydric orcbaby in combo with corrupt life shoes pure dmg wise pvm boils down to dps Applause sandals (2% aftercast redux per refine)(use amon, stats are <3) Picky dmg Heroic silver fox boots(range dmg but no after cast)(with blut hase for that raw powah of picky!) doram shoes Accessories for picky dmg is Chubby earthworm talisman with a whole plethora of card combination choices ppl have asked me if there might be better option for picky dmg... pom etc. NO!! each talisman adds 5% picky dmg (if level 5 picky learned) per every 6 base dex! 10% for 2 talismans per 6 base dex @120 dex thats 200% added nothing will touch that dmg. buffalo set g scaraba eoe str 3 marinesphere (one of most underglorified accessory cards) many more weapon either exquisite green foxtail model [2] or yellow exquisite[1] (but can be malangado for max of ea 6 double) shield cmb[1] op dmg asg good redux immune shield good neutral redux ironshield +8 eliminates knock back cards Thana + Bijou certain occasions phree or phreex2 for that needed hit wk + kk TG+ ominous TG mix and match some cool cards for some cool effects ***Need add ysf armor and mant for sure seems nice but expensive ****need at that 16.2 shield that gives ignore monster def Sorry this was sloppy, i wanted to get something added on to this guide sooner than this... didnt think u needed to wait any longer for at least a taste and pls remember... i wrote this originally for ME to write an official guide for u guys.... this was never meant to be posted... just thought i owed some people one... And This doesnt touch on pvp/bg/woe or anything really, its mainly for pvm... and yes dorams can reach good picky dmg pretty early on... enough to mvp hunt with just a decentlyupped foxtail(like +8 can do some serious dmg even) so keep testing urself keep improving urself we all should everyday ty for your time Tim "Meowch" MeowchsDoramGuide.txt
  2. Tim Goodrich

    naked doram gmt farmer

    Yes I even posted a video in an argument about the nerf of bitewound of someone on official doing this, this is good "gimmick" for gmt coin farming, and doram is one of easiest characters to level since they actually don't job change from time of their character creation so leveling is straight forward. Just no one actually expect to finish gmt with tarou, since the final round is boss protocol monster and bitewound from tarou can not proc on a boss protocol monster... so gl with that.
  3. Tim Goodrich


    you shouldn't list the words, if you list words then semantics can be worked around, these things are more of a context vs textual type thing. On a less serious note: FREE GUCCI!
  4. Tim Goodrich

    Whats the doram summoner class good for?

    Cap is right, as usual, but also a picky physical doram is one of the highest sustained single target DPS classes out there. Check underlined word please, I know that CS is mathematically the highest damaging skill in the game, but the cd is long (trust me RK is ❤️ I know!), and yes I know genes own instances better because of dorams limited aoe skills, but still single target dps on spammable skills (and no i'm not counting bite wound, burn effect, other effects only skill dmg themselves, or the fake azz dmg produced from illusion doping). There are some work arounds with the aoe thing, but they can be a bit annoying to do (like accessory switching, or the different style of mobbing done with spirit of savage).
  5. Tim Goodrich

    Meowch's Quick Doram PVM/MVP Physical Summoner Guide

    IKR all seems well with them, except the def mdef bypass, but ive been told that part should be updated this coming MT. xD
  6. Tim Goodrich

    Implement Doram/Summoner Shadow Armors and Shoes

    dem, ah yes i forgot about star emp/soul gladiator too @Lai armor list- physical doram, magical doram, rebellion, oboro, kagerou, emperor, reaper -24408, 24410, 24402, 24404, 24403, 24412, 24414 shoes (same order) -24409, 24411, 24403, 24407, 24406, 24413, 24415
  7. Tim Goodrich

    Meowch's Quick Doram PVM/MVP Physical Summoner Guide

    the why my friend??? You see my guide? I definitely honarary Russhin!!
  8. Tim Goodrich

    Meowch's Quick Doram PVM/MVP Physical Summoner Guide

    yea def, i can do it but takes 2 phree on green foxtail, angel spirit, riot chip, ration b, and dex foods... improve conc. skill would help some too, anything for that hit.
  9. Lai wanted me to write a guide, I got sidetracked quite a bit, but the more people ask me EVERYDAY about picky peck Doram Summoners..... the more I feel compelled to throw this together really... This won't be extremely extensive, but hopefully by the end, everyone will understand "The cat's me-ow" per se...... PART 1 OF ??????? ON MEOWCH'S GUIDE ON HITTING MVPS LIKE A JACKHAMMER USING ONLY A PIECE OF GRASS I have said it before, and will say it again, 1 on 1 MVP hunting (ofc with a fixed spawn position, gene's cart boost is op for scouring maps for mvps) my doram can usually get MVP over any geneticist/ranger/DD GX etc. out there, cause they hit hard asf, and they can spam, and have some of the highest single target dps in the game (I would venture to say possibly the highest, I helped my friend gear up a cat once telling him what to throw on in a hurry, and with no pet out, no transformation proc, only arclouse dash and asgard buffs buffing him, he could spam about 1.2 MILLION damage to eggs.. spam!.. as fast as he could f1+lmb+f1+lmb+f1+lmb (or whatever key he put picky on, lmb was still left mouse button for him, ican almost gurantee this.... now that i think about it.. with an ab and simple odin+aspersio+impost+expatio or whatever ab buffs, he should be able to do 3million or so per picky to second transformation of demon god...0.o waw) This is guide will be for physical picky peck build doram at the moment, yes i've played magic cat before, yes i've played support cat before (hated it, i hate playing support in general, but they are invaluable) neither one interested me as much, nor fufilled me as much, as playing physical picky peck doram. Now picky peck, is this builds main attack skill, there are very few other skills you will use with this build, arclouse dash to buff, hiss to get away, and stoop to tank even god himself for 6 seconds.... but we will get to all that.... first lets start simple Doram is a race, their one and only class (no matter how many times Lai pulls my leg with his "oh Meowch, they gonna implement new doram Berserker class") this is one and only class you will be, unlike all those Hooman classes that start as novices, us Doram are pro from birth and begin our Journey at 1/1 Summoners! No rebirths, no trans, Summoner is Life! We do receive some penalties because of this, since we don't change class, 190 is the ASPD hard cap for summoner (yes it truly is, even with speed gems, cant break 190), our hard cap for any stat is 125 instead of 130, and our base level does go to 175, but our job level stops at 50, which inhibits us a bit with skill points, but this is okay seeing as doram tree is quite simple and laid out, not to mention ur pretty much gonna be maxing all out into one of the doram's/summoner's 3 "skill tree's". Stats now, picky peck is quite cool, but at the same time can be quite a pain.. Picky dmg multiplies your atk, Doram's weapon is not considered a range weapon like a bow so their atk doesnt scale with dex like it would with a minstrel/ranger holding a bow per se, we get all our atk thru stats the good ol bash your brains in char type of way, mainly through strength.... Pretty much a maxed picky doram's stats should somewhat look like this: STR: 120 *Is a must if you're going to end up using Tengu set as middle and lower hg options (which I extremely recommend) AGI: 60~120 *this fluctuates a bit because it doesn't necessarily affect your picky damage, but later on we will reduce cast delay in order to up dps, so we will need to cut animation delay down some, so to do that.... we need aspd.. also is good for flee, movement speed is noticeably different with low agi doram + arclouse vs high agi doram + arclouse as well. Vit: can be lower than 80~120 *this really all depends on your play style, if you want pure damage, like i see some gene's do, technically u can leave your vit at 1 and pour into more dps stats, but i highly recommend using about at least 80 vit to survive most things out there, especially since we don't really have much in terms of an AoE skill, so sometimes, you will just have to tank a bit while dispatching the enemies. DEX: 120 *even though we don't receive our attack from dex like bow carriers do, we use acessories which give us 1% ranged damage for every 6 base points of dex, not too mention, sooner or later, you are gonna need an ass ton of HIT in order to hit some mob, your gonna swear they are ghost 3 and convert and still miss, no she's not ghost 3 she just friggin agi upped and their flee is like 900 now! LUK: pretty much whatever's leftover *luck can be cheap and effective away to add attack when your, well.... when your luck has ran out using status points up in str and dex and the others... so luck is decent dump stat. There are other bonuses and useful things acquired from stats i didn't really touch base on, but like I said, this is Doram Summoner's quick guide to picky peck, so don't think I'm an idiot cause i didn't say 100 vit so you gain immunity stun, guides online are basic guidelines for players to go by in order to get an idea of path to take with gears/skills/stats, not necessarily a how to guide item by item to be exactly like someone..... don't try to be that strong char you saw in Infinity Space, your goal should be to aspire to be better than them one day. now before you bitch about the SS and where i got them from..... that's not important, what's imporant is it was the first image on Google image search when i typed it into google, and also what else is important is the skills on these SS's (multiples cause didn't zoom to fit on screen all at once.... we don't change classes remember, so all our skills will be on the same page on our skill screen and if we make skill screen big, will actually be arranged in a somewhat similar fashion... so a lot of these skills up top are kinda crappy skills u don't use much (a couple shining skills tho i'll touch on) just like with any other class (one of which i want to submit somewhere as worst most useless skill in RO..... psssttt it's hide skill, it's trash) but first off is we will talk about, and which should be on any doram's hotbar is Stoop.... Stoop is...well kinda op for tanking.... it is cute little cat animation too, but doram gains 90% reduction from ALL ALL DAMAGE for 6 seconds (yes on top of whatever reduction you already have equipped) and is useful almost anywhere (even for a cute SS to post from your poring hunt) but the thing about stoop is that its cooldown after those 6 seconds of Godliness is REALLY LONG so I wouldn't really crutch on stoop too too much, otherwise you will really need it and it will still be on cd and we will just say that's ur 9th life as a cat and RIP. Mainly in PVM I use stoop when I get overwhelmed by mobs and this will give you a sec to... well... not die.... and to pot/berry up so ur hp/sp is sustained and give you the opportunity to clear out that and which is killing you. Lope is fun to play with, but pretty useless in all instances, not to mention a few maps in which it kinda should work on like town maps, but nonetheless its fun skill to mess around with and jump and fly through air many cells away from where you began... Spirit Marble is last of the basic skill set u actually NEED to take before moving on to the branched skills (soul attack is optional, and is really lackluster after u mess with it some, so now i don't even really take it anymore..) and not to mention spirit marble is kinda a cool piece of RO lore which give the doram their true power. You ever seen three "orbs" floating around a doram? sure you have, every doram thats beyone like level 10ish has it, well those orbs is what allows the doram to control and cast the powers they do, the left skill set is based on the power of the sea(sea=support/healing/buffing and is one of the orbs, the middle power of land (plants which =magic), and the one we are most concerned with is the far right branch which is the spirit of life and that life orb allows doram to call upon all kinds of creatures and use their powers to cause lots of physical damage (and a few buffs too). So ill tell you what to take, and what are options beyond that, and next part ill post will explain these further advanced doram skills, and also we will start to touch on equips next time as well. so going down the list, you want Picky lvl 5, arclouse dash 3~5, tarou 3 (5 if u would like but really not necessary in pvm, lunatic 3 (and we only take it cause its mandatory for next skill) power of life, and every skill below that maxed cause... well.... u have to in orderto take last skill, which you want trust me it gives about double picky damage if ur hp is 100% out of 100%, not to mention it allows arclouse to buff picky damage as well. now after these are chosen u should still have about 5 pts or so to play with and can choose up to low lvl of bunch of shrimp for the 10% self party damage buff, or u can take about level 2 of twist used to trap mobs... but pvm, I think full retard attack usually the way to go, so I would vote on the shrimp buff. Good luck all, i got some dailies to do, and some shit to pick up around the house, hope this gives a little bit of a start and ****as soon as I finish testing a few unspoken armors and shoes**** Ill soon to be posting the next part which will explain more some of the advanced skills, and will touch on equips too!!!! Well glad your maybe deciding to be a cat, or already are and decided you dun know squat about it... anyway, welcome.... from one doram to another.... until next time xD
  10. Tim Goodrich

    Implement Doram/Summoner Shadow Armors and Shoes

    I believe no better time than soon, I know the team is busy, but i say keep the momentum going. There is such a dramatic increase of players, and ive noticed such a strong presence by extended classes (never seen so many "~insert name~ the Doram has just graduated from Limit Academy" before, and yes rebels and oboro are very hot classes too) I feel this is should be toward the forefront of new content released.... but the LimitRO team doing such a great job and i know you all will continue to keep it up. Congrats to all, around 1k online at the moment and doesn't seem like there is any sign of slowing us down xD.
  11. I suggest we add doram magical summoner shadow armor and shoes as well as doram physical summoner shadow armor and shoes and can we not forget about the meow meow foxtail i suggested before as well? We've all been waiting for Dorams to be up to date, I know our great team is working as hard as they can, and I'm waiting the best I can..... This stuff just excites me though!!
  12. Tim Goodrich

    Am Mut pet not working properly

    so just for clarity am mut is loyal 4% matk,imo if we dont endorse a certain thing shouldnt be in description, less headache. like howwe start demi redux on ceb at +6 on this server while some start at +5 and can gain total of 16%demi redux/physi atk against demi... or description shows that +6, it is optimized for our server. we only support loyal bonuses we should onlyshow them in description imo.
  13. 2h guide, 2h sword rk doesnt use shield so rg shield not very likely, but is great equip if using 1h weapon, and for other classes as well. Domovi is great for 100 atk, also there is the Hodremlin is also good for some bonus crit dmg as well.
  14. Tim Goodrich

    Catnip Meteor has been completely disabled?

    I am truly sorry u dont know squat bro
  15. Tim Goodrich

    Catnip Meteor has been completely disabled?

    Well so clever sounds demeaning there @F a i z, almost conniving, im sure if you were to main Doram race for awhile u would learn stuff ab that too. I wasnt clever, its common knowledge, just google it, I did when I tried looking it up. And actually, as a matter of fact I did report somewhat of an elemental change bug to a helper when i thought converters affected dmg from cards like dwigh, not officially reported, but I told someone who I knew would correct the behavior if it was incorrect. I do apologize for originally assuming that game mechanics were working like they were supposed to, and I shouldve brought out my calculator and actually broke down my matk and calculated to see if the output was correct..... or wait I do believe there are people who are supposed to ensure stuff like that works like its supposed too. As for scar of Tarou, you are quoted saying other servers...... I wonder why you didn't specifically say which server, was it an official server? Should we start basing things on what other privates do? No, thats what makes LimitRO great, they specifically state that they are up to date with official kRO and jRO updates (albeit I do believe this has recently changed on our home page) If someone has an account from official that shows hp of tarou being 5% then so be it, I do notice though that iRO has changed their wiki page to now display a ? on hp drain when it was specifically stated before which level caused what amount of hp drain, but I hear most regard and reference iRO the same way they reference ratemyserver not in the most positive fashion. Scar of Tarouinflicts the injury of a country mouse's wounded spirit onto the enemy. Cure, Clearance can cancel the effect. Can not be used to boss monsters. When base level is over 30, there's a chance the skill will be activated again. For every 30 base levels, the activation chance is increased. When base level is over 30, there's a chance the skill will be activated again. For every 30 base levels, the activation chance is increased.[Level 1]: ATK 100% / Bite Wound: Drops 2% of MHP every second, for 9 seconds.[Level 2]: ATK 150% / Bite Wound: Drops 4% of MHP every second, for 9 seconds.[Level 3]: ATK 200% / Bite Wound: Drops 6% of MHP every second, for 9 seconds.[Level 4]: ATK 250% / Bite Wound: Drops 8% of MHP every second, for 9 seconds.[Level 5]: ATK 300% / Bite Wound: Drops 10% of MHP every second, for 9 seconds Here's a actual proof of Tarou in action on "another" server and it seems more like how tarou use to function here on LimitRO. But thats not even what this report was about, and tbh your comment is shallow and unwitting, only a chance to cheap shot me cause... well idk why, idk associate with you, dun know you, dun really play with you in game, so I imagine you just heard something you didn't like or something, honestly I'm good dude, and just come to play and want things to work as they are supposed too. No I never calculated my matk to catnip meteor output but I would def try to now that it has actually been brought up to me, though i really cant do that as of now. And as for doram being powerful in WoE... they are not quite as powerful as u make them out to be, and the power they do have doesn't all come from them being lvl 175... Doram struggle is about skill point allocation, sacrificing something for another, especially if you want their final buff skill learned cause lvl 5 of each previous skill must be taken before lvl 1 of the next, they are job lvl 50 max, so 49 pts, they dun trans so their aspd hard cap is 190, their base stat hard cap is 125 and simply typing WoE Doram in your search bar of your browser and watching videos will correct you on your statement of Doram being powerful in WoE, but Doram is suicidalish at the same time, they are accessory bound for the most part, and meteor build makes them bodygear, garment, shoe, and accessory bound... no triple cranial kirins for meteor build unless they want to do miniscule dmg... there is some balance in this subject in which you try to imply that there isn't. Powerful they can be, but is much up to the gear and the player it seems. sorry everyone just cant sit around and tank entire guilds while they roll out the welcome mat for you to break their emp. This is a few of a slew of videos available to you or anyone with internet access on how you really don't see Dorams being that powerful on other servers. It is a trending class atm on our server, much how rebels were for awhile, and kinda still are, but something else is sure to come along as always. BTW i can gear to be completely immune to any doram killing skill which would render them useless, so powerful in woe? I think not, undereducated on the class... someone most likely is.