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    Doram Accessory Upgrade NPC

    When I tried to upgrade my "Lesser Leaf Talisman" into "Intermediate Leaf Talisman", the NPC consumed all my doram coins (in which I have 35 that time) and it says something like this "....... Tada. Put my brother's amulet to good use." which I believe it means it's a success. But, after that, the conversation balloon has no buttons to press for "next" or "continue". So i was stuck and the only way to get out is to exit the game or to use the pre-saved "@go #" in your Alt+m settings. So basically, the NPC consumed all my doram coins which should not have been the case. And it did not enhanced my talisman into an "Intermediate" accessory. But I still have that "Lesser" accessory. PLEASE HELP ME GET BACK MY DORAM COINS OR AT LEAST FIX THE NPC AND GIVE ME MY INTERMEDIATE LEAF TALISMAN. ./sob Thank you.