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  1. Mafia

    RK level up spot

    Thanks Guarho, and apologies for late reply. I am for now only pve'ing and not playing woe or pvp I would like to know what instance will gain me gears that i can sell on the market to make zenny??? Something which is not very very difficult but still the drops is having good demand.... Thanks
  2. Mafia

    What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    My post is not about disliking anything but more towards missing content or probably they are in-game but I am not aware of or not marketed enough. 1] the server needs to have some quests for new players which should gain them strong gears to farm MVP and other high tier mobs which can eventually gain them good pvp or woe gears.... (ofcs. donation has an advantage and that's fine) 2] the server needs active marketing strategies to gain more players, GM must understand that if we remove AFK players, how many active players are online... (minimum of 200 active players at all time is a sign of good server and anything more than 300 active players is great!) PS: GM is doing an excellent job keeping the server interested and adding new features. BUT for servers longer life, it is mandatory to make new players feel that without the donation, he can be in the top group of players if he works hard....
  3. Mafia

    RK level up spot

    hi guys, im very new to the server i love playing RK and i want to know leveling spots and also gears and build that would be good for farming and woe ..... thanks