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  1. Illusion of Moonlight

    Furious Moonlight Flower Card x1 Nine Tail Card x10 Sohee Card x10 Munak Card x10 You mean the Furious Moonlight Flower Card ? Well yeah, it's the card of this dungeon's MVP.
  2. Where to get Ninja Scroll and Cyclop's eye

    Thank you both, I always forget about Mr Wise because there's no list on the forums for his hats.
  3. Hey, the title says it all, I'd like to make a couple of Deepsea city treasures but I have no idea where to get these 2 ingredients. Best regards.
  4. Warlock Equipment

    Topic Name: Add top tier equipment for Warlock Character Names: All Akabane-like IGN's in Limit RO... except Akabane which was already taken when I joined ¬.¬'' Describe your suggestion: Some of the suggested gears for Warlock on iRO's page don't exist in LimitRO which wuld give Warlock (and other magic classes) a better chance to shine, the ones that I'd like to proposse here are the Magician's Glove, Mob Scarf and Hibram's Gloves Why do we have to add it?: More equipment options for Warlock and other magic classes Who will benefit this?: All magic classes (and some non-magic ones out of Mob Scarf) Will this change the system drastic?: I don't think so, but I think if there's a drastic change I believe it would be a possitive one Room for improvement?: Probably... Suggestions?
  5. Mob Scarf

    Thanks for the info, I guess I'll suggest it for the deepsea treasures.
  6. Mob Scarf

    Hey just wanted to know if this equipment is implemented here in LRO (it doesn't show up by ID on the database).
  7. How do you catch Mistress

    Yes it's annoying, but you can always try devil's tower with multiple characters/accounts.
  8. Alternative way to get Silvervine Fruit

    You can get a lot of silvervine fruit by doing skywave, it's really not that hard with a GX, and you can get quite a few.

    I believe that's a separate download, go to the limit ro download page, scroll down and you'll find the BGM folder download.
  10. Reduce WOE castle

    Actually that sounds like a very valid counter argument to this, but if noone is participating in WoE, then noone cares about castle drops right? Or don't care enough to actually participate in WoE to get them at leat. As for a solution I would suggest something like "pre-registering" to any given WoE and depending on the number of guilds that participate, a number of Castles are enabled for that particular WoE. But I don't know how feasible that would be.
  11. I haven't gone to geffenia lately but what's wrong with it? I used to farm there without problems (using a ranger mind you), but it's not really that profitable, specially when compared to thanatos 10.
  12. [GUIDE] Cheapest solo Skywave

    That sometimes happened to me on Bijou instance, but the client didn't crash, just accepted the message and moved on, other than that, you might want to try the support subforum.
  13. Donation token by in game duration

    As far as I'm aware the exchange rate hasn't been defined yet, I think in facebook there's a poll with 48 and 72 as options. As for the duration, it's 1 hour = 1 Donation token, so it seems like you'll need to be online 2 days straight to get 1 CP from this.
  14. [GUIDE] Cheapest solo Skywave

    Sometimes when the time runs out instead of just kicking you out of the instance, the client closes itself, other than that I haven't had any issues.