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  1. Akabane

    More space at Vending Hall

    So... To clarify your stance on this: Whoever gets the first 400 spots get to autovend for 2 weeks and the rest get screwed, got it. Edit. At least until the server gets 1K players... Well more like 600 vendors and 400 players... maybe. As an aside, I believe great work has been done over the past few months, there's obviously a lot more players now than there were a few months ago, however, there's also no denying that many of the 900+ "players" you are showing off in Facebook are not actual players, but vendors and many of them wouldn't be there if the vendor number restriction was still in place, so in my view by removing that restriction you are deliverately inflating the number of "players" online, and if the goal you set for the server was 1K players by the end of the year, you are basically undermining the work that has been done by you and all of the GM and dev team of the server, and I just don't see the point in doing so, just so that the number "looks better" even if most of us already know the number has been inflated.
  2. Akabane

    Refine question

    Ok... - You can refine using the normal refiner, using Oridecon, Elunium, Bradium and Carnium, all dropped from monsters - You can also get Enriched HD Oridecon/Elunium/Cranium from the Lucky roulette. - You can get Lucky coins from various quests and from the daily check in, from here you can also get a few cash points. - You can also get refine tickets from Egg scrolls, which you can buy from iris in HQ and from Skywave - For Limit Points, you can get a bunch of Badges from skywave. - Finally, you can get Donation Tokens for being online, which you can exchange for Cash Points (50 DT = 1 CP), which you can exchange in the cash shop. You can also buy Safe Refine tickets from other players, they are sold in the Vending Harbor.
  3. Akabane

    More space at Vending Hall

    Well... I never use @search as I constantly monitor certain items (10-15 at a time even when I'm not playing), I prefer using the search page in the website, so I don't get charge every time I search for something (I do understand the fee is to prevent people from abusing the feature), and move to VH when I find something I want at the price I want. As for creating an alternative to Asgard, I believe it's mostly the NPC's and auto heal/bless/agi that keep so many people in there, Also the fact that the entrance to the Dimensional crack is there (and as far as I'm aware is not accesible from anywhere else), so maybe spreading those NPC's would reduce the number of people in Asgard more effectively than having sores all over the server. I believe this will actually cause more problems, as instead of just having 100+ players in asgard and 600 (ish?)the vending harbour. You'll have the 600 ish at the VH plus 10-30 vending in evey town (slowing loading in every town) and the same 100+ in asgard, as people won't really move from asgard as it's too convenient for them to be there (less loading to access the NPC's they want).
  4. Akabane

    More space at Vending Hall

    Why not just switching VH to a different (bigger) map? Or put the max merchant restriction back in place? The VH was put there for a reason (I assume), to prevent stores from being everywhere, causing maps to load slower, and having them obstruct NPC's and things like that. I assume you don't want to prevent players from vending their stuff, but if you are already regulating (putting a cap on) the total number of spots available to vend, then you should also regulate the number of spots a person can take, otherwise you get people with lots of vending spots and people with no vending spots, as it's happening right now. Even allowing vending/buying stores in other places won't solve the problem, as those places are a) Less valuable as you cannot use @autovend and b) More annoying as they will make some maps load much slower.
  5. Just what I thought, the changes to AHB enable easily switching from AS to Wargstrike Crit build, It does make the Luminous Blue Stone plan less appealing, as LBS only work for the crit build, but overall seems like the Hybrid build it's the way to go now.
  6. Akabane


    You might want to contact Lai in Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/limitrolai) for direct support, or check in the support forum if someone had the same issue, if not, post there for more visibility.
  7. Akabane

    heart wing hairband is no longer available in HQ LMB shop?

    I don't believe there is, the easiest way I think is skywave, you get a fair number of scrolls and limit merit badges which you can exchange to LMP and then use to buy more scrolls, or just buy it from someone else, but it seems at the moment there's none for sell in the Vending port.
  8. Akabane


    @Lai Can you help this poor soul trying to play in LRO?
  9. Akabane

    heart wing hairband is no longer available in HQ LMB shop?

    Forgot to mention, those headgear boxes can be obtained from the scrolls you buy from Iris (or from skywave)
  10. That should make the Ring of the Flame Lord a little more useful.
  11. Akabane

    heart wing hairband is no longer available in HQ LMB shop?

    I believe you can get it from the Sealed Headgear box (I or II I don't remember which one).
  12. +1 Or at least when you click on the reward icon it should tell you how much longer you need.
  13. Akabane


    Well there's a specific support sub-forum right under questions, you can also contact @Lai in Facebook for direct support, or post directly in the Facebook groups.
  14. Hey @Zohan, what are your thoughts on the changes to the autumn headband: Increases ATK by 2 for every 5 base DEX.------------------------Reduces the variable casting time for Arrow Storm by 100%.------------------------Adds a small chance of restoring 1% of damage as SP when performing a physical attack.------------------------Refine Level +9:Increases Arrow Storm damage by 1% for every 5 Base Level. Now We don't need Int (other than for a bigger sp pool) and We can get instant cast without using Sound amplifier, and now We get 35% AS damage (1% more), but We lost the 5% ranged damage and the sp reduction to Wind Walk. I believe this helps with Hibrid builds (as it frees stat points from Int), but We do lose some DMG. I'd be interested in hearing your opinion, specially on the possibilities for hybrid builds.
  15. Akabane

    Illusion Shield

    According to the wiki, yes you need a slotted one.