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  1. Akabane

    Crimson Katar [2]

    Yes, That's the drop rate for all weapons of crimson, there are a lot of items that are not 25x drop rate, for balancing reasons.
  2. Akabane

    Upgrade gemstone with the Shadow stone

    +1 lol I had already plus one this one xD
  3. Akabane

    Card Recycling

    -1 There's way too many useless items, and with a 25x drop rate this is not a problem for anyone, if you don't want the cards, just drop them or sell them to NPC.
  4. Akabane

    Deep Mines Suggestions

    For the first suggestion, I think that's sort of the point, I believe the bug is that you are able to enter with more that one "load", but I'm not gonna complain about it. For the second suggestion, +1 I literally fell asleep on level one and stopped.
  5. Akabane

    Add more eggs at training ground

    +1Maybe have them as "rental" where you an NPC allows you to change race, element and size for a small fee, and spawns the egg with the set characteristics.
  6. Akabane

    Vending Harbor

    +1 Something needs to be done, most of the time, the VH is completely stuffed, either We need a bigger map, there needs to be a cap on the number of @at merchants per IP or @at needs to be enabled in some other places, as sometimes it's impossible to find a vending spot where you can use autotrade.
  7. Akabane

    Ask About the Item Pirate Dagger #5532

    I fell asleep on the first 2 levels (literally) of deep mines, never tried again, lunette is no darling either.
  8. Akabane

    Ask About the Item Pirate Dagger #5532

    Notice I did not say Dificult, I said annoying, and boring to boot. I'm fine with difficult, I mean... it's gear progression, if you want gear that's better than what's already available, it should be difficult, however the problem is not the dificulty, it's not particularly difficult, it's just boring and annoying. Ohh and I almost forgot, one of the main issues is precisely balance, there are items comparatively more powerful or at the same power level in Deepsea, which is comparatively much less annoying and even easier/cheaper for some items. Precisely my issue is with the GM team trying to make Limitless "available" for everyone... in their (Very valuable) effort, while they ceirtainly achieved accesibility for most players, they unfortunately and (I hope) unintentionally also made it completely unenjoyable for everyone.
  9. Akabane

    BG suggesetions

    So? Why should the solution be forcing other players WHO DON'T WANT TO PLAY BG, to play what you want? If nobody wants to play BG, then you should be making suggestions to improve BG so more people actually want to play, not suggestions to force people who don't want to play into playing out of necessity. This is exactly what I mean, if the GM/Admin team consider that the server needs more people playing BG, then they should incentivize people to want to play BG, in any case, I'd rather advocate for making those badges BG exclusive items somewhere else, if they truly believe nobody wants to play BG. Ideally, PVP gear should be available as rewards for PVP play (and not required for PVM content), the same way, PVM gear should be availabe as reward for PVM content, there's obviously gonna be some overlap, which should be handled accordingly (have it available both in PVM and PVM seetings), but players shouldn't be forced to play something they're not actually interested in.
  10. Akabane

    Ask About the Item Pirate Dagger #5532

    You would have to submit a suggestion for this item.... take note that there are a ton of items on the TODO list, and for the most part they are adding them to limitless.... which is less than ideal given how annoying is to farm deep mines.
  11. Akabane

    Performer weapon boost

  12. Akabane

    BG suggesetions

    -1 Why would anyone want to force players to do pvp if they don't want to? If you are only gonna put pvp content behind pvp rewards, then it's ok, otherwise it would suck for PVM players....which is most of LimitRO I believe.