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  1. Akabane

    More Details on Excellion Enchantment Please

    Well the problem seems to be that the Water property reactor can only be put in the first slot (4th slot I'm assuming) according to this log. Took me a while to find it, but there you have it, better luck next time.
  2. Akabane

    [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build

    Thank you for your answer, my question was in terms of efficiency since I have limited resources (time and zeny), It's kind of obvious that a JDR KC build is better than a RC build for MVP'ing, but is the difference enough that I should invest a significant ammount of time/zeny to go from RC to KC and then to DDC or should I forgo the middle step (Katar Crit) and go straight to DD Crit, that's what's not obvious to me, since there's a fair bit of overlap between the DD and the KC builds (All but the weapons basically) so I guess I'll start at those everlaping steps. Thank you for your input.
  3. Topic Name: Add more functionality to the Item page in the LimitRO site Character Names: Akabane San Describe your suggestion What is this? Add Links in the Items page for the following: Where to get (Instances, Hero trophy, Scrolls, Cash Shop, etc), Required in Quest (Quests for which the item is an ingredient), Find in Vending Port (This one is just a smal QoL improvement, as if you already have the item name you can search it yourself). Why do we have to add it? It simplifies finding which quests/instances you need to do in order to get what you want. Who will benefit this? Everyone, most of all newbies Will this change the system drastic? I don't think so, it's just a little something to make our lives easier. Room for improvement? Probably, I came up with this because I'm constantly looking for what equipment do I want to get next, and it's a real pain, now that I know my way around, I know where I can find most things (The wiki), but when you are new in a server that has a lot of custom stuff, it's pretty daunting to find everything you need for that item you really really want.
  4. Akabane

    join limit group?

    You can find that information in the LimitHQ tutorial.
  5. Akabane


    Hello, welcome to LimitRO, yeah it's a real pain to figure out where to get some equipment that it's not dropped from monsters, I'd recommend you take a look at the Wiki, some of the equipment comes from instances and quests, or Mr Wise (headgear) some other equipment comes from HQ quests.
  6. Akabane

    errors always appear

    Ok, so here's the issue, whenever you introduce new code into an existing system, you might inadvertedly be introducing new bugs in places you didn't even imagined, so it's recommended that testing be done to detect those bugs before getting into production, this is called Regression testing, basically you run test on existing functionality to verify everything that was working before the update is still working properly, there's many ways to do this, including automated testing for RO that would mean using bots to simulate different scenarios and document the results. That's just for existing functionality, besides that you obviously have to test throughly all the new functionality. This means it's a significant investment of time and resources to achieve this, so I can't really blame Lai, however my advice, as a Software Quality Assurance professional would be to just slow down the release schedule in order to devote more time to achieve better quality. Having said that, at this point We need to put out the fire, and that means releasing patches until most bugs are resolved, it's either that or rolling back the changes (meaning going back to the previous client), hoping no items are lost in the process (Which is a VERY VERY tall order, so I don't think this is an option), and then work out the issues before re-implementing those changes into the server, so yeah, it's a very complicated situation and We as players of LimitRO need to understand that the GM team is doing their best, and trust that they are working as hard as they can to resolve those issues as soon as possible.
  7. Akabane

    [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build

    Ok, so... I have most of the RC build equipment, and I'm considering wether to get the final pieces, or change build. Basically I have a farming build, I use Rideword instead of the White tiger hat and Robo Eye instead of the crow tengu mask (Working on that). Now I want to start tackling some end game content, and sadly my job and personal stuff don't allow me to have a steady play schedule so it's dificult for me to party-up, so my main idea would be soloing that content, my question is what's my next step besides farming Thana10 whenever I have spare time. Should I switch build? Should I seek higher refine/better enchants for my RC build? Should I try to get a JDR and switch to a Katar Crit Build? Should I abandon the Katar and start aiming for a DD Crit build? Since my build is primarly a farming build, I sometimes die mode than I'd like so I usually don't use stat foods or consumeables other than EDP for skywave. So in short should I aim for compelting my RC build equipment? Should I start getting the Crit Equipment? Should I even bother with a JDR and it's enchants? What would be your advice? Thanks in advance.
  8. Akabane

    Enchanting temporal boots

    Thank you both, I guess I'll start farming Contaminated magic.
  9. Akabane

    Enchanting temporal boots

    Sounds like a bug to me, @Lai Can you confirm this is correct? So in this case IF I want slotted ones, I have to slot first then enchant, otherwise, stick to unslotted ones. Thanks.
  10. Akabane

    Enchanting temporal boots

    So I'm working on getting a good pair of temporal boots for some of my characters, according to the Wiki you can enchant the boots before slotting with coagulated spell and after using contaminated magic, is this accurate? Do you guys recommend slotting before or after fully enchanting the boots? Thanks in advance.
  11. Akabane

    Star Emperor & Soul Reaper Update

    I Agree, I'd actually suggest we slow down a little, I work on software QA and most projects follow 2 week release cycles when following agile techniques, and sometimes even those schedules become rushed and are prone to break stuff, I'd rather have an stable bug free server than getting new things every week that are unfinished or buggy, just my 2 cents. If you want I might be able to further advice regarding QA, even if games are not really my area of expertise, QA is and a lot of that is transferable to gamming QA.
  12. Akabane


    Have you checked the newest changelogs? If you followed those instructions and you provide @Lai with more details on why you can't download the lattest patch, maybe he can help.
  13. Yes, that's what I said before suggesting that, and that's exactly the issue, the only driving force right now for high end players is giving experience to new players, but if you give low level players an option where THEY DON'T NEED a high level player to clear the instance and get a decent ammount of experience out of it so they can level up quickly, then you can give high end players a bone in hard mode, maybe putting a higher number of those mobs so that there's a higher chance to get the cards, or maybe increassing the drop rate a little, hell, maybe even putting other mobs that drop something that's worth your time even if those mobs don't originally spawn in IS. And again, let me stress this, I don't think this would be the best use of the GM/Dev team's time, as there are other faster and more profitable ways to level up in the server.
  14. I like your suggestions but they do sound like a tall order, and as mentioned above We'd be risking a new wave of bugs. If they decide they should do this, which I don't advocate for as I think quests and farming should be your primary ways to level up past level 120, I'd suggest something similar to what you suggest with a few changes: 1. Since we're a 3rd job server we'd be focusing on levels 120-175 (after you leveled up using mercenaries in rachel field/magma dungeon). 2. IS easy mode does give very little experience, I believe it should be the opposite, IS easy mode should give a lot of experience, but give you leveling gear only, this would mean no MVP cards or no cards at all (some non mvp cards are very good) and instead you should get some leveling gear, maybe something like the npc at the end of the Limit Academy who will give you equipment depending on your class and level. 3. IS Hard mode should be where the real goods come in, but don't give as much exp (if you're doing hard mode you're not really doing it for the XP). Best Regards