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  1. Drakkletannon

    Possible bot in Moscovia 3

    I did PM them, they've been in Moscovia for three days straight as far as I can tell.
  2. Drakkletannon

    Possible bot in Moscovia 3

    Bot farming in Moscovia 3, possibly multiples bots. Zildros wouldn't respond to any chat in local or IMs and when I use @noks they kept attacking my mobs for a long while, even though they were missing. As if they couldn't process past "Attack mob with skill" It's just very suspicious. Also, I do not know thy the screenshot is so broken. My apologies.
  3. Drakkletannon

    RK skills will not apply points.

    OH, I need to spend them ALL? That's a bit counter-intuitive but thank you.
  4. Drakkletannon

    RK skills will not apply points.

    When I press apply skills, it simply doesn't and ignores the fact that I both have enough skill points and clicked "Okay"
  5. Drakkletannon

    Missing background music.

    Phenomenal reply speed. I'll be downloading this, I overlooked it twice like a fool. For anyone looking into it, just unzip the download link on the page Akin linked into your C:/Program Files (x86)/LimitRO folder and boom! Works.
  6. Drakkletannon

    Missing background music.

    Hey there, I joined up recently after a 5ish year hiatus. Wondering if there's a method to get the BGM back into LimitRO. The game is just too sad without it, forlorn winds and tittering birds are all I can hear. I don't have a gravity/RO/BGM folder, I was wondering if I was required to download original Ragnarok to play the music?