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  1. ChardeE

    Happy Chinese New Year

  2. again and again., now redownload again a new limit ro app in site... Battle Ground HATE me
  3. Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc... game_crash_log.txt
  4. ChardeE

    Heart Card in Mouth (Gambler's Seal combo)

  5. ChardeE

    BG AFKer

    thanks alot for consideration ❤️
  6. ChardeE

    BG AFKer

    1st encounter this when i changes my Old Limit RO to a New LimitRO from, i got problem in my desktop always hang and blackout when many skill showup and my Ranger Surely Dead by many player... and i wait for a couple minute to respond Limit Ro apps idont use alt f4 cuz hard to connect again in server.. by the way im using windows 10pro 64bit.. i'm sorry to all player in LimitRO for my NEW LIMITRO APPS Download.. Truly Yours, ChardeE
  7. ChardeE

    Team Recruitment

    Char Name: ChardeE Age: 26 Gender : Male Fluent Lang: English,Filipino Tagalog Nationality: Philippine citizen Occupation: Investigation Agent @ Philippine Goverment Time in LimitRO: Since year 2011 Playing Hours per week: 24 hrs a day Possible helping hours per week: 24 hrs Personality: Cool & Nice Favorite color: Red Other comment why you suit for this: i'm flexible
  8. ChardeE

    Monthly Share 001

    Character Name: ChardeE Facebook: Link :
  9. ChardeE


    IGN:ChardeE Description: Banquet for Heroes Ep. 16.1