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  1. Hello everyone; Im Kashido also know as Jermion (the 300k judex AB) or PharMercy (the meh isnt bad Genetic) im an active player on LimitRo ( not as much as I would like lately) i was playing with some friends and when we get to the Venom part of FaceWorm Nest or when we where killing Celine Kimi and the boss heal itself my team mates say that they die on LAG ( forcing us to WIPE :C), so it became my purpose to make a custom GRF for my guild mates that will enhance their gaming experience so i made a little research here and there and came up with this GRF. BTW I am not a native speaker of English (I am from Mexico) so I will include many photos so you do not get lost Grf is fully functional today (27/10/2017) and is a compilation, result of my research it changes how the RO is seen and nothing else, so dont worry it won make your char lose DPS (or gain) ------SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what is this grf changing? you may ask--------- It change a lot of things but here are some of the essentials -First the casting circle (yep CardCaptor shit) -Storm Gust Effect (also the status effect are notorious) -LoV lag? no more! -Meteor Storm and Crimson rock -Heaven drive and earth strain (since they both use the same effect) -Quagmire - The Ice Wall became smaller so you can see which cells are occupied and which are not -SW its much more small so just his cell is affected by the visual effect (as the skill do) -JakeFrost Lag? Cry no more -For WoE LP and floor spells -Pneuma use all the cells and have a counter -Rolling cutter have less particles and numbers are changed for roman instead -Performer Song/Card get affected too (Music is also changed so performer song last just one sec, no more song spam, a bard cry in the shower) -------SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how can i install this wonderfull GRF?------ --------------First find your LimitRo Folder------------------- ---------------------And find the archive named -------------------------- -Then change his name to what you want i use data2.grf ( we do it this way, so if something goes worng you just put it back to how it was and the problem is solve) : -Now download the custom GRF here (hopefully we will have more options soon): http://www.mediafire.com/file/raaliet8gnanq3i/data.rar And just drag/unzip it in the limit folder AAAAAAAAAAAAND done now you have it PD: Hope you like it, i know im not the first one doing it and im know that it may be not the best but if you can make use of it DO IT!! -Cyaa, Have a blast
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    Hi from México Lindo y Querido!

    Wellcome im not new to the server but im from mexico too Si tienes dudas pregunta aveces nos juntamos en gonryun pero no siempre andamos ahi ultimamente yo eh estado mucho Off pero ahi andamos una que otra vez