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  1. Roacoutan

    Blue Luminous Stone problems

    the sharps bonuses beeing triggered only by one LBS have not been confirmed
  2. When reaching the 10th floor, it won't spawn any monster, making it impossible to progress through the instance
  3. right after the npc generating the instance, the dimensional device wont let you in
  4. Roacoutan

    Discrepancies with Item Drops

    they are still not dropping monocle [1]
  5. Roacoutan

    Blue Luminous Stone problems

    The Sharp1 and sharp2 combos still doesn't work...
  6. when equipping only the slotted version, there's a boost on critical damage, but when equipping along with the accessories, there's no further increase on crit damage, leading me to think that the ID of the slotted version was not added to the combo. the proof is on the screenshots. as you can see, the non crit (212) and the crit (329) was the same with and without the accessories. whikebains black cat tail ID: 2855 wickebines black cat ears [1] ID: 19134
  7. Roacoutan

    Rebel's Magical Bullet not working

    Sorry about that, lai. it's just that i haven't found any official link about that skill after the revamp yet
  8. Roacoutan

    Rebel's Magical Bullet not working

    @Lai @Yuuki @Inkfish
  9. When activating Magic Bullet, it does not gives you any buff nor anything As you can see, i've got some MATK, so it should add something EDIT: it's a gunslinger skill, actually. .