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  1. IR A G E

    Save them!

  2. IR A G E

    Storage Expansion

    RATATATATAT!!! +1000!!
  3. My item went missing after i accidentally dropped it at an unreachable spot. I was trying to place it at one of the keys of the 3rd column but my character went to that spot and dropped it. it never appeared. it was a +17cloak of casualty with a wakwak card on it if I am not mistaken. if there is a way we can trace the item you will see that I am not making this up. it was a dumb mistake but I hope something can be done about this
  4. IR A G E

    Hi Loves... Damn I'll miss saying that LOL XD

    Don't mind me I am just a random reader but dang I had to type this, Add me on Fb my name is "RAGE QUIT". 😂😂😂
  5. IR A G E

    Royal Guard guide(BP and CS type)

    PVP or BG wise what is the ideal weapon for BP, overbrand and Pinpoint attack? Is imperial set still better than glorious spear and individual items?
  6. IR A G E

    Hello from New Jersey!

    Nice to meet you to bro. Hit me up ingame I am trying to learn doing instances if you care to join, or you can teach me if you are already a pro at it Nice to meet you Ferne. that profile photo looks beautiful. Quote Edit
  7. IR A G E

    Hello from New Jersey!

    Nice. Imma pay them a visit and drag their behind back in the game 😉
  8. IR A G E

    Hello from New Jersey!

    Anyone here live in NJ? Hit me a message 😉