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  1. Ragology

    Gears and Refinement

    Yes, limiro has refine tickets, guaranteed safe +1 ores, and special ores that wont break an item but will level it down if upgrade fails. Im guessing the overseas weapons are the ones you get from these places? https://www.limitro.com/wiki/28-limitless-island/159-deep-mines
  2. Ragology

    More Hairstyle

    Ah we used to have a lot more hairs but an update made them incompatable/unavailable. I think it was a part of the update that disabled the hoomunculus custom ai.
  3. To test it, I put on the hat + beard and then allowed the mobs to chew on me for a few minutes. I also tested with hat + beard+ eyepatch, just in case. Didn't autocast any buffs.
  4. Ragology

    Where's the Eden Energy Crystal buff?

    Has the npc been moved? I think its name was Reno. They would give daily quests that rewarded energy crystals, as well as a buff that rewarded crystals when it expired.
  5. Ragology

    16th Anniversary Update & Episode 17.1

    Finally some love for Dancer. Swapping to a bow to use Severe Rainstorm was a pain.
  6. Ragology

    Star Emperor & Soul Reaper Update

    Does doing the soul reaper quest the normal way (instead of with the admiral) come with exclusive quest gear?
  7. Ragology

    Star Emperor & Soul Reaper Update

    Does anyone know if Soul Reaper has access to more mage staves ( such as La cryma stick or Staff of geffen) or maybe even some Soul Reaper specific staves?
  8. Yeah the limit for perfect dodge reacto seems to be one, not three. I assume its a typo on the wiki ( I also made a topic about it a few months ago.)
  9. Ragology

    New Cards & Enchants

    Goodness that Ju card. Now I need a +14 elemental orgin to make my Sorc life complete.
  10. Ragology

    Pet List & Pet Evolution

    Is abracadabra taming enabled on this server?
  11. Ragology

    Limited Cash Shop revamp

    Was the cash deletion officially announced anywhere? This seems like breaking news that should at least be in the changelogs forum.
  12. Ragology

    Snowman Calendar

    Did the server skip ahead a day? I've been collecting daily but I was pretty sure I didn't get the day 31 prize yet. (It says that I've claimed 31 boxes so maybe I did?) What was the grand prize? I forgot.
  13. Ragology

    Official DeV Future Updates 2018 kRO

    The concept and execution of Super Novice was fantastic. Expanded super novice was a huge letdown though. I hope that Hypernovice will make the class great again.
  14. I have a +10 item I'd like to slot but I was wondering if a successful slot would take away all my upgrades.
  15. Ragology

    Piamette's Ribbon Low Head Gear + Mad Bunny [1]

    Could we change one of them to "angry bunny" or something? This is getting confusing. 😣