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  1. Ragology

    Tamadora pet

    Does anyone know what skill its casting? The +10 INT loyal bonus still works, but doesn't seem to stack apple of idun anymore.
  2. Ragology

    Divine Guard Hat Aftercast

    Ah I might be miss understanding how after cast delay works then. It looked like between 1:00 and 1:05, they use holy cross twice without letting the after cast delay finish. I guess it should get patched then if its supposed to trigger a delay.
  3. Ragology

    Divine Guard Hat Aftercast

    In the first video at the 1:00 mark, the player uses Holy cross twice before the after cast delay ends. (seems like they use it as soon as holy cross' cooldown ends) Any idea why after cast delay didn't stop them from reusing the same skill so soon?
  4. Ragology

    Jitterbug Card not healing Whip/Instrument

    Where does it say to give 2000 hp per physical attack regardless of weapon? I though it was just a quick 2000 hp self heal when the transformation activates?
  5. So far I've found one, but are there any others? Myotis's Ears
  6. Unequipped all my gear except for a "fragment of love" so I could have uninterrupted casting. Used the Sorcerer skill "warmer" to keep myself and the archer skeleton I attacked from dying. My level 1 ice bolt does 195 damage to the archer skeletons normally, and 253 damage when the card gives me a magic attack boost. I put the card into a +10 Bacsojin hat and allowed myself to be attacked for 4 minutes. I don't know what the base proc rate for the card should be, but if the chance increases by 1% per upgrade then I figure +10 hat should be working at least 10% of the time. From my testing, it seems that the Wide Curse and the 25% damage boosts are two separate effects. The way the card is written makes it sound like the wide curse is the cue for the damage boost, but there were times when the wide curse would activate but my magic damage wouldn't increase, and other times when there'd be no wide curse activating but I'd be doing more magic damage. I think that's fine though since its kind of like The "Lunar Rainbow hat + pitman card" giving you a chance to use earth spike or heavens drive randomly. What isn't fine to me is the low activation chance that ankou gives in a +10 headgear. ankou 8.rrf
  7. Ragology

    Rebels can use Spirit Spheres as Coins

    Ah, my mistake. Seems that it means used like "spent" and not "obtained." Okay, now all we need now is for a coin related gunslinger skill to not work when there's only spirit spheres to spend and those patch notes will stand. (since I don't live in a world where patch notes are correct 100% of the time. Sure the patch notes come from an official source, but I want to believe that all companies patch notes come from an official source (since there's no reason to cover patch notes that aren't about your own game.) And since private servers are taking things from official sources without editing things unless its a feature that has to be customized for their own servers ( like a damage formula or drop rate) then I want to believe that it works here the same way it'd work on official. Though believing that would be hearsay, even though over 90% of the way things work on Limitro is the same as official, making it a credible source by your definition. As far as differentiating between coins and spheres, as of now, the only reason I see to change their names is the lore behind the classes since spirit spheres seem more like an acolyte thing (as that job line dabbles with the spiritual things) while coins are more like a material possession that fits better with the theme of a Gunslinger. We arrive at the third name change with Soul reaper since many of their soul reaper skills have the word "soul" in their names and so it sounds more thematically fitting than coins or spirit spheres, even if its the same system underneath. I think if they would have been called "spirit reapers" then the name would still be called spirit spheres. A lot of their soul linker skills have the word "spirit" in their name and as of now the game doesn't differentiate between spirit spheres and soul reaper souls anyway. Just as Royal Guard MP (MP) bar could have been renamed a Piety Points (PP) bar, fitting more thematically while serving the same function as the MP bars that all the other jobs use. Every skill in the game could have been named an untranslatable gibberish, but if tests between multiple skills result in the same outcome then I'm willing to bet the skills are the same underneath, regardless of what they're named.
  8. Ragology

    Spirit Spheres Counting as Souls

    Rebel and monk both have skills that generate all the spirits/souls they need on demand. Soul Reaper needs to wait 40 seconds to have enough souls to cast a skill that allows them to generate souls when they take damage, and its not even guaranteed. It seems that soul reaper makes the most use out of the system since Monk and Gunslinger have an "on demand" button to press. If Soul reaper is given a skill that lets them generate souls on demand the way coin flip/ call spirit sphere does, then I can see where you're coming from and support your nerf request, but right now there's no benefit to anyone. Limitro can be just like official servers, or it can be better. I'm pretty sure Lai would like limit to be better.
  9. Ragology

    Rebels can use Spirit Spheres as Coins

    Ah your past tests with Royal Guard using spirit spheres might be from an earlier game build so that's why it still works on the test server. ( I assume your statement contains no hearsay) I'm in the regular Limitro server right now, testing it live. Used the chen card to generate a spirit sphere but the Royal guard skill "Burst attack" fails whenever I try to use it. Next I used the Royal Guard skill "vanguard force" and allowed myself to get hit so that I can generate rage counters. Vanguard force works successfully after that. The spirit sphere I summoned earlier is still floating around my body so I assume it hasn't been spent. Gonna quote myself here On official servers, does the greatest general card have its effect disabled when used on gunslinger? And the advanced ring of flame lord, does it have its spirit sphere summoning ability disabled when equipped by them? Also, are coins still adding attack the way spirit spheres do? If so then I will continue to believe that spirit spheres and coins are built upon the same "skill currency" system, while Soul reaper "souls" are third in line and Royal Guard "rage counters" are completely separate. Hearsay is no good because then we get situations like this https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:9nJ8moICHqEJ:https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php%3F/topic/112503-merry-badger/%3Fview%3Dgetnextunread+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
  10. Ragology

    Spirit Spheres Counting as Souls

    Ah well as an auto caster I always had souls when I wanted to spend them (modified flame lord ring) and so I never really noticed the way Soul Reapers were bottle necked until I swapped my gear around. (my soul collect is level 1, so it takes me two minutes to have enough souls to use Soul reap since I get 1 soul a minute. At max level I'd get one soul every 20 seconds, so it'd only take 40 seconds to cast soul reap. Soul reaper shadow armor is useless for souls since even if it reduced soul reaps cooldown to zero, we'd still have to wait 40 seconds to cast Soul Reap in the first place because it takes 2 souls to use, unless they're doing away with that requirement in the job update. I hope they are.) Soul Reap seems similar to Sura's "Gentle touch energy gain." Rebels "richs coin" is probably their version of Monks Zen. I don't know if Monk's zen was ever updated to add all 15 souls when they become Sura though. Hmm, I can't find Soul Reaper's page on the iro wiki. That's an official wiki isn't it? Has the class not arrived on iro yet? If the wiki is meant to be updated by players then I doubt there'd be any soul linker mains left to update the page since they would have been stuck at level 99 for the past decade or so and lost all interest in the job. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/skill/261 https://irowiki.org/wiki/Summon_Spirit_Sphere Divine pride say that Monk's spirit sphere adds 2 attack while IRo says that it adds three. I don't know who's in charge of quality control on those wikis, so I'm not ready to take all their words verbatim. Limitro adds 3 though. I can probably log into accounts from other private severs to find out what the general consensus is, but I want to believe that Limitro yanks everything from the official sources directly, only going back to change things if there's a game breaking bug. It seems that other private servers and even some places on youtube have people suggest use of the chen card. The card maxes out at two souls but that's enough to get soul reap going after you've been killed. Since we're sort of at the point where even our most reliable wiki sources can be slightly inaccurate, the best I can do is see how the game treats things. The three points I made in an earlier post are the best I can come up with. Using the games own mechanics and card descriptions to draw parallels between Spirit spheres, souls and coins.
  11. Ragology

    Spirit Spheres Counting as Souls

    So on the official servers, does the greatest general card/ faymont card/ flame lord ring no longer work for gunslingers? Also do gunslinger coins boost attack by 3 damage? Or maybe are there patch notes somewhere showing when the features were removed? Right now it seems as if you'll keep fishing around until you get the answers you want to hear. Id rather have more solid proof before we nerf a class into the ground. Not even the soul reaper shadow armor will help with the loss of spirit spheres after dying.
  12. I tried putting the card into a slotted giant faceworm skin, but the garment didn't show up when I clicked on the card. After that I tried slotted armor of all kinds (Helmet, body, accessory, etc) into my inventory but the card still didn't want to go into anything.
  13. Ragology

    Spirit Spheres Counting as Souls

    Do you mean Monks being able to give their spirit spheres to gunslingers? I want to believe that's been disabled already. Could be the same situation for monks giving spheres to soul reapers but I haven't tested that. The game seems to treat spirit spheres, coins and soul reaper souls as the same "skill currency" though since they all add +3 attack when gained through a jobs natural way ( soul reap, call spirit sphere or coin flip.) Aside from the nomenclature, I don't see a practical difference between them and as far as I know the things that work on spirit spheres will also work on coins and souls. For example, Its like how every job has an SP bar. Let's say they called Royal Guards SP bar a "pious point" (PP) bar instead (because they're religious or something.) Royal guard still functions the same way it does now except all its skills use PP instead of SP like all the other jobs. Being overweight will halt PP regen. Magnificat will increase PP regen. Blue pots will restore PP, etc. And now we introduce something like Rideword Hat that has a chance to restore SP when attacking. I feel that Royal Guard should get PP back too in the same way that other jobs get SP back since the PP bar is just a renamed SP bar for a specific job. Aside from the name difference, they function the same. This is how I'm seeing the spirit spheres/coins/reaper souls situation right now. The people who made the game already knew that spirit spheres and coins used the same "skill currency" and they disabled the interaction between monks and gunslingers while still allowing gunslingers to make use of cards/items that granted spheres. I'm guessing their logic was " its okay to use your own gear slots for spheres/coins but having 100% chance from a party member is where we draw the line." And now Soul Reaper is the next job able to make use of what gunslingers have been doing for years. They could have made the Reaper Soul system completely separate like Royal Guards and their rage counters, but they didn't. If you can show me where the Reaper Soul system was meant to be its own independent thing, I'm all ears.
  14. Ragology

    Spirit Spheres Counting as Souls

    We can use spirit spheres in place of coins (each coin adds +3 damage the same way that spirit spheres do), and the greatest general card makes it seem like this feature was intentional (along with making it so that monks couldn't feed spheres to gunslingers) but the rage counters seem different (no bonus damage with the rage counter spheres so I don't think its the same system.) It seems that the spirit spheres and rage counters can both be used together but they don't share a resource and only one of them will display visually. (So you'll still be gaining rage counters even though it looks like you've only got a single spirit sphere orbiting your character.) The Royal Guard move that spends rage counters will fail if you've only got spirit spheres to use. I don't have Ninja so I can't test out their system. I'm going to guess that the Ninja charms are a separate system since there's multiple elements that directly boost specific skills and the spirit spheres seem too simple for that. ( A summoned spirit sphere wouldn't know which element to become.)