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  1. Shen Hibiki


    Let's see, let's see~ IGN: Kaedo Hibiki Description: Well, a quick look at this made me notice a 3 eyed freak... and a Vicious Book. Maybe the critter is bored, and needs to read a bit? so... A quick sketch, led to... some light reading~ Then I added a simple BG, resized and added the server's logo and...~ 640x480, JPG. (I prefer PNG, but... ) Hope this works! :3
  2. Shen Hibiki


    ... weird... I thought Hilmir said ~drawn~ original-only?
  3. Shen Hibiki

    [Summoner] Spirit Attack not ranged

    I have to agree, the skill is -not- working as most sources say it should.
  4. While the skill is sing the longer duration provided, is not being cast on the whole party. Tried this also with a second Doram, same level, in party. Also no effect. In short, the skill is set to Self, not to Party as it should. (also lacking a status symbol on the right side, but that's secondary)
  5. Shen Hibiki

    @Autoloot turning itself off

    That's the problem, it's turning off sometimes while I'm -active-. Turn it on, walk to an enemy, humu kills it, autoloot gone... That's the part I don't get. As you see in the screenshow I posted, it's immediate, I turned autoloot and it was off right away.
  6. Shen Hibiki

    @Autoloot turning itself off

    I'm training my humunculi... I set the autoloot on, but after a couple kills (or sometimes immediatly), it stops working and I need to activate it again. Anyone else has this problem? (as you can see in the pic, I turned it on, and the next enemy died without giving me any drops, they were on the ground, and I could pick them manually immediatly, so they weren't for some other player.)
  7. Shen Hibiki

    Doram details: Spirit Attack, Meow Meow

    Seems silly to ask a question abut where to ask a question, but sorry~ I need to know where to check or who to ask about some Doram skills that seem to be doing nothing, or maybe I don't understand them. Spirit attack, by what I read online in most places, supposedly makes the normal attack of the Doram into a ranged attack. I don't see that happen. MeowMeow supposedly casts Chattering in the whole party, but I've not seen that either. Are they not implemented yet? or am I using them wrong? Thanks beforhand.