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    You find, you win #10

    Spot 3 Location: gon_fild01 191,357 Ingame Char: Zykx
  2. I'll miss you, I allready missed you the past days! I wish you all the best for the future. I realy hate this flaming and childish behave from alot of peeps. Who cares if someone is a noob? we all were noobs in the past, alot of us are still noobs and some will stay noobs forever cause they dont understand how to act with other people. And allways this gay shouting (not only against you dear Hilmir) god damn whats the problem of beeing gay? those guys mostly have a better and cleaner heart then anyone else. Please Mister Lai, think about well who will become a new GM. We dont need someone who cant respect other races or other sexual inclination !!! Respect each other!!! Farewell Hilmir
  3. Corrupted Energy Fragment doesn't drop