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  1. Hi, With the new improvements of cooking new foods introduced, Assorted Dishes (Level 5 ~ 10) but since we had custom lvl 10 foods from castles bg, woe, lotery and more they are less usable. I suggest to allow a new recipe to craft a lvl Assorted Dishes with this foods and add some farmeable item to make it a litle hard. Some idea 1pc of each food + 1Gold 1pc of each food + 1 Ygg berry + 1 Ygg Seed Thanks
  2. Ereinion

    Release OG CEs

    Up, maybe ad to epic CE?
  3. Ereinion

    Silk WoE new balance

    If it's more easy change this setings for silk Damage Adjustment Reduction Short Attack Damage Rate: 0% Long Attack Damage Rate: -15% Weapon Skill Damage Rate: -60% Magic Skill Damage Rate: -40% Misc Skill Damage Rate: -50%
  4. Ereinion

    Can't oppen main in GB

    Can't open mail in Guild Base
  5. Ereinion

    Chain Lightning Bug

    If you consider Skill description is ok at least make skill works like description says now hits 4 times description says 3 times divine pride says 9
  6. Ereinion

    Chain Lightning Bug

    @Inkfish you did anything?
  7. Ereinion

    Chain Lightning Bug

    Chain Lightning on single target missing hits, only hits 4 times
  8. Ereinion

    Revamp Normal Woe

    Then you are saying this will increase popularity of normal woe and more people will play it. Then which is the problem?
  9. Ereinion

    Revamp Normal Woe

    Then you think if VIP castle are removed silk woe won't have any changes?
  10. Ereinion

    Revamp Normal Woe

    Hi, Normal woe is dead but silk is realy on fire with 5 guilds with they own subguilds fighting for two castle. The reason? Castle Drops VIP coins. Introduce VIP castles into normal will make more ppl fight for it, and woe more fun. What do you think?
  11. Ereinion

    How to obtain Marhaval Potion

    Vote Shop Lucky Roulette
  12. After a log time we can make Honor tokens from banquet of heroes tradeable like other quest items, mora coins splendide etc etc
  13. Ereinion

    Happy Easter 2020

    Hi, i found iva in space of another npc can we solve this?
  14. Ereinion

    Revive Wave Mode Once Again

    +1 Reduce Lava rewards 1h Forest is 600 LMB Max 17egg Sky how many egg and time And how many egg and time should be lava