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  1. MuffinExtreme

    Path of darkness 2

    So i actually built but never finished a game. I had people actually role play each character. here is a rough description of the heroes in that world. Its the second game cause the first game was about Bane star and his group and my testing groups for learning to program ruby and c++, It wasn't very good but 2 was much more solid in story. Ruby Star - The daughter of Bane Star the previous knight commander. After awakening her holy powers she used them to free her father of his dark power that began to run rampart. She joined the knights academy at the age of 12 like all children. Her chosen magic was fire and her place was knights In PoD2 she is the first main character and leads them to victory. During the first half the party meets Mana of the mana forge. Ruby is given a shard of the Manamune which is used to gift Ruby the power of a Dark One. With Fire, Dark, and Holy, she was the biggest threats to the main villans, The Witches. Azul Hearth - The son of an infamous duo, The Hearths. An ice knight who has their temper and is trying to show he is not a murderer like his parents. He was paired with Ruby and threw their adventures slowly grows to trust Ruby. He is the second main character, During the game he is the only one in the party to attempt to overcharge his rune. The result is a lot of permanent damage to himself. With overcharge he successfully defends again Gena the second final villain of the game in one on one combat. Riely - Riely is the best friend of Ruby, At the age of 12 she refused the rune and the curse of humanity killed her magic. With her training with her father, she built mana guns. A pistol, a rifle, a shotgun and half way threw manasa's arc she invents the Hex Cannon. The only weapon that can kill a witches soul. Mana saw her great power as an inventor and after manasa's arc made her immortal and trained her in the mana forge. Riely is the first human to forge with the mana forge. She does not trust Azul threw most of the game and even goes as far as to attack him in a few scenes. Those are the 3 main characters there are side allies like Fassel, Isabelle, Azure, Dark, and Prince Alex. If you guys like these description i can post more about this game. I will say this as an rpg maker game it was suppose to be LONGER than 22 in game hours of game play. there was 36 acts. There was one other hero named Terrance but that super spoilers. the villains where (in order) Manasa, Death, Gena(honestly my favorite) and Infinity was the final boss. What made Gena stand out is she was a Wild Seed. A wild seed was immune to all magics except one she hasn't encountered and built an immunity too. Dark and Ruby are the only 2 who had magic that could hurt her. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. MuffinExtreme

    LFG>Extremly powerful farmer

    okay so after farming for a day or two and getting my 1887 tassels and having my detective hat. My tyranid army is now looking for a guild that is social. I love to farm and i love to sneak around the castle in woe looking to.....Assimilate new biomass. I am not free the weekends. but i prefer major player guilds. My Sundays are consumed by Savage Worlds and Saturdays is warhammer40K night. i will note again. 1887 tassels, with an AssassinX, one at a time. I really like to farm. Either pm Tyranid Prime, or post here. Glory to the Hivemind!
  3. I played this a long time ago. I just got myself a sweet ancient laptop that runs an old operating system. I origonally bought it to play fallen haven and diablo 1 and all my emulators. Well i saw Ro on Steam and was like. I havnt played Ro in forever. So 2 hours later i got mad cause i couldn't recover my account on this. So i made a new one. As the title says I am a professional Tyranid warhammer40k tabletop player. I have come to eat All your biomass with my giant army of hormaguants, termagaunts. carnifexs, actually saying everything i have will take a while so ill just say this. i'm 1200$ into my tyranid army and yes, They are painted. I consistently win my local tournaments with them. so once it finished downloading on it i look forward to eating this world. Watch out for my genestealers (insert a swarmlord with an awesome face here) Yes i am cool girl to get to know also.