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  1. karlor

    Skill bug reports

    this is not always true. rolling cutter says it has a .2 cast delay, but it doesn't work like other skills. you hold down the button and it keeps casting over and over. but with the new patch, when you hold down the button (as it is intended), you are spammed with the CD message as shown above. i was told that the new behavior is correct, but there's no way that's true. it is helpful to know that you can turn the message off...but it still doesn't attack as fast as it should.
  2. karlor

    Post-Maintenance Bug Report 07/24/2017

    rolling cutter is definitely broken. inkfish thinks it isn't, but i disagree. can anyone else comment?
  3. yes, but the way rolling cutter works is you hold the button down and it sends a stream of attacks until you release it i could understand if i got the cooldown message if i was spamming the button, but if i'm using the skill as intended, why would i get an error message from the server over and over? something is definitely wrong. maybe it's possible that the error message is causing a bigger delay than it should be?
  4. It shouldn't be spamming that global cooldown delay message. I think that's proof enough something is wrong. I'm not the only one who has noticed this. It was working before this patch and now it isn't. I can't even clear easy dungeons anymore with rolling cutter. Spent $50 on this server and now my build is completely broken :\
  5. See attached screenshot. Thanks!
  6. karlor

    Missing Cast Delay Timer/Indicator.

    this fix broke a lot of skills that shouldn't have cooldowns. haven't been able to play for two days
  7. karlor

    Post-Maintenance Bug Report 07/24/2017

    Rolling cutter is definitely bugged. Unplayable atm.