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  1. Wrong Setting in The game, One hand sword setting, could not use two hand sword skill at all.
  2. spdnep

    Amulet Look

    Topic Name (Your idea in short) Adding additional Amulet Look Character Names: Spdnep Describe your suggestion As we Know One of Amulet Gaia Protection Aura is From the Mob And there is Anther Amulet Maybe we can Adding on all Amulet additional Look. Very beautiful one effect We can not miss it. Who will benefit this? Every One with Amulet will benefit. Will this change the system drastic? No Room for improvement? Adding On All Amulet additional effect.
  3. Talk to the Dimensional Device comes up 2 option, Stay, and warp back, if select Stay, u can still farm some FACEWORM LARVA CARD in the map until the quest time end.
  4. spdnep

    Can't find an npc

    Oliver Wolf Hood Quest http://irowiki.org/wiki/Oliver_Wolf_Hood_Quest Many quest need to be done before this.
  5. spdnep

    Costume Headgear List

    Sir Marcus Helm Gigant Helm Aegir Helmet Plz My Top 3 Helm
  6. spdnep

    Costume Headgear List

    There is much more costumes in JRO, and there many has been released in LRO, Wait for Lai to adding, hoping it’s not too hard to get it.
  7. IGN: Spdnep This is the system we had Before, Somehow Just didn't work right. Save more time for all player, Price Compare directly, More helpful for New Player ask for price. (Leave a Trade record 1 year) This system will make LRO More fair and perfect Can we consider about Restart Action market system(also Acquisition systems) in to Prontera Trade Market, Currency trading - zeny only No limit to auction time, The seller Deposit items to NPC for sell as long as he want, when Finish the transaction and collect the tax 10% from the seller. Also 500m up items Was really too much taxing, And all those high price items will make player to Direct Deal (tax evasion), if we already have a offline market system why we don’t move all those system to a NPC, So all the Acquisition , And Sells item can be fined more easy.
  8. spdnep

    Costume Headgear List

    http://forum.ragnarokeurope.com/ro/index.php?/topic/75249-list-of-costume-boxes-and-whats-inside/ From RO europe Costume List, some are very nice look! Tell Lai witch one u want!
  9. spdnep

    Costume Headgear List

    the best I like this change is to remove the Slot from costume headgear, Make more close to Official setting is Sensible! Constantly changing To find the best solution, Do nothing equal to zero. And RO is a Longevity online game because of Constant change.
  10. spdnep

    Gtb + devilring cards for PvM

    Defense is always the worst plan in Tomb of honor, if possible I would raise my damage more even lose my defense.
  11. spdnep

    Other Skill Changes

    Most of all has been change after renewal, if u was left before renewal, u better do some research in IRO wiki, And I would recommend Specialization on 1 job only, save u a lots of life and money.
  12. spdnep

    question about costume headgears and recycling

    I want to pick some nice headgears to wearing, hope is not too difficult to obtain.😏
  13. spdnep

    Shadow Warrior Effect Double Attack Lv

    From the battle data to my review, I am Very confident to say there is Only Lv 5 double attack at Lv 5 Shadow Warrior.
  14. https://rd.fharr.com/skill,3025 http://irowiki.org/wiki/Shadow_Warrior http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=skill_db&jid=4211