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  1. spdnep

    Sealed Cards

    Sounds like those cards are more valua in the WOE, to bring those card in the woe will be a big change, and new challenge too.I remain neutral, Lets see what happend.
  2. spdnep

    Sealed Cards

    I just look over all sealed card, none of them are big different than the original, some even worth than the regular card, and need to be +15 to release them full power, not valuable to do 15, or if them able to trade for original one with 5-10 cards. I will say yes
  3. spdnep

    Sealed Cards

    Kiel + sealed Kiel ☺️ Dream come ture
  4. spdnep

    New MvP Crafting Reciepts

    Remove the Grave and spawn time between 1-2 hr.
  5. I totally forgot about the scroll we have, but it’s a very short duration, And there’s anther enchant also is very helpful to sharp shooting, the skill delay enchant, My personal favorite still will considering the enchant of nuffily size, boss,and if am not wearing sniper suit I will look for skill delay enchant VM bow for sure.
  6. spdnep

    Question about skill defending aura

    The question is about the skill defending aura between players and mobs different. Bio4 crusader able to buff defending aura makes no moving speed penalty, also reduced long ranger normal attacking plus long ranger skill attacking from player. But Skill defending aura seems like doesn’t reduce any skill damage from bio5 ranger, only reduced the normal attack, and the sharp shooting also does not reduce damage even I wearing the heart card mouth. Does this skill consider about ranger between each other? Witch is count for melee atk or ranger atk?
  7. What I thought about the best VM bow for Large size PVM should have size nullify, boss damage, and long or Crit. as high as possible, but unfortunately the enchant is almost impossible to get.
  8. There missing 3 of element scrolls Elemental Converter[Water] Elemental Converter[Wind] Elemental Converter[Earth]
  9. the whole point of this suggest is about the godly enchant does not correspond NP2W which todays LRO, I dont feel any wrong with, the Godly feels more like you feel a man fish, but the customize reset much close to tech a man how to fisher. we are Increase the success rate for many enchant already but same as we do the customize reset enchant if we able to do that.
  10. Topic Namn: A NPC dose customize Reset Enchant Describe your suggestion What is this? Able to reset enchant with each slot, make more easy to do the enchant instead the godly enchant NPC, also to using the Zeny Coin as well. Why do we have to add it? More fair than the godly enchant. Who will benefit this? All Will this change the system drastic? Don’t think so. Room for improvement? Other
  11. Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc... Both Skill only duration for 2m, Should give duration at 4m at Lv3
  12. spdnep

    Thanatos Card

    I can make a short answer upon my knowledge, ignore all type of monster and player DEF + impaction effect, if u only have limited weapon with less sockect this card is good option. Also buff the mobs with assumptio will increase the damage.
  13. ET, Temple of demon god, Old glast Heim Hard, IS Hard, Faceworm Nest.
  14. spdnep

    Item - Bronze Pickaxe

    Bronze Pickaxe Anyone know this items? Got this at the quest of Einbroch Murder Quest
  15. FAS build should take over the No 1 spot of the ranger no doubt, I was worried about this over power skill future...