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  1. spdnep

    At what defense is an extra WK better than Thana?

    Around 100-200 base on your weapons ATK, refine, and slots. Any def Above that Not recommend use thana
  2. spdnep

    Temple of Demon God

    this was happend after the server is down when I was doing the quest, The second time I am speak with Commander Agip. Able to speak him again to open the quest of Temple of Demon God. Should not happend General situation. if No any report by far should be fine.
  3. Noting goes wrong, Only when you create the instance after will gets stuck, need to restart the game to move in.
  4. spdnep

    wrong swap time for Green Atroce

    my mistake, sorry for the wrong report.
  5. spdnep

    wrong swap time for Green Atroce

    Confirmed it's 3 hrs warp times, maybe just wrong at the LRO wiki.
  6. wrong swap time for Green Atroce, over 260min still none swaped.
  7. spdnep

    Episode 17.2 Varmundt's Mansion

    Will be the next GX/SS ranger !?
  8. spdnep

    fancy flower (Unrefineable)

    since 2002 this hg is unrefineable...
  9. even if we get 2x Success rate with the downgrade punishment, it still a Nighmare, u can go down to the bottom with any time... The downgrade punishment somehow should be remove by some Reasonable idea.
  10. spdnep

    Temple of Demon God

    No CD , u can do as many as u can...
  11. There is 3 big step for the bio hat enchant step 1 > to get a special enchant step 2 > its coming easy for the 1~4, I would say 5 is the goal for most human player. step 3 > get any higher than 5 will be recorded in LRO history...
  12. spdnep

    Normal 3rd Job Hats NPC

    Can't fine the NPC to make 3rd Job Hats Minstrel Song's Hat
  13. Just join the Lv5 club Lastnight than I was thinking this will be the end of my bio farm cz there is almost impossible to go higher with the downgrade punishment once u fail the enchant. So I am suggestion remove the downgrade punishment for the Lv6~10 enchant and increase 10~15 times the amount of CF as the official cost.
  14. spdnep

    Old Detachments Ring

    Why not, makes Ranger more powerful