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  1. spdnep

    Mid camp foods

    those food is too heavy also...
  2. Suggest for TOP MVP hunter to Claim reward Reward could be trade 1 point =1 CP 10 ponit to any eggs and so on...
  3. spdnep

    Missing a Monster File in the list

    tell me how i get this map before ur question
  4. had a window that keep pops up when getting close this mobs
  5. spdnep

    Changelogs - 17.1 Illusion

    At least better than nothing
  6. spdnep

    VM weapon Suggest

    Re-roll is a endless money pit, I am already drop 600m on the shadow EQ re-roll.
  7. spdnep

    shadows EQ reset suggestion

    I already lost many badge, but I am happy to hear that issue has been solved. thx
  8. spdnep

    shadows EQ reset suggestion

    Just come up with the new shadow enchant, The random option shadow Eq enchant cant coexist with the old shadow enchant, this is how they work> If do the random enchant at the first, the old enchant will cover the new. But if you already had the old one on, the new enchant can not be made. witch means we need reset the old. I suggest to minimize the cost of reset old shadow EQ enchant because the new enchant had no cost, and the old enchant is overcharge to compare with the new now. I also suggest to remove the reset enchant just like the new setting to replace the old enchant.
  9. spdnep

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    Temporal Ring A ring that the magician had on his body for a long time. It seems to resonate with the power of time's decision. Max HP + 10% Max SP + 10% Atk + 50 Matk + 50 Set bonus with [Hawkeye]: Dex + 40 Hit + 50 Set bonus with [Lucky Day]: Luk + 40 Increases critical damage on targets by 30%. Set bonus with [Muscle Fool]: Mdef + 40 Reduces the variable casting time of skills by 20%. Set bonus with [Runaway Magic]: Int + 40 Max SP + 10% Set bonus with [Speed of Light]: Flee + 40 Reduces the global delay of skills by 30%. Set Bonus with [Bear's Power]: Str + 40 Max HP + 10%
  10. Looks very nice to have this Helmet for Knight Class, At top Location will be the best!
  11. Take about over 1k hit by mobs only does 1 single Earthquake, feels much less than 2% also I am using a pair Ifrit card
  12. I think KRO let us to have armor element enchant is a bad idea, if they are works same as the element armor card. We can have element armor with a extra slot and they are unbeatable nice.
  13. Hi how much for boitata?

    1. Zombie


      Done deal. Thanks bro

  14. spdnep

    VM weapon Suggest

    As we Know Vicious Mind Weapon Enchants has been a while, I suggest to increase the drop rate Also increase the useful enchant , for example like Slot 1 ATK enchtant, Slot 2 increase ATK/MATK to normal/Boss, (very very low appear now) Slot 3 increase Long ranger/critical, this will create different build for many jobs.
  15. spdnep

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    I bet someday KRO JRO will merged, cz they were start at same game since 2002. And they all belong GungHo game.