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  1. spdnep


    the NPC bank system just for u to hold the zeny before when we dont have the "build in" bank system, and not arrow open more than 1 RO in one PC. No interest at all
  2. spdnep

    Unnerfed Seraphim Coronet

    Unnerfed all nerfed items, KRO will take care the balance.
  3. spdnep

    Illusion Sacred Mission cannot be enchanhed

    It is enchant able in KRO
  4. spdnep

    Make Bio5 Reaper Announce Random Class .

    The idea to design this way was don’t wanna warp MVP too quickly, And the quantity, type of mobs also can control the MVP we going warp, You never able to control the MVP you want to warp unless all the bio5 players under your control...
  5. there is two items that name the same as Rosary's Necklace I just didn't Look up when I was posted https://www.limitro.com/item/view/?id=19244 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/15166/rosarys-necklace https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19244/ but I was just curious why not choose a better one 15166 To choose this KRO exclusive 19244
  6. spdnep

    Illusion Sacred Mission cannot be enchanhed

    it's nice to have enchant with shield that only for Royal
  7. As we know what does the perfect dodge do, it can avoid any normal attacks, even with Crit attack. It also avoid The skill Excced break with Crit attack. There is many skill change to Crit type now So my question is once the skill goes for Crit type does perfect dodge works? Or PD only works when begging with normal Crit attacks?
  8. spdnep

    Add EDDA BIO

    https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/4514-note-upcoming-updates-and-balance-adjustments/ The game is changed The Crit formula finally has been reduced, I believe this going to happen sooner as any other updates.
  9. The Enriched Elunium or The HD Enriched Carnium both work now?
  10. spdnep

    kRO Update 2020

    Shadow chaser is using G rays if am not wrong
  11. List 10 monsters I wish to transform
  12. By far we only have about 20 types monster can be transformed, This scroll just for fun during the framing time, Can we have some more exciting Monster to be transform? Like MVP monster? Please review, thanks.
  13. Bungisngis Card overadd MHP 1% by each refine
  14. Rigid Sky Deleter Card Missing additional MaxHP + 5%