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  2. Awakening System, MVP Pets, Episode 17.1

    i hope this server will drop EP16 soon, so we can be up to date for EP17 in the future.
  3. Official Rune Knight Alternate Skin. when?

    uhmm..... when can we get our hands on this sprite
  4. i mean, more people can donate if they have more options to buy VIP Coins depending on how much the have currently. for Example 1$ = 1 VIP Coins Selections should be like this for people who's not rich enough but want to donate 10$ = 10VIP COINS 25$ = 25+2VIP COINS 50$ = 50+4VIP COINS 75$ = 75+6VIP COINS 100$ = 100+8VIP COINS in this settings, the ratio of people who can afford the donation will increase because of the options available. that will result in more donators to help the server grow. personally: i want to donate but i'm not rich AF. so this is a better idea i think for us to donate and help the server.