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  1. Mark Rayzenfloss

    What will you do if you won the lottery?

    1: that amount of money us to much for me, ill make a freakin foundation for person who have brilliant minds but can't afford to go to school, cause i know they will contribute to the society one day. for me to say that my money will be well spent. 2: make a time deposit box for all my brother and sister at age 35, but it has a requirements, 1: they need to be 35yrs of age, 2: need to be college graduate, 3: they neet to have a regualr job within 3 years before getting 35yrs old. 3: ill secure my money in a term condition, if i die in accident, all my money will be put to charity, " ALL OF IT " but if i die because of old age and natural way, my money will be inherit by all me relatives (1st generation only) 4: ill freakin be a major donator on this server, more like a stock holder, so i can atleast suggest decisions that will be pleasing for players and the owners and make the community grow. 5: buy a really dope PC. 6: make business that can sustain my daily living expenses, a bit of a million dollar savings.. thats all.
  2. Mark Rayzenfloss

    Wish You A Merry Christmas

    Character Name: Mark von Alstreim FB Link:
  3. Mark Rayzenfloss

    Gepard Shield Crash - After Maintenance

    Same problem here, probably most or all the players will experience this after they update their clients
  5. Mark Rayzenfloss

    Awakening System, MVP Pets, Episode 17.1

    i hope this server will drop EP16 soon, so we can be up to date for EP17 in the future.
  6. Mark Rayzenfloss

    Official Rune Knight Alternate Skin. when?

    uhmm..... when can we get our hands on this sprite
  7. i mean, more people can donate if they have more options to buy VIP Coins depending on how much the have currently. for Example 1$ = 1 VIP Coins Selections should be like this for people who's not rich enough but want to donate 10$ = 10VIP COINS 25$ = 25+2VIP COINS 50$ = 50+4VIP COINS 75$ = 75+6VIP COINS 100$ = 100+8VIP COINS in this settings, the ratio of people who can afford the donation will increase because of the options available. that will result in more donators to help the server grow. personally: i want to donate but i'm not rich AF. so this is a better idea i think for us to donate and help the server.