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  1. Nott

    Grim Reaper Ankou Card Bug

    My lack of experience, as well as my laziness, seems to have gotten in the way of proper testing. Thank you very much for clarifying this, Emistry!
  2. Checklist: Curse + ATK/MATK Transformation Base Damage: Included to establish a sample to base other numbers off of. %ATK Increase: The following test is shown with an Imperial Glove[1] (id=28551) equipped in order to display the effects of a 5% ATK increase. 1. Curse + ATK/MATK: Testing shows that the curse effect is confirmed to work after receiving multiple instances of damage; not shown in the image is an effect that is visually similar to the Runaway Magic effect (this is presumed to be the +25 %ATK/MATK effect). The two effects did not occur at the same time, but were activated within the same 10 second time frame. Furthermore, the damage shown seems to have had no increase despite all other factors remaining unchanged. 2. Transformation: The transformation effect after casting First Aid appears to be working correctly. The increase in damage shown is due to the natural variance included in the basic damage formulas. As stated previously, it is unclear whether or not the transformation changes anything, but it does not appear to have any value when dealing damage to Orc Warrior (id=1023). 1. There appears to be a problem with the presumed 25% ATK/MATK increase. The testing shown includes both of the visual effects being activated together within the same 10 second time frame, yet no obvious increase. 2. The transformation appears to working correctly, with no added effect. My reasoning for putting so much attention on this was due to the fact that I assumed I would be able to forcibly activate the Curse and +25% ATK/MATK effects by casting First Aid. However, this does not appear to be the case. Apologies in advance for not being able to provide cleaner examples with little to no variance. This was my first time testing and I was unsure as to how to manipulate the specific factors related to the damage formulas. However, I do believe that the variance shown is negligible considering the proposed effect is supposed to increase ATK by 25%, a rather large amount. If you would prefer a replay or video of my testing, feel free to ask, I will gladly provide them. Thank you for your time.