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  1. The breaking effect also happens when I'm using bowling bash or ignition break My only indestructible 2H sword now is a chrome 2h but I don't like its HP penalty so I hope this gets fixed soon.
  2. erureido

    Alca Bringer not indestructible

    Yeah, maybe this is just an iRO thing?
  3. Alca Bringer, currently, can be destroyed.
  4. When Hagalaz rune is activated, my weapon breaks. But the intended effect does not say so. It should be of my attacker, not me.
  5. erureido

    [Summoner] Spirit Attack not ranged

    Still not working as it is supposed to
  6. Attack is not ranged. I've messaged in-game's #help channel twice but I'm not getting any replies.