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    lol lame excuse XD. so people are right about this. nothing will happen. haha
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    i used hd bradium for refining my +10 catapult[2]. based on description when using a hd bradium for a +10 item it will not downgrade and always safe at +10..i used hd bradium and shows that " UPGRADE SUCCESSFUL" however it still shows that my weapon still + 10 after having a success refine. sorry for the pics being a bit dark, have to take it by a phone cause SS looks like a black and white 1 with a wavy image,(posted as well)
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    Wish You A Merry Christmas

    Character name: xXzweilyn I Xx FB Link:
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    fixed thanks GM Yuuki
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    Describe the bug as you can see i went to the NPC to obtain the quest log, but on ALT+U it didn't appear but the NPC shows that quest was accepted, but i was still able to go to Room of consciousness you can see on the SS the battle between Bijou and defeating it went back to Frederich Heine, no honor token given, also stated that the quest was completed and come back tomorrow Why do you think this is bugged? Did you follow any guide? im doing this runs daily it didn't give me honor token for 3 consecutive days, happens on 2 of my character but it gives honor token to some of my other character..i know this is an isolated case but i hope you can helpp me with these. thanks Char Name / Job xXzweilyn I Xx and xXLempotXx(RK)