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  1. William Wen

    Enable trading of other quest items

    +1 Need jtb tooth, gray shards and heroic ring We can sell them heroic rings cheap for some newbies
  2. William Wen

    Comodo HG Update

    hoo hooo ranger gonna be very happy with dis
  3. William Wen

    Cash Shop Sales

    +1 sales price on amulet and wings pls :3
  4. William Wen

    Monthly Task 005

    Character Name : Aubrianne Facebook Name : William Wen FB Share Link :
  5. William Wen

    my LRO keep crashing to desktop

    Yes Close the msi afterburner And the game wont crash again
  6. William Wen

    my LRO keep crashing to desktop

    found the culprit its MSI Afterburner program. I close the msi afterburner and i play smoothly without crash
  7. William Wen

    error message after loading char select

    fixed thanks to GM Lai
  8. William Wen

    Beli VIP or Zeny

    pm aja nick Linkha, KARIN AB, Give Me Your Heart mereka ber3 jualan zeny in RP
  9. always get crashed when playing and get this message.
  10. i keep getting this error message when i have selected one of my characters, maybe its on quest related or something
  11. William Wen

    Phantasmagorika [140+]

    yea me too just finished the quest and no reward for me ._.
  12. William Wen

    Your Body Part

  13. William Wen

    Your Body Part

    Char Name : Aubrianne Part Description : My arm Why i loved it : Because sometimes i see this part when i was typing / gaming :3 Evidence :
  14. William Wen

    Face Worm Nest - changes

    dat waterball and hard mvp why no much people want do this instance
  15. William Wen

    OGH - Temporal loots

    suggest for higher chance to slot temporal boots, ability to reset enchant on boots and add the final enchant to godly npc for 3 or 5 vips xD