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  1. Topic Name a little opinion for skywave instance Character Names: Aubrianne Describe your suggestion What is this? for now we have 100 waves and it estimated around 40 minutes to finish the instance, and each 5 wave we have 5 treasure box reward i have a little proposal how about 50 waves and 10 treasure box reward each 5 wave so it reduce time spend to do skywave to half Why do we have to add it? because its kinda boring to do repeated things like spin, wait next wave, get reward, go up and repeat them for 40 minutes, so if it cut to 20 min or 50 waves, maybe it'll less boring than before Who will benefit this? everyone who farm at skywave Will this change the system drastic? nope, only cut time spent for skywave farm Room for improvement? depend on the other's opinion 
  2. Topic Name (change font color of @recruit)Character Names: AubrianneDescribe your suggestionWhat is this? i suggest changing font color of @recruit from gray to another color like cyan, pink, yellow or lime or something else readableWhy do we have to add it? because sometime @recruit with gray font is sometime difficult to read especially with back chat backgroundWho will benefit this? everyone of courseWill this change the system drastic? nope, only make @recruit more easier to readRoom for improvement? depend on the other's opinion
  3. William Wen

    Vicious Weapon Recycle

    +1 dont let the bad enchanted vm weapon wasted
  4. William Wen

    Enable trading of other quest items

    +1 Need jtb tooth, gray shards and heroic ring We can sell them heroic rings cheap for some newbies
  5. William Wen

    Cash Shop Sales

    +1 sales price on amulet and wings pls :3
  6. William Wen

    Monthly Task 005

    Character Name : Aubrianne Facebook Name : William Wen FB Share Link :
  7. William Wen

    my LRO keep crashing to desktop

    Yes Close the msi afterburner And the game wont crash again
  8. William Wen

    my LRO keep crashing to desktop

    found the culprit its MSI Afterburner program. I close the msi afterburner and i play smoothly without crash
  9. William Wen

    error message after loading char select

    fixed thanks to GM Lai
  10. William Wen

    Beli VIP or Zeny

    pm aja nick Linkha, KARIN AB, Give Me Your Heart mereka ber3 jualan zeny in RP
  11. always get crashed when playing and get this message.
  12. i keep getting this error message when i have selected one of my characters, maybe its on quest related or something
  13. William Wen

    Phantasmagorika [140+]

    yea me too just finished the quest and no reward for me ._.
  14. William Wen

    Your Body Part