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  1. Hi Loves... Damn I'll miss saying that LOL XD

    I was one of those pioneer players when LimitRO first opened years ago. I stopped playing after about a month. I already quit playing Ragnarok online but a friend invited me to play again in LimitRO, and so I did, with a few other friends. I started playing again last February, 27 to be exact. After a about 3 to 4 months, I became a Helper. I became a Helper with the sole goal of helping newbies. I noticed how newbies who didn't have any friends and experience with renewal system had a really hard time keeping up. I was ecstatic. Until I met Lai. Kudos to Lai for being able to keep the server alive for such a long time. Not many servers have achieved this feat. In fact, majority of the servers i joined, if not all, have already closed. Congratulations. But yeah... Lai. To sum it up, he sucked all the excitement from me. He called what Helpers do as "voluntary" and so we did not deserve any pay. I still did put up with the "voluntary" work and still continued assisting newbies and answered random questions. I even edited 3 instance guides on LimitRO Wiki on my first week (Octopus Cave, Ghost Palace, and Airship Assault). I knew nothing about editing a Wiki and CODING, but i put up with it and studied it with the help of @Hilmir [thank you for being patient and teaching me those stuff]. But yeah, aside from these Wiki edits, I have no other poof of being a "Helper".. I am still very proud to say that I did help a lot of players. I was more of a "behind the scenes" guy and that no one really knows how I helped all those players. I have no proof to show anyone how I helped those players. I never took a screenshot nor did i compile a list of names of those players I helped. Some inquiries and questions i was unable to answer since only Lai or Yuuki knew answers to them. If someone asked me about a character I didn't know, I always passed them to others Helpers who specialized in those specific characters. I always knew we had a superstar Helper roster. Each one had his/her own specialty and I am proud to say that I was a part of this team, however short it was. I'd like to say thank you to @Hilmir and @Akin, you guys helped me put up with the bull. And also to everyone I met, thank you. Special mention to my Guild, BloodPact, I consider you guys family.To my War of Emperium guilds, STARS and AFK Buddies, it was fun however short it was. And also to my previous guild, Assailant, I was on the verge of quitting the server last June until I met you guys. To everyone, I bid thee farewell. P.S. The reason I'm quitting the helper team is because of the loading screen contest outcome, among other things. 5 winners were promised a Robe of Flattery or Abusive Robe, and the others were promised 500 Hero Tokens and Bronze Coins. I might have understood the decision to CHANGE PRIZES if it was announced a few days before the deadline but the decision was made a few days AFTER we announced the winners. The decision was unfair, unjust, and inhumane. I was triggered when I heard the news but it would be petty to rant about it. So yeah, I put up with it again, even If I was one of the winners. I didn't want to be a part of this. And so I quit.
  2. Sir pls reply to my message 

  3. Turtle General card don't give +20% atk

    I think it is added to the final damage output, including the extra 20% when Magnum Break procs when you attack. Try comparing its damage to another weapon card to see if it really isn't working (try on dummies).
  4. What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    i say this every damn time +1
  5. Return from the void

    Can you bring me to the void next time? hehe PM me ingame if you need any help. 😎
  6. Grettings my fellow limtiro, The tyranid queen returns.

    Seems fun! hahaha welcome to LimitRO 😎
  7. Get Airship and Ferlock's armor set from Airship Assault!


  8. Get Gray Shards from Ghost Palace and exchange them for Thanatos Weapons and Gray Armors!

  9. MVP harassment

    I think this guy got banned for a few days. @Hilmir do we have rules on this kind of harrasment