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    I cant log

    Well, i cant log, repatch doesnt work, isnt a firewall problem. Yesterday i spend several hours to fix the AI problem, and now i cant open the character window :s
  2. xparacelciusx

    Getting This Error

    Guys, excuse me for the double post, reading in rAthena support i found that we must download a file named AI sakray in the RO file. Both, the "normal" AI (with the user AI custom) and AI sakray must be in the file to run the client. See here https://rathena.org/board/topic/74060-help-with-de-ai-sakray/
  3. xparacelciusx

    Getting This Error

    Is a problem with the AI, almost the only way to fix it is re install. Is the second time in May that i have this error :s
  4. xparacelciusx

    Homunculus Guide (Discussion & Levelling)

    MATK isnt useful in Dieter, homunculus S skills likee magma flow and lava slide use %ATK. For that reason, amistr is a best option instead of vanilmirth to upgrade your homunculus (vanilmirth reach soon all your homun stats, but except for the brew bonus of change instruction, dont give you utility; amistr reach VIT, STR, DEX and AGI, while INT and LUK is arbitrary, anyway catch a insane amount of hp, castling is very useful with AI, and bulwark gives you free VIT useful to debuff resistance and heal potion power ... also the loyal skill isnt weird like bio explosion).