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  1. Currently, with the RK Stone + LK 1st stone equipped, they only give damage bonus to Fire Dragon Breath. Can we also add the bonus to the Water Dragon Breath too? And can we also correct the description from Dragon Beath to Dragon Breath? Most items like Fafnir Scale, Red Baby Dragon, and Dragonic Slayer give bonus to both Fire DB and Water DB, so I suggest this one too.
  2. I'll try to answer this one : According to the calculator, the Dragonic Slayer at +11 already works properly. @GianTheGreat since your total HP on picture is 44845, I'll adjust it this calculation. @SangPredator yes, it's better than the TGL in term of damage. Roe.
  3. Mavne

    Weapon damage VS physical?

    WK and KK gives 20% and 15% on Large and Med Size. While Turtle and OTG gives 20% WATK and 20% all size. Let's say you got total +55% in WATK%, and 0% Size damage modifier, and your total attack is 200, and you are using VH 4 slot. Then the calculated equipment attack would be 200 x1.55 x1=155 - without cards. And then if you add 4WK KK, it becomes +95% on Size modifier and 60 extra ATK. Then the calculated equipment attack would be (200+60) x1.55 x1.95=785 - with 4WK KK. And then if you use 1TG+3WK+OTG, it add+20%WATK, and +80% Size modifier and 45 extra ATK. Then the calculated equipment attack would be (200+45) x1.75 x1.8=771 - with 3WK TG OTG. You can try to test it in VH+0 if you want to test the difference. Afaik, using battlestats, the bonus OTG is already correct. And yes, the WK +KK still currently better than the TG OTG combo.
  4. New Gray Wing Boots Build added to guide, you can read it at :'s_Guide_for_Sharp_Shooting_Rangers Enjoy
  5. @Yesus Hmm the Illu Hunter Bow and Boots combo, from the description, I think I still like the Illu Hunter Bow and Applause Sandals to have faster cast delay. Gray Wing Boots, yes, of course, it will be very big damage boost, especially for burst type SS rangers. @spdnep Hmm personally, I'd like ATK 15%, Boss 30% and Long 20% as my version of perfect enchant of vicious bow. But this is..... a very very very very very very very x100 rare enchant. I saw Theo has the ATK15% Long 18% version :D. The nullify size penalty is great, but they can be solved by Weapon Perfection skill / scroll, so for permanent effect ATK15% is preferable. And between Long and Crit on the 3rd enchant, i prefer Long. That's because, the total ranged modifer on SS rangers is usually smaller than the Crit% Modifier. Let's say we have a 173% Ranged Modifier, and 226% Crit modifier. The more bonus% on smaller variable is better.
  6. Mavne

    Rebel Gatling Fever Request

    @Mystery Player now now, easy, those are lots of questions. As Yesus said, each class has its pros and cons, and Rebel too, but we can maximize its potential by using the gears and skillset. I was a crit build too once, and I feel that horror like doing nothing while other class finish the job. First, this is my damage, without maxed gear and no max buff. 1.5m each on neutral monsters in jitter state, I can spam it around 5 times per sec, and that's only by pushing one button. Have you seen RG Genesis Ray 1.5 million damage AOE also? Yep, I've even seen one with 20m++. Have you seen Swirling Petal 500k damage not sure if AOE or Mechanic's Arm Cannon and Genetic's Cart Cannon with almost aftercast delay as fast as 190aspd the same as Cannon. Have you seen Ranger Sharp Shooting 500k to 1.5m damage fast after cast delay? Yes, and Yes, I do Genetic and Ranger Sharp Shoot too, Genetics can do 2m++ x4 times per sec. And rangers can do 15m++ x 4 in one sec in nolimit state. And yeah, I can't beat my ranger in this term of damage, but the bound trap can, but again, depends on the instances. If the Rebels cannot compete with other classes then what is the point? People should know that Rebel potential is very big, it is just that "maybe" no proper guide for it, usually guides only have clues for equipments. For example, doing solo for Last Room instance, TODG, Bios, Morse, HTF, Bakonawa, Sara n Fenrir, Devil Tower, GMT, OGHH, Charleston, Solo on Bio 5, etc, you name it. What is stopping us from changing to other classes? Well, I'm not against it, I'm only stating we can utilize our way in playing the Rebels. Is it too much to just remove the slow effect of 1 buff such as Gatling Fever and you would suggest to change to Round Trip build? I dunno the effort, but I do roundtrip build, so that's only my suggestion, peace. If you use Round Trip build in Instances, can you survive the MVP??? Sure, why not :D, we are able to do many instances, facing heavy classes MVP that other classes feel it's kinda hard to do it solo. Even .... with airship armor set. Can you tank it without shield or GTB? How much tim, effort, pots will it take for you for Instances? No pots, easy efforts, for all those instances. Shields only for several MVPs that have need to be bound trapped. One thing that I always see on the aspiring Rebels, they only use one set of equipment, in reality, we should switch depends on the instances. For example, you would want an armor with Marc, for facing Bakonawa. Or maybe you would want anti weapon break from Living Dead, in GMT. Or the dark immunity in facing Celine Kimi in HTF (dude, Celine is very easy for Rebel to solo, not even need the maxed Rebel gears). Now the jobs I mentioned above, they can solo Instances and Gladiator Really Really Fast. Probably 10 times faster or more than what Rebels can do and that is a really big gap! Yes, Instances, Gladiator, I can finish them fast enough, not 10 times slower tho. One clue for the Gladiator, for readers that haven't notice this yet. Yes, in gladiators, there are lots of monsters, big HP, can't be bound trapped. If we use gatling autocrit, that will takes lots of time, even with the splash effect from the gambler set. That's where the roundtrip build useful. Gather them around you, the boss type monsters can't be knockedback. So just put gatling fever, and roundtrip all you like. To do this, you must have a Lv 5 Fire Rain, Kiel Card, 2 Rebel Scarf, and an Applause Sandals at+16 if you want it even faster. A class stone of RK epic + 3rd is also good for reducing it another 15%. And for instance, for example Sky Fortress MVP boss, just roundtrip all you want, you'll see it's faster than the autocrit with LK Card. Sometimes, if you don't believe in your defense, it's good to put Bound trap first (but don't trigger it), we aim to slow them down "a lot". After that, just do roundtrip or whatever skill you want. The same goes for the MVPs on IS. Maybe someday, a Rebel expert would want to write the guide on how to play rebels.
  7. @Karyu Ummm, no. We rangers can't use converters, aspersio scrolls, or the cursed water. They don't override the ammo elements, even the neutral one. At least that's what I know and tested in LimitRO tho.
  8. Added the item Illusion Hunter Bow to the guide, it's one OP bow :D. Thx Knewell for borrowing me his Illu Hunter Bow, now I drolls on this bow too. Check it out on the Weapon Section on :'s_Guide_for_Sharp_Shooting_Rangers#Class_Stones
  9. Mavne

    Rebel Gatling Fever Request

    Well, we rebels have Round Trip and Bound Trap. One way to use the Gatling Fever is, you can walk till MVP, and use Gatling Fever, then spam the round trip or bound trap. Maybe the other class that you're competing with is at their endgame gears, so they kill very fast tho.... But rebels with roundtrip build at end game gears, can compete with them alright. Only use Crimson Marker when you're solo damager or has little op players in the party, if you're with a bunch OP party members, you can forget to outdamage them (it takes around 2-3 sec from using crimson marker and attacking).
  10. Mavne

    Item - Bronze Pickaxe

    Yes, you can use that for the deep mines.
  11. @spdnep well.... no.1 spot or not, I think it depends on the player playstyle tho :D. But damage wise among ranger's builds, yes, this is currently no. 1 afaik. Btw, readers, I've added some equipment and card options on the guide, please read it at our LimitRO wiki guide.'s_Guide_for_Sharp_Shooting_Rangers#New_Ranger_.2F_Sniper_Class_Stones_Build Added Maya Purple Card Dark Pinguicula Card Notes for Sniping Suit Watcher Card Furious Nine Tail Card Hyegun Pet Sprint Ring Ominous Heater Card Applause Sandals Amon Ra Card Deviling Card Narcissus Bow Avenger Hunter Bow
  12. Hahaha ya @Theodosia, one thing for sure is, when gray wing boots arrive in LRO, the SS will reach a new damage stage lol. The applause is a great idea if the ranger just migrated from high acd classes e.g. Genetic, Mech. Gonna add it to guide later, thx Theo haha.
  13. Cursed Magic Boots at +7, should reduce after cast delay. But in battlestats, it increase the after cast delay instead. At first picture, I wear Excellion Suit and Wing, so it gives 20% After Cast Reduction. But at the second picture, I wear the Cursed Boots+7, and it gives -10% on After Cast Reduction in battlestats. The effect should be the same with the New Wave Sunglasses.
  14. My Snake Eyes skill is at level 10, but equipping the stone doesn't give me any ATK increase. Before equipping the stone, ATK is 237+351. After equipping the stone, the ATK still 237+351
  15. Mavne

    Gladiators point is not adding

    Any update on this? Me and some players still experiencing this issue which we either got 0 or 1 point after doing the Gladiators.