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  1. Mavne

    Newbie Leveling Guide

    Hahaha this is a nice guide, I was reading this from start to the end.
  2. Mavne

    IGN: Vhulcan with account cake4890 scammer

    Lol such a crime....
  3. Mavne

    Thanatos Card Change???

    Yes thats true, mvp like roc, VR, tgk have big defense. And the thana effect is noticable on them. In solar, where their defense at 500, the effect should be large too. As for wanderer card, that card is OP lol, 30% more damage is even bigger than wk's 20%.
  4. Mavne

    Thanatos Card Change???

    Nope it wasn't nerfed. Still working properly.
  5. Mavne

    OTG + TG "still" not giving more damage

    Ah, what I tested is attack using Cart Cannon. The normal attack indeed have an increase, but the Cart Cannon skill don't get the bonus. I retested using melee skills like Mammonite and Cart Tornado, they got the size bonus from OTG, but ranged skill like Cart Cannon didn't.
  6. That's one great ranger @spdnep :D. We walk slow, but we hit hard, hehehehehe.
  7. Mavne


    I am just seeing this will be very much damage boost for illusion hunting bow users, or elven bow users. Just passing by hehehe.
  8. I used a Sword Mace[1] +0 with a Turtle General Card. And I tried the Cursed Mad Bunny[1]+ with and without Ominous Turtle General Card. The result, with or without OTG Card, it produce same damage, even tho in @battlestats it gives 20% more damage to all size.... As you can see in the picture, both produce 13392 damage.
  9. I think the description also need to be updated from "Sword Training" to "Sword Mastery". Because Sword Training refer to Genetic's passive skill.
  10. @Sephylon whoaaaaa thanks seph, these are lots of great items. The illu tgl, now i feel that i dont want to upgrade the dragonic slayer further hahahaha. And the temporal circlet looks OP too.
  11. @Cj aight, we'll wait for the eps 17.1 then. Thanks
  12. Ah I see... in divine pride, I also see this only affect the Dragon Breath Fire only. Actually, I just feel pity sometimes to the RK DB class, since our damage not really big even in current endgame gears. And no custom on official KRO items in LimitRO? So shall we close this suggestion topic?
  13. Mavne

    Weapon damage VS physical?

    @Corazón yes, Weapon Attack% also increase the long range phys attacks. In fact, Weapon Attack% affect/increase all type physical damage.
  14. Currently, with the RK Stone + LK 1st stone equipped, they only give damage bonus to Fire Dragon Breath. Can we also add the bonus to the Water Dragon Breath too? And can we also correct the description from Dragon Beath to Dragon Breath? Most items like Fafnir Scale, Red Baby Dragon, and Dragonic Slayer give bonus to both Fire DB and Water DB, so I suggest this one too.