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  1. Sarah and fenrir npc don't let you in

    I also experienced the same, cant enter SNF although not on CD and instance booked. Screenshot below.
  2. The description ingame for Robe of Judgement is not correct. Referring to : In Limit Item Database, Robe of Judgement's formula is : 1 bonus bDefEle,Ele_Dark; bonus bMdef,10; bonus bStr,2; bonus2 bSkillAtk,"AB_JUDEX",30; bonus2 bUseSPValue,"AB_JUDEX",40; I think it is switched with the boots.
  3. The High Orc Pet, should give ATK+25 bonus when loyal, but it gives VIT+2 instead.
  4. Guardian Ring of King has no effect

    Oh this one is from the Limit Group Equipment Exchange.
  5. I've tested it by equipping and unequipping the accessory, but nothing happened. The HP and SP remained the same.
  6. Vitality Complement and Axe Tornado

    Yes confirmed, thanks for the fast reply.
  7. I tested with or without the Vitality Complement, and the damage is about the same. Thanks.