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  1. Dragon Breath and Dragon Breath Water in LimitRO, has slow animation delay. Even with 100% after cast delay, and 193 aspd, the skills spamming still very slow. I gave the link and video of the Dragon Breath skill in official server, where the skills can be spammed faster. LimitRO-RKDB.mp4
  2. Hmm.... but the pneuma negate the Round Trip... so it is a ranged attack right?
  3. Mavne

    Warg Mastery

    Try to talk to Admiral in cities, and choose ~ Rental option. That way you'll get the wolf flute.
  4. Round Trip is a ranged attack, but it seems to got reflected by RG'S skill "Reflect Damage" as the screenshot attached. I tried with several class like Genetic's CC (Ranged attack), and Ranger's Sharp Shoot and Arrow Storm (Ranged Attack), Mecha (Axe Boomerang). and those skills are not reflected by RG's Reflect Damage. I tested the Genetic, Ranger, and Mecha on melee range too (1-2 cell) and they don't reflect.
  5. I've updated some addition in the guide for the recent Shooting Shadow Gears, GX Class Stones, and some new build. Enjoy.'s_Guide_for_Sharp_Shooting_Rangers
  6. Ya, same with Dextereous Armor too, I see that Ghost element also not working. When I use the @battlestats, the armor doesn't change element.
  7. Mavne

    Newbie Leveling Guide

    Hahaha this is a nice guide, I was reading this from start to the end.
  8. Mavne

    IGN: Vhulcan with account cake4890 scammer

    Lol such a crime....
  9. Mavne

    Thanatos Card Change???

    Yes thats true, mvp like roc, VR, tgk have big defense. And the thana effect is noticable on them. In solar, where their defense at 500, the effect should be large too. As for wanderer card, that card is OP lol, 30% more damage is even bigger than wk's 20%.
  10. Mavne

    Thanatos Card Change???

    Nope it wasn't nerfed. Still working properly.
  11. Mavne

    OTG + TG "still" not giving more damage

    Ah, what I tested is attack using Cart Cannon. The normal attack indeed have an increase, but the Cart Cannon skill don't get the bonus. I retested using melee skills like Mammonite and Cart Tornado, they got the size bonus from OTG, but ranged skill like Cart Cannon didn't.
  12. That's one great ranger @spdnep :D. We walk slow, but we hit hard, hehehehehe.
  13. Mavne


    I am just seeing this will be very much damage boost for illusion hunting bow users, or elven bow users. Just passing by hehehe.