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  1. This was previously posted before last year, and I've just found another video that Dragon Breath from RK should be able to do faster after cast delay, just as from this link below. Would you mind to do another check on this Dragon Breath's animation delay?
  2. Mavne


  3. Just voicing my thoughts tho..... If it's true gonna affect lots of classes, just... be careful when fixing this.
  4. IMHO, us.... RK DB players is already pretty mid to low tier damage wise..... why further nerf it.... You won't even see the MVP often come from RK DB type....
  5. Nope akin, i dont have any sources that state the watk influence. So now, even the muscle fool will halves the damage too. So, yea, pls do if it's a bug.
  6. Mavne

    rune night (dragon breath build)

    Yes, watk% in limitro increase db.
  7. Hello, glad to see there's a guide for DB RK, you might want to put this on LimitRO Wiki too. And I wanna give some inputs too, since I'm also a DB RK fulltimer in Limit hahahaha. 1. The Mob Set actually gives a big boost in damage, and it's really recommended, and as for the New Wave Sunglasses, actually the ACD that we're going to achieve here is only at most 60-65%. More than that won't have any effect on DB. 2. IMHO, Dragonic Slayer still more recommended than the Illu TGL, reason is that Dragonic Slayer only need +12 for optimal damage, and don't have the dependencies to the Illu Boots. But that's a matter of preferences. 3. Golden Wings EA, is still far better than the FAW EA damage wise, but well yea the price is kinda more expensive. 4. Applause Sandals, this is one to aim if be full time DB RK-ers hahaha. About the 0.5 FCT, just use the class stones.Why this? This shoes can be used for many classes, so it's a good investment for long term playing. 5. As for PER, not only HP/SP% option, the best for PER is the ATK3% x2 for DB damage. But since the Illusion Booster implemented, the PER already lose in term of damage. 6. For acc cards, add the Buffalo Set (Revolver and Shotgun) for better damage, and contrary to popular belief that Apostle Cards looks like giving a big boost, actually the Buffalo Set gives even better for much cheaper price.
  8. Mavne

    rune night (dragon breath build)

    To have more than 1million Dragon Breath, there are some fine tuning needed on the equipments. Try to mix and match the equipments with high HP/SP modifier, WATK%, etc. If it's only aiming for 1mill, you can check these items that boosts a lot : Red Baby Dragon, Woodie Pet, Fafnir Scale. And on contrary on popular suggestion for Tengu Set, I still prefer the Mobscarf Set. But basically the new Lux Anima rune's effect is giving huge boost too for DB, around 70% more damage iirc. You can ask me too when I'm at Asgard, for DB build customization (my char is Roe Flamethrust/ Ascion Flamethrust).
  9. Mavne

    Best Modification Module for Cart cannon genetic?

    The Atk (Power) Modification Module is better than the shooter one. But only by small margin. Basically it's because the CC Genetic, usually already have big Long/Range% modifier, so adding more Long% modifier won't add to much damage. The Atk% usually better on every class even tho the number is smaller, mostly because that sum of Atk% is usually lower than other modifiers. The good thing about Power Mod Module, you can use it on melee class too.
  10. Mavne

    Ranger Build problems

    Hello, well, the real formula is kinda long. But basically, the size, elemental, race modifer, etc. multiplies each other. Like for example, your size mod is 30%, elemental mod is 20%, and race mod is 50%. And to put it simple, let's say one of your ATK value is 500. So the damage formula would be something like 500 * (100%+30%) * (100%+20%) * (100%+50%). And after that there is skill damage modifer, critical, etc, etc, etc. If you want to customize your build for optimal damage, IMHO, better to get a balanced modifer values. I mean like, if you already got too big Critical modifier value, then it's better to start putting more value to other modifiers. As for the Thanatos Card, it really depends on the monster's defense value. Some say the optimum value of monster's defense is around 150, so that Thanatos could do better damage than the 100% ignore defense. So when you say that the 40% ignore def does bigger damage, then it is highly probable that the monster's defense is kinda low. The Thanatos works something like : 100% ignore defense + ("enemy's defense / 2" as extra attack value). If you're using the Perverse Demon Mask (PDM), it's better to switch Thanatos to other Damage cards. But if you're using Thanatos card, then you don't need to use the PDM. I hope that answers your question.
  11. Mavne

    I Am Accused As a Bot

    Naah, maybe not botting, but afk farming got lots of reports here.
  12. Mavne

    Bot in Thana10

    Lol, this botting things never ends eh.
  13. Thing is stone of sage has 30 weight per stone. Is this for real? Lets say your max weight is 9000, that makes you can sell 300 stones per trans. You will have so many chances, around 100 chances selling to npc, and you didnt notice any of them?
  14. Hehehe, if only the RK DB Animation Delay as fast as other skills like AC, CC, SS, etc...... Good guide btw bro.
  15. Hehehe, cool! Glad that it helps. 😁