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  1. While we are here, spirit of savage is wrongly made as a spell type i think, converters wont affect it.
  2. Normally yes that would be the case, but here if u dont get those skills firstly to max then even with advanced skills of magic tree this wont work. ive tried many combinations. Maybe it should be reported to Limitro Gods? IMHO theres still alot to be done with doram skills, with spirit of land for example. I suppose we need to give devs some time to work this out.
  3. Hi, if u want to get that +20% matk bonus u FIRSTLY have to put 20 points in silverstem spear, roots, meteor and catnip powder. then put 1 point into passive. In other words, before that passive is activated, it needs to see that u have 20 points in first 4 magic skills, then your matk will be increased by 20%.
  4. Summoner's Race/Size and Job lvl bonus

    Is this going to be fixed already? Report made by Kyouka is waiting and waiting and waiting to be looked upon. All dorams expect it to be done asap, why make us wait?
  5. When doram equip wedding dress XD

    Haha, for me it looks the other way around, my doram head on human body But this one is pretty creepy too