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  1. New Player

    Welcome to LimitRO! If you see me ingame don't hesitate to say hi. My IGN is the same as my forum name.
  2. [Opinion] Improvement to Instance Rewards!

    If nothing else, I totally agree with removing the entry requirement for Nid.
  3. Hullo :3

    Welcome! If you see Sword Mistress ingame, don't be afraid to say hi!
  4. Hi LimitRo!

    Hello! Feel free to say hi if you see Sword Mistress ingame, that's me!
  5. Npc MayoMayo

    Has there been any luck fixing him?
  6. vend trolling

    Player (who runs the WHAT ARE THOOOSE inc. shops) was selling a baby desert wolf egg for ~100m+, when I imed her she reopened the shop with the eggs at a slightly less but still unbuyable price. There is actually a LOT of people doing this right now in VH, especially those who take up 4+ spots with their alts. i think it might be worth having a gm comb through some of the shops every now and then.
  7. Otogakure

    I would like to join as well! This guild sounds very cool.
  8. A NEW GUILD for Newbies and Veteran

    IGN: Sword Mistress
  9. Looking for social/pve guild

    Nickname? My ingame is Sword Mistress
  10. Looking for social/pve guild

    As on the tin, i'm looking for a social/pve - oriented guild. Thank you! I'm very new to this server still. I can play AB, LK and Ranger okay and am willing to learn to improve.