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  1. Maguiia

    Hello everybody!

    Welcome to LimitRO 👋
  2. Maguiia

    Holy/undead elemental scroll

    Just what happened to this drop rate ? It's so annoying to farm it now and no one is willing to sell those anymore cause it's way harder to get bulk of those now. It's like that since the last drop rate balance, and I don't really think those scrolls needed a rate balance too..
  3. Maguiia

    24/7 Music Stream

    Same goes for me rip
  4. Maguiia

    Refining items with different value

    Hm I'm sure i saw somewhere that even when you change to mechanic, like the game remember your highest job level as whitesmith and you still refine as a job level 70 even if you're 65.. but yea, better keep whitesmith faster and easier
  5. Maguiia

    Refining items with different value

    I don't think there's any guide about how people refine, but I would refine this way : For equipments you can farm in bulk just like this Old Parasol (During HTF run or just by trading only 50 Bloody Coins), just go with normal oridecon and a mechanic character and keep refining until you got +10. Once at +10, you can use HD (CASH don't forget that) Ores to refine until like +12~+14 if you're very lucky and finish with safe ores. For very valuable items or items that are very hard or long to make (Deep Sea items for example, or that Flattery Robe), it's just better to use HD the whole way to +10 or +9 and for the +10 go safe, HD Cash Ores again to +12, +14 and finish safe. I don't take to take any risk to break a very valuable item and have to refarm it again but if you trust in you, use enriched to +9 and finish the +10 with safe or just enriched to +10.
  6. Maguiia

    Holy/undead elemental scroll

    Was clearly better when it was 100% like before..
  7. But the correct one is : Aspd + 5%Reduces damage taken from Neutral property attacks by 5%.Bypass 10% of hard defense of normal monsters when performing a physical attack.If upgrade level is +7 or higher,Additional Aspd + 2%Reduces damage taken from Neutral property attacks by an additional 2%.If upgrade level is +9 or higher,Additional Aspd + 3%Reduces damage taken from Neutral property attacks by an additional 3% You can see in the first screen, my battlestats of neutral resistance and my gear, I have +6 immune (76%) angry bunny (5%) cursed mail (5%) I'm using the angry bunny to replace a +0 ultralight. I have a total of 86%. In the 2nd screen, you can see my battlestats with +7 ultralight. If the item description was following the one from Limit, I would stay 86% but as you can see I have 2% more cause the right descriptionmight be the one from Divide Pride -> total of 88% neutral resistance so.
  8. Maguiia

    Limit Tester Team

    Character Name : Maguiia Time Zone : GMT+1 Time in LimitRO : At least 4 years I would say Time in RO : since 2006
  9. Maguiia

    PET TALKs challenge!!!!!

    put all my pet talk on first comment, delete Lai pls 😂
  10. Maguiia

    PET TALKs challenge!!!!!

    I'm already working on it Nabs :x
  11. Maguiia

    PET TALKs challenge!!!!!

    My bad 😂
  12. Maguiia

    PET TALKs challenge!!!!!

    Character name : Maguiia / pet talk : Phreeoni, Angeling, and Bacsojin Phreeoni : <PHREEONI> <hungry> <feeding> Licky, Licky ~ </feeding> <feeding> I almost went back to eat sands. </feeding> <feeding> More, More, MORE!!! </feeding> <feeding> Luxurious Pet Foods, for a Luxurious Pet ^o^ </feeding> <hunting> Just stop hunting and feed me, Master. </hunting> <hunting> Can't you just cook the monster you just killed ? I'm starving to death. </hunting> <hunting> Master is really strong ! He would be even more stronger if he could feed me now c: </hunting> <danger> Master don't you die before feeding me !! </danger> <danger> Run Master, Ruuuunnnnn !! </danger> <danger> Master .. I will also die soon .. From starvation ... </danger> <dead> If only I wasn't hungry.. I would have kill those dam monsters.. </dead> <dead> Is eating my Master count as cannibalism ? </dead> <dead> Should I use that Yggdrasil Leaf to resurrect my Master or to ressurect my belly ? </dead> <stand> I would prefer cross all the way down Sograt Desert than standing here and starving... </stand> <stand> Lazy as always as i can see ~ </stand> <stand> Oof.. Standing here is even more tiring than climbing Endless Tower ... </stand> <connect> Welcome back Master ! Now that i have greeted you, where's my food ? </connect> <connect> Woow.. You just came back in time, I was preparing my luggage for Infinity Space this time.. </connect> <connect> Master !! I missed you and your food so much *o* </connect> <levelup> To celebrate this, Chaammpaaagne ! (only french people might understand the reference tho..) </levelup> <levelup> After using your stats points, you might want to use "food points" don't you ? ;) </levelup> <levelup> Ok, time to rest now huh ? </levelup> <perfor_1> Don't touch my body like that, you're tickling me >.> </perfor_1> <perfor_2> Look at my performance ! "La Danse des Canards" !! </perfor_2> <perfor_3> Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle ~~ </perfor_3> </hungry> <bit_hungry> <feeding> Licky, Licky ~ </feeding> <feeding> Time for dessert ? *slur* </feeding> <feeding> I might want some B.B.Q sauce, some mayonnaise and also ketchup i think ? </feeding> <hunting> I'll help you only if you feed me just after ~.~ </hunting> <hunting> Kill ! Kill and bite ! </hunting> <hunting> Now it's my turn to attack ! "Phreeoni uses Wing Attack" !! </hunting> <danger> Master..! Do like me : Hiding ! </danger> <danger> We cannot defeat him like that, we need a better strategy ! </danger> <danger> I'll buy us some times, run Master ! </danger> <dead> I told you to run. Why don't you listen to me ? </dead> <dead> Seems like all the monsters here are detector types... </dead> <dead> Maybe we can just play dead and wait for the monsters to get out.. ? Master, do you hear me ? </dead> <stand> Shall we take dessert now ? </stand> <stand> How about going under the shad.. Ooh, nevermind. We aren't in Sograt Desert anymore. </stand> <stand> While Master takes a nap, I'll train my wings to use Fly ability. </stand> <connect> Want to hang out together you and me baby ? </connect> <connect> Good day Master :). Did you bring my foods ? </connect> <connect> It's always good to start the day by eating and drink water. Don't forget me Master ~ </connect> <levelup> Great ! You are one step closer to be my next Slave Monster.. uuh I mean my right arm :) </levelup> <levelup> I cannot stay behind. I have to be the one who protect Master ! </levelup> <levelup> Master is getting stronger and stronger day by day. </levelup> <perfor_1> Don't touch my body like that, you're tickling me >.> </perfor_1> <perfor_2> Look at my performance ! "La Danse des Canards" !! </perfor_2> <perfor_3> Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle ~~ </perfor_3> </bit_hungry> <nothing> <feeding> It's my food, but I'm willing to share a bit with you Master. </feeding> <feeding> Did you know, you need around 2.500 licks to finish a regular lollipop ? But yea, that's for a regular human also. </feeding> <feeding> Please check if we're not almost out of foods Master ^^ </feeding> <hunting> Not in my best shape, but I can take those guys down all alone Master ! </hunting> <hunting> Time to reveal what I'm capable of.. Teleportation ! </hunting> <hunting> I summon you Sandmans and Hodes, take them down ! </hunting> <danger> Shh.. Master, stay quiet and hide from the ennemy ... </danger> <danger> Let's fall back Master ! </danger> <danger> There's no hidden spot on this map, run for your life Master !! </danger> <dead> Help !! Hellllllp !!!! </dead> <dead> One man down, I repeat, one man down !! </dead> <dead> Better leave this party, they are just a bunch of useless worms. </dead> <stand> Master, I'm bored let go back to grinding ~ </stand> <stand> This place should be honored to have me wating here for my Master. </stand> <stand> I only see the same faces passing by, isn't it time to change map ? </stand> <connect> Asgard is full of people. Mostly AFKers tho ^^" </connect> <connect> A friend teached me a new dance, let me teach it to you now ! </connect> <levelup> Master is improving really fast, look at those guns !! </levelup> <levelup> Would you prefer a lick or a kiss as a reward ? </levelup> <levelup> Keep going the hardwork ! You'll start struggling at level 180 tho. </levelup> <perfor_1> Don't touch my body like that, you're tickling me >.> </perfor_1> <perfor_2> Look at my performance ! "La Danse des Canards" !! </perfor_2> <perfor_3> Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle ~~ </perfor_3> </nothing> <full> <feeding> Bwaah, I'll pass the dessert this time. </feeding> <feeding> Any toothpick ? Someone ? </feeding> <feeding> Give me some time to digest please .. </feeding> <hunting> I'm feeling like an Infinite Phreeoni !!! </hunting> <hunting> Power is overflowing inside me ! Wide Petrify !! </hunting> <hunting> Show what you got Master !! Kill them in a time record !! </hunting> <hunting> Be prepared monsters, my Master isn't joking. </hunting> <danger> Don't worry Master, Phreeoni is here to protect you. </danger> <danger> Time to reveal my trump card.. Kaaa..- Meee..- </danger> <danger> Did you know, humans use saliva to heal wounds ? Do you allow me to lick your whole body ? </danger> <dead> Sorry Master .. I failed .. </dead> <dead> Someone save my Master please !! </dead> <dead> The monster was stronger than expected.. Should we go back town ? </dead> <stand> Master ~ I need a walk to digest a bit ~ </stand> <stand> Why are you taking so long in the toilet >.> I also need too !! </stand> <stand> Master, do you allow me to go talk to that beautiful lady right there ? We just happened to cross eyes.. </stand> <connect> I'm full of energy ! Let's go Master ! </connect> <connect> Do you have something for me ? A Fortune Sword... Alright, I'll deal with that. </connect> <levelup> Again ?! I suspect my master cheating GMs... </levelup> <levelup> You might be strong enough to replace me as a Phreeoni MVP. </levelup> <levelup> I'm the one who leveled up this time right ? </levelup> <perfor_1> Don't touch my body like that, you're tickling me >.> </perfor_1> <perfor_2> Look at my performance ! "La Danse des Canards" !! </perfor_2> <perfor_3> Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle ~~ </perfor_3> </full> <so_full> <feeding> I might take a career in food eating tournament at this rate .. </feeding> <feeding> Pleaase Master.., Spare me, I can't eat anymore X.x </feeding> <feeding> I wont be able to move an inch... </feeding> <hunting> Alright, go Master ! Kill that monster while i'm digesting.. </hunting> <hunting> I can Asura Strike that monster if you want. </hunting> <danger> Run Master ! I'll Phreeoni Bite this monster so he wont move... </danger> <danger> Master, over there ! Take this door and I'll block the way with my fat belly ! </danger> <danger> What happened ? Why are you injured Master ?! </danger> <dead> That monster was walking way too fast .. Or was I the one walking too slow ? </dead> <dead> Wake up ! There's no time to sleep ! </dead> <dead> You are weaker than I thought Master. You don't even spare with my Sandmans probably. </dead> <stand> You can have my pet food Master. </stand> <stand> We should probably rest here ? What do you think ? </stand> <stand> If you're doing nothing, can you brush my teeth Master ? </stand> <connect> Master ! I've been waiting for you ! </connect> <connect> Hello Master ! </connect> <connect> Teach me how to hold a dagger, I have no clue.. </connect> <levelup> Master is a beast, even Satan Morroc would be scared of you. </levelup> <levelup> I can feel the gap between me and my Master... </levelup> <levelup> Your aura is starting to feel verey warm. Are you going Ultra Instinct ? </levelup> <perfor_1> Don't touch my body like that, you're tickling me >.> </perfor_1> <perfor_2> Look at my performance ! "La Danse des Canards" !! </perfor_2> <perfor_3> Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle ~~ </perfor_3> </so_full> </PHREEONI> Angeling : <ANGELING> <hungry> <feeding> Angeling is so hungry, it cannot "boing" and "flap" anymore.. </feeding> <feeding> By feeding me, you are one step closer to Heaven ~ </feeding> <feeding> This isn't enough ! An Angeling eat more than a Poring !! </feeding> <feeding> Yummy~~ More Master ~~ </feeding> <hunting> What kind of food you want me to taste in this place ? Just bring me the usual Master ~ </hunting> <hunting> My aureole is agitating a lot ! There's probably some very good food around hehe~~ </hunting> <hunting> Please God ~ tell my Master there's more important things than hunting items like feeding your Angeling ~ </hunting> <danger> Those monsters are scary Master. Stay behind me I'll scare them too ! </danger> <danger> Are you fine Master ? I can increase your heal power but not mine I'm sorry... </danger> <danger> Someone help us please ! My master is badly injured ! </danger> <dead> Seems like it was our destiny to end up like that... </dead> <dead> Maybe this time, Master will reborn into an Angeling and me into him. </dead> <dead> How am I going to survive now that Master cannot feed me anymore ? T.T </dead> <stand> I'm so bored that I can even be friend with Deviling. </stand> <stand> Master, are you also starving ? I don't know if my wings are edible... </stand> <connect> Hello Master ! Did you bring my food ? ~ </connect> <connect> Finally you came back ! You can now feed me right ? c: </connect> <connect> Master, me want food, me starving =3= </connect> <levelup> Congrats Master ! Did you level up enough to hunt food for me ? </levelup> <levelup> Huuray~ I can't wait to celebrate this with drinks and foods ~ </levelup> <levelup> Master leveled up so many times ! Isn't it time to rest now ? </levelup> <perfor_1> Flappy ~ Flappy Angeling ! </perfor_1> <perfor_2>The Angeling is the best friend of man ~ </perfor_2> <perfor_3> My dream is to become Pori Pori~~ </perfor_3> </hungry> <bit_hungry> <feeding> Thank you Master ~ I'll bless you with my special skill ~ *Reverse Orcish !* </feeding> <feeding> Feed me more Master ~ Until I become the fusion of a Mastering and an Angeling ~ </feeding> <feeding> Not in my best shape to fight.. but I have to take care of this ! Be prepared little Pet Food ! </feeding> <hunting> I think we should hunt some Wild Cat, or monsters like him who drop Pet Food hehe </hunting> <hunting> What's the point of hunting here when there's no pet food around ? </hunting> <hunting> Go Master ! There's no chance to lose when I'm around ! </hunting> <danger> Master is injured ! Stay in my Safety Wall and everything will be ok </danger> <danger> You ! Don't bully my master or you'll have to face me ! </danger> <danger> Master.. You are kinda in bad shape, please eat some of my pet foods.. </danger> <dead> Safety Wall is useless against Range Attack Damage and Magic Damage.. </dead> <dead> I can feel your cold body Master.. Please.. Don't leave me alone... </dead> <dead> I'm supposed to be an angelic poring, but I can't use Ressurection skill.. </dead> <stand> God please.. hear my voice.. Send me some Pet Foods... </stand> <stand> Is it possible to eat those apples from "Apple of the Idun" skill ? </stand> <stand> Between me and Deviling, who's the cutest ? </stand> <connect> Welcome back Master ~ What are we having for dinner today ? </connect> <connect> Did you know ? Before becoming an Angeling, I used to be a fan of Star Wars when I was a Poring ! </connect> <connect> Master ~ I wanna try something new for today ! </connect> <levelup> Wow ! Master is leveling so fast !! </levelup> <levelup> You really did work hard don't you ? Let me invite you to the restaurant ! </levelup> <levelup> My Master is the coolest ! Level up in no time ! </levelup> <perfor_1> Flappy Bird ~ Flappy Angeling ! </perfor_1> <perfor_2> The Angeling is the best friend of man ~ </perfor_2> <perfor_3> Pori Pori is my idol, I wanna be like him~~ </perfor_3> </bit_hungry> <nothing> <feeding> Thanks for the food ~ But you wont get my card by mollifying me ! </feeding> <feeding> You can keep this food for later, when I'll be very hungry ~ </feeding> <feeding> Instead of this fat food, let's have some green tea ~ </feeding> <hunting> Go! Go Master! Go! </hunting> <hunting> Master ! Don't take all the fun for you and let me fight too ! </hunting> <danger> Urg.. Those monsters almost got us, please rest a moment Master. </danger> <danger> Master they are too many ! I can't protect you from all of them please run!! </danger> <danger> Master.. I'll sacrifice myself if it's necessary ! </danger> <dead> Wait me here Master, I'll find someone to help you ! </dead> <dead> Master isn't bouncing anymore x.X </dead> <dead> The Shinigami has come.. It might also touch me. I'm coming Master, I'll join you in Heaven ! </dead> <stand> Aureola word in English means the yellow halo above my head but in French it also means a "yellow halo" under the armpit ! </stand> <stand> I wanna hang out to Poring Land Master ~ see my friends there ! </stand> <stand> Did you know you can go to "Poring Land" from Izlude than go left, down and finally right ! </stand> <connect> I missed you Master ! </connect> <connect> Let's exorcise Hell Poodle to refill our stock of Pet Food ! </connect> <levelup> Master has reached new heights ! Might reach clouds maybe ! </levelup> <levelup> This is my Master ! Strong, Cool and also .. </levelup> <levelup> Master is fighting stronger and stronger monsters ! He might try to face a Demon God maybe ? </levelup> <perfor_1> Flappy Bird ~ Flappy Angeling ! </perfor_1> <perfor_2> The Angeling is the best friend of man ~ </perfor_2> <perfor_3> Pori Pori is my idol, I wanna be like him~~ </perfor_3> </nothing> <full> <feeding> Angeling has eat a lot and can't eat anymore ! </feeding> <feeding> Aaah, you want me to eat ? You're going to make me even fatter than a Mastering... </feeding> <feeding> I want to become like Pori Pori one day.. Not like a Mastering ! </feeding> <hunting> I have the power of all the universe, let me do the rest ! </hunting> <hunting> In my best shape, I can outrun any monsters ! </hunting> <hunting> Let me show you my true power Master ! *Reverse Orcish !* </hunting> <danger> Don't worry Master ! I'm not a useless poring, I'll take care of them ! </danger> <danger> Stay behind me Master ! They won't lay a finger on you ! </danger> <dead> Nooo.. Master.. I'm sorry... </dead> <dead> This is unfair.. I'm not level max yet when this monster was at least level 590.. </dead> <dead> Seems like Master's plan was to use Trick Dead during the fight ? </dead> <stand> Let's learn the first aid gesture if we're doing nothing.. So first you have to .. Let me try on you Master ! </stand> <stand> I'm reading the human anatomy right now.. I don't agree when it comes to the shape of the body parts ! </stand> <stand> Master ~ Play with me ~ </stand> <connect> "Bon retour Maître" ~ I start to learn French when you were offline ! </connect> <connect> Wow Master.. I can feel it.. Today you'll get the card you want ! Not mine though :p </connect> <connect> "Today I don't feel like doing anything". That's my Master's mood everyday 3.3 (The Lazy Song) </connect> <levelup> Woooow, Master has reach God's level ! </levelup> <levelup> Master is leveling so much and so fast ! </levelup> <levelup> That's what I said.. Master is very lucky today ! </levelup> <perfor_1> Flappy Bird ~ Flappy Angeling ! </perfor_1> <perfor_2> The Angeling is the best friend of man ~ </perfor_2> <perfor_3> Pori Pori is my idol, I wanna be like him~~ </perfor_3> </full> <so_full> <feeding> Urg.. Master, I'm gonna implode... </feeding> <feeding> Angeling... Is.. going to.. puke everything... </feeding> <feeding> Angeling is so fat when he falls out of bed, he falls from both sides ! </feeding> <hunting> Angeling cannot attack normally.. "Angeling uses Roll Out !" </hunting> <hunting> Master is so strong ! Maybe he can kill Pori Pori... </hunting> <hunting> There's no challenge for my Master ! </hunting> <danger> God « Takka rapto pop polunga pupilitto paro » ! Hear my voice and heal my Master ! (DBZ reference) </danger> <danger> I cannot hold back anymore if I want to protect my Master.. Come forth my army of Poporing !! </danger> <dead> Seems like my army took out the wrong opponent.. </dead> <dead> Maybe I can transform my Master into a zombie ? He may be immortal like that. </dead> <dead> Even the strongest hero as a weakness... </dead> <stand> Let's learn the first aid gesture if we're doing nothing.. So first you have to .. I'll try on you Master first. </stand> <stand> I'm very happy with a well filled belly ~ Let me sing a song for you ! </stand> <stand> Master, can an angeling wear an accessory ? I'm kinda feeling naked.. </stand> <connect> "Okaeri Master" ~ I start to learn Japanese, maybe I'll try Tagalog next time. </connect> <connect> Heyyaa Master ! What are you planning to do ? Bring me anywhere you want ~ </connect> <levelup> Everytime you get a level, I'll grant you one wish ! </levelup> <levelup> I would be honored to have you pat my head ~ </levelup> <levelup> Whaaat ? An angel appeared above your head ! We should replace it with an Angeling instead ! </levelup> </so_full> <ANGELING> Bacsojin : <BACSOJIN> <hungry> <feeding> Dear.. I'm normally calm but I almost went crazy and tear of my Black Hair of by waiting your food ! </feeding> <feeding> Luxurious Pet Food, for a Luxurious Woman ~ </feeding> <feeding> Noodles is a dish I really appreciate, too bad the rules doesn't allow me to eat them.. </feeding> <feeding> It seems like you heard my stomach gurgling.. I'm ashamed >.> </feeding> <hunting> I'm so hungry.. I'm prepared to eat any monsters you kill. </hunting> <hunting> I hope this was the last monster, otherwise I'll be your last pet also. </hunting> <hunting> Master. It's not the right manner to make a woman wait for dinner. </hunting> <danger> What's more terrifying between those angry monsters or your angry hungry pet ? </danger> <danger> Master.. Run for your own life, it seems like I can't continue anymore.. </danger> <danger> If only I wasn't hungry, I would have lift you and fly away from those ennemy ! </danger> <dead> Dear.. We had a long way together... </dead> <dead> Am I being left alone on my own.. Again, by an other man.. ? </dead> <dead> Looks like the cherry blossoms have faded once again. </dead> <stand> Hopefully I'm floating compared to most monsters. I would have die already if I was standing on my feet. </stand> <stand> Master.. I'm feeling really dizzy right now.. </stand> <stand> I wonder how's Chung E doing ? I can only think about her Bao's right now... </stand> <connect> Welcome back Dear. </connect> <connect> Is my food prepared ? I can't wait to eat. </connect> <connect> Finally you arrived ! Let's eat now ! </connect> <levelup> Good for you. I'm still waiting for my food. </levelup> <levelup> Keep forget about me and you'll regret it. :) </levelup> <levelup> Master, let's just have picnic ok ? </levelup> <perfor_1> Wateeer Baaallllll!! </perfor_1> <perfor_1> Sing with me ~ </perfor_1> <perfor_2> Stop, stop, stop right there ! </perfor_2> <perfor_2> Thank you for taking care about me Master >:3 </perfor_2> <perfor_3> Let's take a break here ! </perfor_3> </hungry> <bit_hungry> <feeding> Thanks for the food ^^ but I might want a bit more from your plate :) </feeding> <feeding> How about mixing it with fresh vegetables next time ? </feeding> <feeding> Yummy ~ You improved once again Master ! </feeding> <feeding> One of the best feast in the world ~ </feeding> <hunting> Don't leave me alone Master ! </hunting> <hunting> What kind of dish can we get from all of those monsters ? </hunting> <hunting> Hah! Master is the strongest! Stand aside monsters if you want to live ! </hunting> <danger> Dear, we shouldn't continue our way.. </danger> <danger> Master..! Use Cloaking just like me ..! </danger> <danger> This place is dangerous Master.. We can't eat safely here ! </danger> <dead> What are you looking at ? Are you trying to look under my dress ??!! </dead> <dead> Master, the ground is cold and dirty, please stand up. </dead> <dead> Players from this party are just useless. Let's go somewhere else just the two of us. </dead> <stand> Louyang is a very good place to have a picnic with a beautiful sight ~ </stand> <stand> Master has been AFK for so long.. I could climb Endless Tower 5 times. </stand> <stand> Did you know, Japanese people like to eat KFC for Christmas ? And this is not a joke ! </stand> <connect> You have finally returned ~ </connect> <connect> Wow! You surprised me! </connect> <connect> Welcome back Master ~ Did you bring me a dessert ? </connect> <levelup> Master is so good ~ Good at killing and also at cooking ~ </levelup> <levelup> Let's take a little break Master ~ It's snack time ! </levelup> <levelup> Don't forget your skill points Master ! </levelup> <perfor_1> Wateeer Baaallllll!! </perfor_1> <perfor_1> Sing with me ~ </perfor_1> <perfor_2> Stop, stop, stop right there ! </perfor_2> <perfor_2> Thank you for taking care about me Master >:3 </perfor_2> <perfor_3> Let's take a break here ! </perfor_3> </bit_hungry> <nothing> <feeding> I'm happy when you feed me ~ </feeding> <feeding> Love you Dear ~ </feeding> <feeding> Delicious foods as always :D </feeding> <hunting> Use your skill Master ! </hunting> <hunting> You can take a nap Master, those monsters aren't worthy enough for you ! </hunting> <hunting> This is no time to eat dumbass !! Kill !!! </hunting> <danger> I'll buy us some time ! Use a butterfly wing Master ! </danger> <danger> Master.. you're low on health... Please ! Stay in my Sanctuary ! </danger> <danger> Stay away from my Master ! </danger> <dead> *Sob* I'll avenge you Master *Sob* </dead> <dead> You will remain in the memories. </dead> <dead> Even on the other side, I'll be your pet.. </dead> <stand> Do you think a Seraphim Coronet would suit me ? </stand> <stand> Do you know where to find Margaretha Sorin ? I'd like to have the same outfit color as her.. </stand> <stand> What do you think about changing outfit ? You should try to match mine ! </stand> <connect> Hello Master ~ Let's do a lot of activities together ! </connect> <connect> My dear Master ~ </connect> <levelup> I'm impressed of how fast you can improve ! </levelup> <levelup> Master gonna catch me up noooooo </levelup> <levelup> Master is so handso..! I mean awesome !! </levelup> <perfor_1> Wateeer Baaallllll!! </perfor_1> <perfor_1> Sing with me ~ </perfor_1> <perfor_2> Stop, stop, stop right there ! </perfor_2> <perfor_2> Thank you for taking care about me Master >:3 </perfor_2> <perfor_3> Let's take a break here ! </perfor_3> </nothing> <full> <feeding> Bwaaah.. Oops ! I'm sorry, a lady shouldn't talk like that ! </feeding> <feeding> Do you have a fortune cookie ? I want to learn about my future with you ~ </feeding> <feeding> I might end up look like a pregnant woman if I keep eating... </feeding> <hunting> Time to tip the scale ! </hunting> <hunting> When Master is around, I'm not scared of anything ! </hunting> <hunting> I'll cover you Master ! </hunting> <danger> Time to use my card and heal yourself Master ! </danger> <danger> Eat some Baos Master, they will help you recover ! </danger> <danger> Hold on to me Master! I'll use Teleportation ! </danger> <dead> Master.. Where are you ?.. I feel lost without you... </dead> <dead> The day I'll have children, I'll tale him The Legend of Master. </dead> <dead> Noo.. Master.. I'm coming to join you ! *Seppuku* </dead> <stand> I'm full of energy today, how about you Master ! Let's move on ! </stand> <stand> Actually.. I might take my Master as my lover, look at how perfect Master is ! </stand> <stand> Master, I have tickets for a Traditional Chinese Dance Performance, would you like to come along with me ? </stand> <connect> I've been waiting for you ! </connect> <connect> I swear other MVPs envy me to have a Master like you ~ </connect> <connect> This feeling.. This is definitely my Master who has appeared ! </connect> <levelup> Wooaah Master is the best ! </levelup> <levelup> I want a M ! an A ! I want.. I want MASTER </levelup> <levelup> Help me level up also Master ! </levelup> <perfor_1> Wateeer Baaallllll!! </perfor_1> <perfor_1> Sing with me ~ </perfor_1> <perfor_2> Stop, stop, stop right there ! </perfor_2> <perfor_2> Thank you for taking care about me Master >:3 </perfor_2> <perfor_3> Let's take a break here ! </perfor_3> </full> <so_full> <feeding> A diet is needed.. </feeding> <feeding> I always end up eating too much.. Especially during Chinese New Year 3.3 </feeding> <feeding> One more sushi and I'll puke everything X.X </feeding> <hunting> Don't even forgot what my Master looks like monsters ! </hunting> <hunting> Let me handle it Master ! *Water Ball* !! </hunting> <hunting> Time to strike back ! </hunting> <danger> Beware Master ! Let me use Assumptio on you so you'll be stronger ! </danger> <danger> Faster !! Run faster !! </danger> <danger> Master ! Stay behind me ! </danger> <dead> Master don't leave me alone ! Those monsters might harrassed me and make me do bad things !! </dead> <dead> Someone please!!! Save Master!!! </dead> <dead> My apologize.. I couldn't protect you.. </dead> <stand> Let's climb that pillar at Louyang 91, 250 like Kesusa and Shikaka !! (Only the choosen one will understand.)</stand> <stand> "Looking glass upon the wall.. Who is fairest of us all ?" </stand> <stand> Do you know why I'm floating and not walking on the ground ? It's because I'm a wind type monster ! </stand> <connect> Bacsojin cannot move, too full ~~ </connect> <connect> Good day Master. Did you have enough rest ? </connect> <connect> Master ~ Let's go shopping before going instances ~ </connect> <levelup> Master, will you be my prince and protect me all time ? </levelup> <levelup> Be careful with your stat points Master ~ </levelup> <levelup> Those monsters are a joke. Let's go hunt some MVPs ! </levelup> <perfor_1> Wateeer Baaallllll!! </perfor_1> <perfor_1> Sing with me ~ </perfor_1> <perfor_2> Thank you for taking care about me Master >:3 </perfor_2> <perfor_2> Stop, stop, stop right there ! </perfor_2> <perfor_3> Let's take a break here ! </perfor_3> </so_full> </BACSOJIN> Put all my pet talk in first comment 👌
  13. Hi MAGESARUGA . Is your guild still active for the moment ? I'm not a newbie or anyone who need help but i'm kinda interested in your guild and the players inside (Actually i'm not going to play for a long moment but when i'll come back i hope i can find your guild haha) PS : Je suis actuellement dans la guilde française de LimitRO (bien que nous soyons que 3 actifs :/) mais j'espère pouvoir rejoindre la votre avec un autre personnage si possible
  14. Maguiia

    Une guilde française ça vous dit ?

    Pour ma part je reste à Asgard (@go 0) entre le chien et le Teleport Device (enfin je dis sa mais je joue pas à RO jusqu'à Mai ...). Mais en soi Icy reste aussi à Asgard la plupart du temps tu pourras surement trouver son perso :).