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  1. Maguiia

    New MvP Crafting Reciepts

    Why add to Seiyablem 🙁 ? Just keep it in the craft thing like KRO does 🤷‍♂️ On my side, my top 10 would be 1. Cursed Knight Shield 2. White Tiger King Doll Hat 3. Rosary Necklace 4. Fancy Feather Hat 5. New Wave Sunglasses 6. Survival Combination 7. Mad Bunny Combination 8. Magical Booster 9. Spell Circuit 10. Palace Guard Cap
  2. Maguiia

    Defeat Lord Mushu

  3. Maguiia

    Rolling Cutter build best weapon

    yes it does, even some GX are playing meteor assault in bg and really destroying some end game sura pvp player too ! For me, i'm doing 350k average on eggs without enchant poison etc... with MEteor Assault with only +9 enforcer's, the incerase of damage with the refine is extremely crazy (also if you play meteor build, you will prefer to use a katar, tested myself and using a katar for meteor is better than DD) Use +16 JDR (FS enchants) with dog tag combo (extreme bonus from refine) and enforcer's and you destroy everything
  4. Maguiia

    Rolling Cutter build best weapon

    You can try to get Enforcer's Shoes too so you can use Maximize Power + having an infinite hallucination walk isn't bad too 🤣 I've been using them for a while, and those are better than having STR Boots (except if you proc Bear's Power* didn't tried for Lucky Day yet tho).
  5. Maguiia

    Rolling Cutter build best weapon

    Better get +9 FAW or GW instead of ABP with FS enchants
  6. Maguiia

    Rolling Cutter build best weapon

    Depending on the rest of your equipment, if you have the Dog Tag combo, then JDR is 100% > Ancient King's imo. Otherwise, i would say Ancient King's cause of that effect at +10 and the icnrease of damage for RC too (also more slots).
  7. Maguiia

    GX DD Crit Gear

    If there's unnerfed Temporal Manteau and enchants, than it'll be probably better than max fatal FAW yes, i completely forgot that item lol, valk dagger >> sandstorm
  8. Maguiia

    GX DD Crit Gear

    I think so, if i had to make the perfect gx dd build it would look like this +16 Racing Cap (gx enchants and stat enchants) + LK card Gambler's Seal Heart Poker in Mouth Sapha's Cloth (Sharp1 and 2) + R.Amdarais or Gloom (depends on what you fight) +16 FQL + Thana and TG i guess +16 Sandstorm + Drake, double wk and pyuriel or aunoe card (would use an immortal cursed knight for the lolz tho haha) +9 FAW max fatal + petal card +15 LUK Boots (FS and BP or LD no idea whihc one would be stronger) + Faceworm Queen card Blue Luminous Stone + revolver buffalo card GMT physical ring (crit +8% double) + shotgun buffalo card
  9. Maguiia

    GX DD Crit Gear

    Hm from what i know : Top Hats : Still the same options as Sentimental, as for cards also the same Mid/Low Hats : You can add Sunglasses+Mob Scarf combo and Gambler's Seal+Heart Poker card in Mouth combo, for the crit build the Gambler's is definitely the best to maximize the damage, cards remain the same Armor : imo the Sapha's Cloth with Sharp enchants are the best for the combo with BLS like Sentimental said Weapons : remain the same as Sentimental, there's some new weapons like Solar Daggers but they are definitely not suit for DD pur pose Garment : Temporal Manteau, use the STR or LUK manteau (not sure if it's better than max fatal faw, kinda doubt it tho but a bit lazy to check it out right now lol) Shoes : LUK Boots are still the best, but maybe you can use Enforcer's Shoes to have an infinite usage of Hallucination Walk, use Maximize Power and more. Or use those as switch boots so you can have clean wave and go back to LUK Boots for MVPing Accessories : GMT physical ring (crit enchant / ATK%) + BLS are the best Overall, cards still remain the same too for every equipment,
  10. Maguiia

    GX DD Crit Gear

  11. Infinity Space (it'll change the "Leech IS party" where everyone just stick at room 1 and wait for others to clean, it'll become a bit more lively) Old Glast Heim Hard only (one of the most spammed instance probably, people aren't doing normal anymore cause it's way easier to get hard materials now) but to give this opportunity to ogh might be a bit too easy imo, would be better to replace this one with an uncommon instance (also if we had DT to this one, conta/tempo prices will go down even more lol) Endless Tower (don't really need to argue for this i believe, just tons of mvps/eq to farm and climb 100 floors to climb is enough to make it one of the chosen i guess /heh) also instead of pro players doing a solo run ET, he can bring newbies/people with him (well his friends do count too) Talking about uncommon instance, why not Last Room ? or Devil's Tower, Lunette Island Now gotta deserve it to get to him so hard instance like Wolfchev's Lab !! (bio mvp scary)
  12. Great guide, and this 14m on egg . Also what do you think about Faceworm Queen Card on boots ? 🤔
  13. GM @Inkfish, the post got nothing with Variable Cast Time, it's only about Cast Delay Oo
  14. When I use Kiel card + Bragi buff, I should get a total of 60% after cast reduction. But when I'm using both at the same time, I'm getting a total of 51% instead of 60%.
  15. A helper told me to move the topic to skill report, so can you delete this one @Lai please