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  1. Maguiia

    Jinrow's Lunette Island Comprehensive Guide

    If you have 100% neutral, you can just go in with a doram+scar of tarou and just solo it all the way without any support (just bring blue pots when you'll be facing the god morroc since mandragora also removes sp). A gtb can also help during guardians because of the sword guardian casting meteor storm but especially storm gust (but if you're just walking fast with a boarding halter for example, it shouldn't be a problem) that would be just in case for extra safety . An extra info, if you're going in with a team, everyone can gather keys and talk to wells. Not only the party leader. The only thing others can't do is talk to Leikny when the instance isn't complete yet.
  2. Maguiia

    can counterslash crit?

    This skill description is from divine pride, the most updated ragnarok wiki As a CS GX myself, i never read anything about counter slash being able to crit too. It is not doing crit in LRO and i think that is just how the skill works according to this skill description too.
  3. Maguiia

    Does refining weapon adds MATK?

    Well like you said, the bonus effects mentionned in the description is the reason why you refine those weapons lol. Same goes for rods too. If all of those matk item wouldn't give any stats at all by refining or do not have any base stats, they wouldn't be used at all.
  4. When you use Poisoning Weapon combined with a GX poison (leech end, venom bleed etc...) it gives you a specific effect. For the Magic Mushroom poison, it is supposed to give me 10% After Cast Delay but it is not giving me enough.
  5. Maguiia

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    Topic created the 15th september 2019 -> 13th march 2020 still none of them got added or changed 🤣
  6. Maguiia

    Illusion Weapon 4 enchants

    I guess you really have the need to find any bad things about someone don't you ? 🤷‍♂️ Why i wanted to do this report ? Because it's the second time i see an item like that and do said the first time i see on discord that it was a bug needed to be fixed but well nothing happened. It seems like you also have a very high regard about an item that isn't worth much like you said, want me to redo my post with my own screen ? I can do it for you if you need it
  7. Maguiia

    Illusion Weapon 4 enchants

    Take it as you want 🤷‍♂️ this type of item's enchant was already showned before you posted yours on discord too I could easily get the same enchant on test server and just report the same thing, what does it change to use your screen 😂 or you prefer keep playing with a bugged item that shouldn't allows you to play with 1 AGI lel 🤦‍♂️
  8. Maguiia

    Illusion Weapon 4 enchants

    The enchant given is supposed to be ASPD% (which is delay after attack %) and not Pure Flat ASPD (like ASPD+1 like the Buffalo Horn accessory for example). So the "ASPD +10" is wrong and it should be "delay after attack +10%".
  9. Maguiia

    Daily Reward Reworks

    Like Onion said, keep the hopeful egg scroll cause actually it is the only way to get them lel
  10. Maguiia

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    -1 Actually i'm having trouble to understand this topic lol. You're claiming silk being a one shot fiesta and doing suggestions about giving us more items so others can one shot too ? And well i'm mostly agree with jegor's points about his whole answer too, especially about not banning 17.1 when all of those are broken af.
  11. Maguiia

    Infinite Ammo , 1VIP for one Months

    It would be useful, but why a sort of "rental" version ? Just make it pure infinite, not for 30days
  12. Maguiia

    Une guilde française ça vous dit ?

    Hey Galius 👋 il y a un discord français mais bon, pas vraiment actif. Pour ma part je glande juste sur le discord de LimitRO et puis dans les discords de différentes guildes que j'ai pu rejoindre. Après si tu as besoin d'aide, hésite pas à demander sur le discord du serveur ou me mp si tu en as envie.
  13. Maguiia

    Your Top 3 Fav monsters.

    I can't understand some of your choices Beholder / Novus / Alliot can relate *maybe*
  14. Maguiia

    Lunette Island

    doram with 100% neutral redux and it's good to finish the whole thing alone