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  1. ranielle16

    Enforcer Shoes 22134

    Item Name: Enforcer Shoes Item ID:22134 Official server: jRO?  Source Links: divine-pride.net Which year was this item released in officials? (not sure, just saw it when browsing divine-pride) Describe short how to obtain it in official server: No Idea Describe how good this item is, for which job benefit: guillotine Cross How should LimitRO release this? Yes Topic Name: Implement Enforcer Shoe (22134) Describe your suggestion What is this? Max HP + 3% Max SP + 3%Mdef + 10Atk + 4% per level of Weapon Crush known.Reduces the variable casting time of Meteor Assault by 7% per level of Counter Slash, Weapon Blocking and Weapon Crushknown.Reduces the cooldown of Hallucination Walk by 5 seconds per level of Weapon Blocking known.Bypass 20% of hard defense of normal monsters, boss monsters and players when performing a physical attack per level of Counter Slash known.Enables Level 1 Power Maximize.Reduces the SP cost of Meteor Assault by 8.If upgrade level is +5 or higher,Additional Max HP + 7%Additional Max SP + 7%Increases the damage of Meteor Assault by 1% for every base level.If upgrade level is +7 or higher,Additional Max HP + 10%Additional Max SP + 10%Increases the damage of Meteor Assault by an additional 1% for every base level.Increases the damage of Meteor Assault by an additional 30% per level of Poison React known. Why do we have to add it? because this item is good for skill type Guillotine Cross, it cannot overpower the hit-lock type GX by having this implemented, hence, they might consider on putting luk boots again. Who will benefit this? Guillotine Skill type Will this change the system drastic? no Room for improvement? Not much , since guillotine cross is still trying to get up since most of the MVP's are either a hard hitter or GX will die instantly because of hitlocking MVP's Max Pain or melee's return damage.
  2. ranielle16

    republic hat[1] bug

    as you can see on the screen shot, it should be worn in the headgear , not in the armor.
  3. My Oboro character cant equip the Octopus Knife again, after i change from my alt shield.
  4. ranielle16

    Immortal Dog Tag[1]

    haven't i said , "or melee"? haven't you thought of someone hitting 193 aspd and 100k-200k either with or without berserk ? i mean look at theo's damage, he hits already like this and probably more on boss, then if this goes out, it will be wayyyyyy more overpower. but still its on @Lai's decision.
  5. ranielle16

    Immortal Dog Tag[1]

    I'm oboro, and I hit hard yes, but i cannot deal humongous damage in ghost, and its quite annoying to use the kunai splash because it needs 8 pcs of kunai per skill and also its 8 per pc in weight if i am not mistaken, and also, it doesn't damage alot. I play mechanic and yes it is somehow OP now because of we tried to ask lai to implement the power chip, but still it damage awful. I play gene, and no wonder this is an OP job. Yes it is, also for warlock since now we have mdef pierce items. But for RK, we still consider this item is one OP item because RK can play long range or melee. And so for this item, the pros, will be the damage will be drastically Overwhelming, the cons, the mobs which have reflect shield will be an annoying thing, but since you have spare skill points to put some hundred spear skill which spear can be as for your alternative weapon, the given stats of the item is still OP. This is my opinion.
  6. ranielle16

    Immortal Dog Tag[1]

    +1 for gx and and wl user -10000 for rk.. This is OP combo Stat item for RK, not unless Lai will implement the new MVP system, this thing could be a good item. For me, for now, the stats of this for gx and wl can be done, but need to remove the stats for rk.
  7. ranielle16

    16th Anniversary Update & Episode 17.1

    Illusion TGL cannot be enchanted?
  8. ranielle16

    toxic word.

    Char Name: TeRefinoElPotato Violation of Rule: Toxicity in main chat / word BIATCH Evidence: only 1 screenshot is enough
  9. So, 1st of all, thanks for banning me because of this, even its one day, but "hey, they said im so toxic in the main chat. lets ban this guy for a day", i can accept it if was muted, but ban ? seriously, "NO", but im still gonna play LRO because i like playing LRO. Now, I wanna know, is WTF, PAK U, u sux, your a whore, Suck my Banana, your Banana is small, etc. (will be more if i will write), be considered a TOXIC words? NOTE: THERE ARE DONATORS, NORMAL PLAYERS THAT PLAY THIS GAME A LLOOOONNNNNGGGG TIME, that doesnt get bann because of this, oh, especially those donators who donate alot.(not gonna tell a name but we will see if he will still be not getting those ban if i catch him and make a post).
  10. yea.. will look cute.. +100 on this
  11. ranielle16

    [GUIDE] Kagerou / Oboro: Killing Strike and Kunai Build

    I just need to know who will make it big. Not literally getting big 😂, but who will topnotch lol
  12. ranielle16

    [GUIDE] Kagerou / Oboro: Killing Strike and Kunai Build

    What about faceworm queen leg? It could be a another good option along the 2 right?
  13. ranielle16

    [GUIDE] Kagerou / Oboro: Killing Strike and Kunai Build

    I fully understand theo, because its the same situation with genes cannon balls, i just wish, iRO makes exploding kunai elemental.