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  1. pockystik

    Prontera Knightage Clan Daily Quest Bug

    But Mad Bunny Scroll costs 50 LMP I need everything I can get to earn LMP LOL.
  2. pockystik

    Prontera Knightage Clan Daily Quest Bug

    Yea, ?. It keeps making me do more questions because it tells me I'm doing it wrong for this single question.
  3. pockystik

    Prontera Knightage Clan Daily Quest Bug

    Yes I have tried that, but either way it's best to follow what the NPC tells you it's suppose to be. NPCs are not to be questioned(until proven wrong lols).
  4. This is about the Rune Quiz that this NPC allows you to do for 5 Limit Merit Points every 6 hours. The NPC says Hagalas is the wrong answer. (I don't have a screenshot of him telling me it's wrong because I skipped through that chat window.) But here is an image of me entering the correct answer.
  5. I am also a poor player please donate zeny Thanks!
  6. I don't know the Item ID so I entered a random number. I went to @go 36 and talked to the "War Store" NPC and Clicked on "Shadow Shield". The Doram Physical Shadow Shield and Doram Magical Shadow Shield have incorrect item description. Some reason it says "+Ninja Shadow Weapon" for the set bonus instead of "+Doram Shadow Weapon"? If equiped with a Doram Shadow Weapon, does it actually work? (I don't own these items so I cannot test this out myself.)