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  1. 1. Autumn headband. There is a small guy beside the hat maker in Asgard who can reset your autumn headband quest for an enchant book. So you can do it twice per character. People just remake characters to make more autumn headbands though. 1.a. essence of evil (EOE) str is obtained from temple of demon god instance. There are a few prerequisite quests before it though, starting from flame basin. EOE acts like a card so you can only have either a card or EOE in your headgear. You can find the EOE for around 60m on the market. 2. Yes you can do the normal enchants which is a risk or you can use VIP coins to have 100% success rate enchant and whatever enchant you want at the godly enchanter in Asgard. Although this is very expensive and generally used for very very very high refined gears. 3. Shadow armor is exchangeable with battleground badges. Join the battlegrounds with @joinbg A/B/C and collect badges to exchange for shadow gear. For farming. Try to get a hunter fly carded bow for lifesteal. Or get a rideword hat for hp and sp leech.