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  1. Do you also have this "NO MSG" when you right-click headgears/equips? That "IsEffectHatItem" and also if you are using arrow. "IsItemUsingArrow" I cant play anymore with this errors. Im just chatting people and doing nothing.
  2. Its sad to say that i installed new client and the errors are still there. And i dont see the difference between the Old and the new Installer. it has the same file size.
  3. Tokhang

    [Application] Guild Outreach [email protected]

    May i Join?? I will stay at Alde until then Negasonic Warhead is the name.
  4. First photo not mine. I dont know how it get there.
  5. I have this errors when im about to log-in in the game. Also as you can see, there's an error when im Viewing Headgears. There's more error if im attacking monsters, like if there's 10 enemies that was about to be hit by Arrow Storm, there will be 10 boxes of error i have to close to get through it. I re-install the game. Latest file that was on the site (1.7gb). Deleted the limitropatch.dat. Patched the client. And i also have the Event Lai Headgear it appears that its Triple Frozen Unknown Item. Will be appreciated if you can fix this. I dont have this errors prior maintenance. Now all of this happened.
  6. Tokhang

    [Anniversary Event] Get Yo Lai On!

    Where's the NPC? Im done collecting ingredients. pft. MAINTENANCE PLEASE
  7. Tokhang

    BG AFK