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  1. Dock

    Procurando galeras

    Opa temos uma guild br, caso esteja interessado só mandar pm pelo forum.
  2. Dock

    Procurando guilda

    Opa temos uma guild br, caso esteja interessado só mandar pm pelo forum.
  3. Dock

    Suporte em PT-BR

    Tem o meu e deus uns amigos, começamos tem nem 2 meses, caso queira se chama DSKD, só tem BR
  4. Dock

    Spot theft

    Something very common that is happening in Vendin Harbo is the overcrowding of stores and the abusive use of some things last week do not know how but my merchant was pushed out of the sales cell and disconnected from the server then I do not know how they did But this happened, I waited for the second server to reboot, I made my store and when I was refueling, a boy was setting up the store on a certain cell phone, clicked on me, walked and used the button of the skill of sale, with that my character Who was holding the place was with a store in front of him, the boy still wanted to play with my face with the name of the store, calling me "weak" and laughing.
  5. I received offenses via PM from a sad player for having lost the MVP for me, at the time that happens, at first I could not start, but now I was able to take print of the offenses.
  6. Dock

    Voltando ao servidor!

    Eu estou aqui a um mês e pouco e pelo que vi, tem muito BR mesmo, só que aparentemente eles já meio que se conhecem, gente nova é complicado, eu tenho uns amigos que jogam Ragna e vieram pra cá também, esse servidor é bom demais, joguei anos no falecido RagnaBr e nesse aqui ta bem bacana.