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  1. lie

    Client Error

    download this all file and put in Program Files/LimitRo/System can be fine i hope can help you XD achievement_list.lub monster_size_effect.lua monster_size_effect.lub monster_size_effect_new.lub monster_size_effect_sak.lub MsgString.lua MsgString.lub optioninfo.lua OptionInfo.lub PetEvolutionCln.lub PetEvolutionCln_sak.lub PetEvolutionCln_true.lub ShadowTable.lua ShadowTable.lub Towninfo.lua Towninfo.lub
  2. lie

    Pendant of chaos Bug

    time server 10:00-10:05 item id : 2991 i just buy pendant of chaos and i use that item in expand job, that item is gone i don't kenow that item can't use for expand class can you retrun my pendant of chaos
  3. lie

    Special One Week Daily Gift

    price for vip coin will down :) go sell go sell XD