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  1. Jaiyu

    Mora Enchants

    You won't be able to enchant it with ASPD+1 without the equipment being +9. ASPD is from the Physical Enchantment list which only appears in the list after the equipment is over-upgraded to +9. You can enchant it with Sharp 1 and Sharp 2 even if it is unrefined, but if you want the ASPD +1 for your third enchantment, you're gonna have to refine that same cloth to +9. My suggestion though, is to refine it to +9 first to get the hard thing out of the way quicker, and then start enchanting.
  2. Jaiyu


    It's a lot less easy for newbies to get instacast/fast cast without Sound Amplifiers. What do you suggest replacing Sound Amplifiers with? Though I agree with the INT Stat though, Really high Dex + Int for fast cast times, Some on Agi for flee, and if you feel like you need more weight capacity, the rest on STR. But it really depends on your play style though. If you think you find yourself lacking enough damage to 1-hit AS the mobs you're farming, then by all means get another acce that adds damage, but if your cast keeps getting disrupted while kiting a ton of monsters, get Sound Amplifier.
  3. First, finish the Wandering Guardian Quest (Hazy Forest Instance) and then you can proceed to do the Mora Daily quests for Mora coins. If I recall correctly it was 10 Mora Coin for 1 pc of White Wing Manteau or White Wing Boots at Guardian of Power (Mora 152,97). Alternatively, check out the Bifrost Quest Guide here in the forum.
  4. Jaiyu

    1st Job Shadow Eq

    You can always buy them off other plays. Other than that, there's currently no other way to obtain them.
  5. Jaiyu

    Where to get Ninja Scroll and Cyclop's eye

    ^ True but you need 5pcs of Steel for Cyclops Eye. Also the NPC to make them is Mr. Wise. He's located atop of the western Asgard staircase (190, 234).
  6. Jaiyu

    SC alternate costume?

    I'm not sure if I understand your question, but are you trying to ask how to get the alternative costume? If so you can get Deluxe Dress Ticket from the Event Genie (Asgard, @go 0, east) shop for 50 event points, or trade your Limit Merit Points from Iris (LimitHQ , @go hq) for 100 LMP. And then just talk to the dress genie while having that item in your inventory to change your sprite.
  7. Jaiyu

    Moster info

    That's the skill Sense. Are you in a party while killing the monster? Cause someone might be using the Ring of Flame Lord/Resonance Set that automatically casts that (And a bunch og other spells) per hit.
  8. Jaiyu

    CE Combinations - Fashion Show

    Sup, I'm the human Bombring
  9. Jaiyu

    Costume Headgear List

    They're both in the list. Arara is from Ancient Egg Scroll, while Boto is from Angel Egg Scroll.
  10. Jaiyu

    Splendid Box II

    What it actually does is just it gives you apples.
  11. Jaiyu

    soul linker only lvl 99?

    You can't Soul Linkers aren't third class or even transcendent class. With the upcoming Soul Reaper release it's even more unlikely that Soul Linkers will be allowed to go past level 99. Edit. Huh, my bad, I stand corrected. Edit2. Huh lol, so I was right. Cool.
  12. Jaiyu


    You need to have a verified Paypal account for the VIP method. It looks like in the email that you don't have actually have a Paypal account more so a verified one. Look into that bud.
  13. Jaiyu

    Q>Vicious Weapon and Card

    You're forgetting the attack bonus from the refine itself aside from the Item effect bonus. Keeping it at +15 will lose you at least 55 ATK bonus (from 7 base bonus and 48 high upgrade bonus). I say it's well worth it to make it +16. As for your card, TG is definitely better if you have the budget for it. But WK card works okay too since I doubt you'll be hunting small monsters with a gears like that.
  14. Jaiyu

    Costume Headgear List

    Just because you put your own twist on how the "reality" of this server is doesn't change the meaning of the the phrase to donate. I was just pointing out your reaction to a change that affected your characters in the most shallow way possible, the way they look. Also Charity =/= Charity organization, now you're just putting words into my mouth. I'm not so stupid that I can't see that the devs profit from this game, but truthfully I don't care if Lai and all of them are behind the scenes earn money, you agreed to this specific term when you hit that donate button: Ownership of donation items or donation credits does not entitle you to special privileges or special treatment of any kind. Acting like this change "violates your rights" is literally shitting all over this specific statement when you donated. Now I didn't say that this change was good , or even bad for that matter. It fucked up a lot of the older players' characters but opened new opportunities for newer players, so yeah, I get where you're coming from but to be honest, this issue isn't worth the overreaction.
  15. Jaiyu

    Costume Headgear List

    What? Like @ramboe said, when people donate, they become a donator, not someone who paid for a certain service. A donation is contributing to something as an act of charity without expectation of return. Getting angry because of this is literally like donating to a charity or a cause and getting pissy when they give you a shirt that you don't like for free, when in the first place you shouldn't have gotten anything at all, hence the term donation. Literally have no rights are being violated now since people didn't purchase anything. Purchasing =/= Donating. People have got to stop acting all pissy and entitled with the new change.