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    Falcon won't do Blitz Beat

    IDK. can a GM test my ID for it? I've already talked with Hilmir and he saw that my falcon didn't do Blitz. I can give my ID for testing since it's new anyway.
  2. squadrive

    Falcon won't do Blitz Beat

    My Stat's ATM Ranger lv 102 Str 1, Agi 90, Vit 1, Int 14, Dex 100, Luk 50. It worked just fine until Sniper. Problem start to happen after changing class to Ranger. Limit_Ragnarok_Online_-_Together,_we_make_it_happen!___Gepard_Shield_2.0_(^-_-^)_3_9_2017_10_52_50_PM.mp4