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  1. dredlknot

    The current state of Silk PvP and Limit RO

    end game wise, limitro in-game normal modes balance is already messed up as it is (which i personally think is for uber competitive players willing to spend real monies just to be somewhat famous ingame or something like that XD) . as for our current silk situation i think it is kinda balance and gms must be very careful to keep its balance at least, look what happened to normal modes it is beyond saving now lol . "not so hard core players" like me can comfortably join and somewhat be legit in silk at least XD. no harm intended this is just my personal opinion and i just want it to be heard
  2. tnx for clearing things up Theo, for the longest time i thought pendants drop @ 5% so i was alarmed. maybe i missed it while reading the changelog.
  3. so i went jitterbug instance today and after the first run i got both pendants (i was like wow lucky) so i went again with another character for the second run, to my surprise i got 2 pendants again in my second run so i think it may be a bug. Then i did a 3rd run to make sure and this time i am sure it gave me both pendants again. so is this intended or a bug ? someone confirm . i tried asking ingame but it seems players dont want to toggle the issue so i am just ignored. i took a screenshot of all the pendants i got after 3 runs
  4. dredlknot

    weird SP growth on RG class

    thanks mr lai ^_^👍
  5. dredlknot

    weird SP growth on RG class

    limitro dev team i just want to report a weird sp growth on rg class after the most recent server update/maintenance (185/65). (though i am not sure if this applies to other classes too, feedbacks and further invetigation XD) i will show 2 of my rg with same stat but with different levels, one is 175/60 other is 182/65 as you can see on the screenshots the sp growth seems to be off after leveling up pass 175 (instead on adding sp it seems your sp will decrease leveling pass 175) both char on the screen shot has same int stat (which makes sp increase buts it is weird the level 175 has more sp VS level 182 so i am confuse XD) i am not sure if i post this on proper report so i apologize in advance pls clarify or fix, tnx as always ^_^
  6. dredlknot

    dark lord helm ce display glitch/bug

    thanks 😁 😈
  7. dredlknot

    BG2 revamp success

    shout out to dev team the bg2 revamp was a complete success!!!! this week's bg 2 scenario is one of the most active bg ive seen here limitro (been here for 2-3 years now). i think the success formula for what it makes attracts players is as follows *rewarding gameplay (chance to get shadow box which cost 15-25 vips atm) *balance, new and veterans player alike can play together with less hassle and drama *fast paced gameplay= better farming, loser's side agony end quickly decreasing the frustration factor of rage quiting lol *bg2 game mechanics is goal and teamplay oriented not only focusing on "pvp kill all that moves tactic" even though there are some bugs people still play it because of the reasons above. i just posted this to show how happy i was with the bg2 revamp results (though i know its only temporary) i just wanted to point out what i think made it a success. GOOD one dev TEAM thanks harharhahrahrharhahra.....
  8. when you wear the helm it displays as upper invi cap costume (wont display the proper dark lord helm sprite). it was still fine last night but when i opened limitro after the patch this morning it started to display improperly. screenshot attached shows my RG wearing the ce but it displays as invisible which even overides your normal headgear. i know this might be a minor fashion issue but this ce is one of my fav ce in all ragnarok history lol( i even have 2 dark lord ce loaded with gemstones) , so please fix this. thanks
  9. dredlknot

    Make a Video

    @Lai done i reuploaded the video now with background bgm as requested ^_^ . i cant figure out how to remove the first link so i just put the new video on top of the old one.
  10. dredlknot

    Make a Video

    as i said i choose not to put background music to avoid copyright issues that might arise, but if you wont overlook that fact i can easily put something if you require it that much. so my question is , will you credit my video as is or not? tnx @Lai
  11. dredlknot

    Make a Video

    Character Name: dredxknot Video link: Short description: pure solo todg rg run. self sustain build (no foods, minimal pots feat. evil dragon armor + divine guard hat. reuploaded a the video now with background bgm as requested (lost 60+view on the process)
  12. as we all know endless tower requires you to have at least 2 person on the party, if i may suggest to remove that requirement so peeps can enter even they are the only member on the party. it is an old instance and i think lots of people are soloing it at the expense of at least 1 dual/ extra character. everytime i go solo ET i have to ask a friend to invite my other character to my party just to fill in the requirement of at least 2 peeps on party. what do you think about this suggestion peeps please support if you are in favor tnx
  13. dredlknot

    supplement part dex not reducing axe bomerang cd

    okay tnx then theo XD....
  14. dredlknot

    supplement part dex not reducing axe bomerang cd

    so the -2 second cd effect of axe boomerang is part of the combo with supplement STR armor? is that right?
  15. tested this accessory and it seems the current effect we have , it will only reduce the cd when equipped with supplement part str armor (which i think is wrong because as you can see on item info its only combo effect with the armor is 100% axe boomerang damage bonus). It suppose to reduce cd of axe boomerang even with out the armor. please fix thanks