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  1. dredlknot

    phreeoni suit wrong hp bonus

    YW and thanks as well for keeping this server running mr gm lai
  2. dredlknot

    kRO Update 2019

    or better yet if they would allow us to put those spell books on the hot key bar, it would be a lot easier
  3. dredlknot

    phreeoni suit wrong hp bonus

    the phreeoni suit only gives a plain 10 hp bonus , it should add 10 percent screenshot showing my shadow chaser with and without phreeoni suit without preeoni suit my sc hp is 52021 when phreeoni suit is on hp becomes 52031 ( it just add 10 hp) the correct hp bonus should be 10% if you look on how much hp bonus the current effect we have , it only give a plain 10 hp. it must be 10 percent not just a plain 10 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20859/phreeoni-wings-1
  4. screen shot shows if you put it on storage if goes in weapon another screen shot of my warlock with and without the armor which shows lots of wrong effects which as follows it doesn't add any hit bonus as implied, but it adds 12 atk and matk instead which is way off the all stat + 1 is missing. it only adds 1 def instead of 100 @battlestats command shows the damage to boss monster bonus is also missing https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/15175/1
  5. dredlknot

    is this right or a bug?

    thanks Theo ^_^
  6. dredlknot

    is this right or a bug?

    thanks so much for confirming @chelseaasura you cured the itch of my curiosity knowing this info now i will try to plan my job stone ce placements so i can mix and match them. if rk epic is on upper hg + then i put LK3 on mid or low ce i will still have the combo effect even if i dont equip them on the same HG ce right ?
  7. dredlknot

    is this right or a bug?

    i haven't tested if stacking the same job stone or using more than 1 of the same stone would work, but i was GUESSING same job stone effects are not stackable ( please confirm if someone aready tested) the only thing i have tested are job epic stones+ a particular job stone for the combo effect example of hypothetical set ups : * RK epic stone+LK 3 = -15% aftercast-- this works even equipped with other classes as confirmed by @chelseaasura * (RK epic +LK3) + (RK epic+ LK3) --- i think this should not give you -30% aftercast since you are using more than 1 of the same stone ( i haven't tested personally i only have 1 rk set) * (RK epic+ LK3) + (soul reaper epic+ SL3) + (shadow chaser epic+ stalker2) = -15% aftercst + -.5 fct + 10% range physical attack(not sure if this would affect db) i think this would work since you are not using the same stones please confirm XD i got lots of questions but i dont have all the resources to test evrything i want to know about the job stones combining effects so i resorted to asking here on forums hoping someone that has already tested will share what he/she found out. tnx for the inputs guys keep sharing inputs
  8. dredlknot

    is this right or a bug?

    after burning 40 vips on those job stones i got a bunch of unwanted ones (10m npc price is just brutal dont want to sell it T_T) and i have been playing around with them. i have found out that combo stones bonus will work even if you equip it to other classes. examples rune knight epic + Lord knight 3= 15% aftercast delay (im sure some classes would want that bonus in case this is what rng gave them) shadow chaser epic+ stalker stone2 = 10% more damage to range physical attack (kinda like ea 5 enchant that needs 2 hg ce slot , good for range classes) soul reaper epic+ soul linker 3= -.5 fct cst time this are just some examples of combo that can benefit other class even its not their own job stones. so i will go back to my question is this normal or bug? tbh i would like if it would stay like this so i can still use those unwanted stones on other classes but still it concerns me because some different combo job stones have same combo bonus effect. i think i saw 3 combo specific job stones that have -.5 fct ( ab epic combo, wanderer epic, soul reaper epic) would they stack? i would really prefer to mix and match them for their combo bonuses but i was thinking this can ruin balance ( as ruin as it is already). please clarify thanks
  9. UPDATE: i was able to grab someone with item conjuring power and test it for me on test server. the very helpful guy was named ricorick he concluded that the +11 bonus is there (in test server at least). so sorry if i might have caused a faulty report XD
  10. hi gm yuuki, the reason i posted this bug report is when i do the command @battlestats it doesnt show any size damage boost. so i tried putting wk card to the axe and see if the wk card size damage boost will add up to the axe when shown in battlestat ( axe with no card shows no size damage booster with wk card it only show the card size damage boost), the sad part i was not able to test damage difference between +10 axe vs + 11 because i only have a +11 axe and i dont want to downgrade it to +10 just to test. so i was hoping someone with item conjuring power ingame can actually test +10 vs +11. but if you said the +11 15% damage boost on all size works i will take your word for it. thanks and i apologize if this caused you trouble hi mr gm lai, as i said the sad part i only have a +11 axe so i was not able to actually test the damage difference versus a +10 axe , i solely based this report on @battlestat command not displaying the total damage size boost of a +11 axe with whiteknight card. but if gm yuuki says the bonus @+11 is there i will just take gm yuuki's word. though i would really like to test a +10 vs +11 avenger axe just to confirm and clear the confusion i might have caused. thx for the reply and i apologize if this caused trouble.
  11. screenshot shows +11 avenger with whiteknight card. i used the command @battlestats and it only show the whiteknight card size damage boosts (weapon size medium 20%, weapon size large 20%) if this item has its proper bonus damage on all size monsters at +11 it should show weapons size medium 35%, weapon size large 35%, weapon size small 15%) i do not have a +10 avenger axe to actually test the damage difference vs +11 so please if you have the resources to conjure such item ingame please test it to confirm this is the second time i made a report in regards to this item (the first one is the missing 40% axe boomerang skil damagel bonus at +9, which i think is fixed) so please fix it completely. P.S. do not be annoyed if i keep posting bug reports it is just my own way of supporting this server (that's what i think at least since i do not donate XD ) so when i discover bug i try to report them to improve gameplay (sounds cheesy~~~~ XD) but seriously please take a look on this. thanks as always
  12. atm the said wk+kk card combo only affects medium size mobs. as clearly stated on the cards descriptions the combo should affect large mobs as well. the attached screenshots shows the bonus it gives thru the command @battlestats (screen shots with and without the combo card) to further support this bug report i tested the damage on a large size monster with and without the combo. ( as screen shot shows no 15% damage bonus and 5% redux bonus received even with the cards equipped together) tested the damage on anubis http://ratemyserver.net/re_mob_db.php?mob_id=1098&small=1&back=1 as one of the common generic cards this needs a fix please. thanks as always
  13. tnx as always mr gm lai ^_^👍
  14. step 1. screen shot 1 shows +7 avenger axe with step card on it (axe boomerang boost from this card is 30% when upgraded below +10) step 2. screen shot 2 show +10 avenger axe with no card (but take note it should have 40% more damage with axe boomerang skill because its upgraded +9 or above) https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28130/avenger-2 as you can see its really weird that a +7 avenger with 30% axe boomerang skill damage boost (from step card) can out damage a +10 avenger with 40% axe boomerang skill damage boost (from +9 and up refine condition bonus). please fix and check on this. i know axe type mecha is not common and probably less to few people would care but still please fix this. being me i like testing different builds and easily gets bored if i just follow what other people is doing and something like this kinda ruin the fun of testing different builds. tnx
  15. dredlknot

    The current state of Silk PvP and Limit RO

    end game wise, limitro in-game normal modes balance is already messed up as it is (which i personally think is for uber competitive players willing to spend real monies just to be somewhat famous ingame or something like that XD) . as for our current silk situation i think it is kinda balance and gms must be very careful to keep its balance at least, look what happened to normal modes it is beyond saving now lol . "not so hard core players" like me can comfortably join and somewhat be legit in silk at least XD. no harm intended this is just my personal opinion and i just want it to be heard