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  1. dredlknot

    Thanatos Enchants not working

    i feel your pain, i myself tried making a magic spear out of thanatos spear from the past just to discover i can only put physical enchants on it (was disappointed at first but thats how its suppose to be XD) though it would be cool to have a magic spear so spear quicken can be utilize for rog build as well
  2. dredlknot

    Thanatos Enchants not working

    correct me if i am wrong but i think it is normal that you cant enchant thanatos spear using magic abrasive because the thanatos spear falls on the physical enchant category( even though its kinda misleading because by default all thanatos weapons has magic atk bonus. ). magic abrasive is use for magic thanatos weapons such as thanatos staff. try to look look on google which one is which. hope it helped to clear things up
  3. hi there gm, the reason i concluded that the its new window enchant window's fault are: i have been enchanting both gmt ring and the aquatic spear BEFORE the implementation of the new enchant window and all the enchants i get was accurate to what the item shows. the two items showed in the screenshot were both recently enchanted personally by me by using the new enchant window and as my report suggest, the enchants shown in the item description when you right click on the item will not be the same to what the actual effect is. in my case the 20%boss damage being displayed but the effect is 20% more damage to formless and it seems any water element related enchant effects actually refers to neutral element (as show on both screenshots) i am just a normal player and i do not want to waste resources so i stopped further testing using the new enchant window but so far this is what i discovered, if the item enchant shows: -more damage to boss its actual effect is more damage to formless. -if the enchant you get is water element related its actual effect is neutral related there is a high probability that there are more so please someone with resources or gm powers check on this. who knows what enchant effects are being mixed up to the item description. minor issue that is not included in this report if you double click the enchant catalyst and you change your mind and cancels your enchant process halfway, the catalyst will be consumed even the item is not being enchanted i know gms are busy but i am worried because if this is left unchecked more items with unmatching enchants description will spawn and when put to market it would be really frustrating to the unknowing buyer or seller well i did my part and reported what i discovered its up to gms what they want to do, if this gets out of hand it can affect the integrity of the items being bought and sold. thanks hopefully this issue would be fixed
  4. dredlknot

    messed up enchants effect (not true to description)

    i did some testing and concluded its not the item that is bugged, OUR NEW ENCHANT WINDOW CAUSED THE BUG. so i posted on other report, can close this report now if gm wants tnx
  5. i enchanted some of my items (aquatic spear and gmt physical ring) using the new enchant window that was implemented last maintenance (well you cant really choose not to use the new enchant window since it force you to use it, or it is now the new default enchant window that pops up. too bad enchants you get from it is messed up/ inaccurate compared to the what the item displays) the two screen shot shows my aquatic spear that has +20% more damage to boss and +4% damage to water element enemies but when checked using @battlestats command instead of having the displayed bonus the battlestats shows that it has +20% more damage to formless race and +4% damage to neutral property enemies another screenshot shows my gmt physical ring ( recently enchanted using the new bugged enchant window) it shows it has +3% water element resistance but when checked with battlestats it gives 3% neutral resistance instead so in conclusion if you enchant items thru our new enchant window the enchant it show will be inaccurate to what the actual effect is, please fix this because if people continue to enchant items using the new bugged enchant window it can spawn to lots of misleading items that you wont really know the effect unless you wear it and check on battlestat command (which is very bad if this misleading items flood the market showing it has this effect but actually the effect is different to what it displays) well personally i wont be buying enchanted items now because if this bug XD
  6. my screen shows the aquatic spear has acquired enchants of +20% atk on boss +4% atk on water enemies but when i use the command @battlestats the effect it had shows +20% atk on formless and +4% on neutral. (not sure if this bug is present on all weapons that use ancient bravery or wisdom, i am only able to test it on my aquatic spear) it was not like this before the recent new enchant window implementation update we have ( i think that update messed it up) please fix, kinda frustrating specially those enchant stones are not cheap and effects you are suppose to have is not what you get =(
  7. dredlknot

    Thanatos Card Change???

    not really really sure about the exact numbers but from what i have observed thana will begin to noticeably shine if target def is 150 and above. for targets def 100 and below thana effect is kinda meh...
  8. dredlknot

    Episode 17.2 Varmundt's Mansion

    new mado sprites looks so nice ( hopefully they have same or less skill sprite animation frames for better spam XD)
  9. dredlknot

    aquatic spear slot count

    visibly and according to our wiki this spear has only 2 slots. was really surprised when i was able to put a third card on this spear ( as shown on screenshot) so i tried to research on this item from the internet but only our limitro item database has info about this item and according to our limitro db it should have only 2 slots tbh i was hoping it has 3 officially but failed to find info to support this, closest item i found is https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/32021/sealed-aquatic-spear-2 but this item is not the same so i will just settle with 2 slots as our item db stated (it is not my main spear anyways the third slot bug just got me excited and curious XD)
  10. currently the it completety remove cooldown of hallucination walk thus making the skill spammable and unlimited use hallucination walk has a cd of 5 minutes and i was really confuse when the cd is completely gone when i wear the enforcer shoes i reported because during hallucination walk you get very high flee bonus and 50% of magic attacks will miss so please fix thanks the skill cooldown itself is not bugged so i concluded that the enforcer boots cd reduction is the one that is bugged https://ragnarok.fandom.com/wiki/Hallucination_Walk
  11. dredlknot

    phreeoni suit wrong hp bonus

    bump still not fixed still giving just 10 hp, it must be 10%
  12. dredlknot

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    hmm this is interesting, i admire and will support the server's effort to balance pvp scenes but if this would cause other content outside pvp to be affected in an unreasonable manner then i will oppose trying to balance the pvp scenario of the 3rd/new jobs alone would be a really big headache i already realized this the first time i tried 3rd class/new jobs when it is first implemented (in the former server i used to play) now add the gear content we have and how accesible overupgrading items to us to that balancing task (personally this is the time i say good luck to the dev team) offensive view :end gamers normally achiveve damage exceeding million (take note on how much hp players have compared to that million, yay 1-3 click win) defensive view: even with a million damage you have, if your skill falls on a category that has 100% resist/nullify its all worthless (so be creative and adjust) a general rule in online games Classes alone is never meant to be balance thats is why they have different skill sets BALANCE is a very sensitive issue (VERY big headache trust me) and this would be very hard and will require drastic measures such as edting official contents to be achieve (even with the man power of the dev team they have i think official servers already given up on this) pvp is pvp, and pvm is pvm so dont complain too much peeps (i pity our 3 man dev team with the balance task at hand) if you have played MMOs long enough i think wise gamers would have already realized that being "GODLY" ingame its just mostly all about gears, who spend more money or cheats just play the game, enjoy and try to be nice with your interactions or maybe you would rather get godly gears so you can show off, feel and act superior from other players ingame because you dont get that satifastion irl or you are just too competitive maybe. and ofc we have those people whoe get godly gears to sell for real cash (in my opinion they are the wisest gamers)
  13. dredlknot

    phreeoni suit wrong hp bonus

    YW and thanks as well for keeping this server running mr gm lai
  14. dredlknot

    kRO Update 2019

    or better yet if they would allow us to put those spell books on the hot key bar, it would be a lot easier
  15. dredlknot

    phreeoni suit wrong hp bonus

    the phreeoni suit only gives a plain 10 hp bonus , it should add 10 percent screenshot showing my shadow chaser with and without phreeoni suit without preeoni suit my sc hp is 52021 when phreeoni suit is on hp becomes 52031 ( it just add 10 hp) the correct hp bonus should be 10% if you look on how much hp bonus the current effect we have , it only give a plain 10 hp. it must be 10 percent not just a plain 10 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20859/phreeoni-wings-1