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  1. Thanks for having considered this report ! Anyway even though we aren't normally supposed to switch to weapons other than bows during Severe Rainstorm in IRO, I wonder if it could be possible to keep the possibility of changing to other weapon types here during SR since we can't even use Arrow Vulcan during SR considering it could give a bit more options to performer classes if it isn't too bothersome / gamebreaking ? Would be understandable if you can't do that anyway.
  2. I noticed this problem when fighting Ifrit and ghost mvps. Dealing very few damage when I swap to my whip and noticed the damage increase with Small Jug's water elemental endow. I don't know if it was intended to swap to a whip when using SR. And I don't know if it's supposed or we should be supposed to give the arrow's property with a whip.
  3. The problem is that in-game, it takes every remaining sp as you can see. It takes 100% regardless of the skill level. (tried with both 5 levels)