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  1. What? Didn't limitro use IRO as a reference? Everything that wrote in item description are same as IRO and they are correct according to reliable websites. So if we want to know any information, we need to reach Korean websites? That doesn't make sense..
  2. If you fixed this, please help to update on your website too. Thank you.
  3. I realized that Lord of The Dead Helm does damage to bosses lower than it should be, even if I was combo with Abysmal knight card. Current script now : 1 bonus bMdef,5; ----> MDEF +5 (this is correct) bonus2 bAddRace,RC_Boss,10+(getrefine()>5?(getrefine()-5):0)+isequipped(4140); ----> Increase Damage to Boss Type Monsters by 10% For every upgrade above +5, add 1% more damage to Boss monsters. (this is correct) Set Bonus If equip Abysmal Knight Card Increase Damage to Boss Type Monster by additional 1%. (this wrong it should be 5%) bonus2 bSubRace,RC_NonBoss,-5+(isequipped(4140)*(getrefine()>6)); ----> Take 5% more damage from normal Monsters and Players. (this is correct partially) Set Bonus If equip Abysmal Knight Card and If refine more than +6, increase damage from normal Monsters and Players 1% per 1 refine. (this is all wrong) Reference script on limitro web
  4. Found a Warlock farming Petite at geffen_fld06 She moves 1 cell (5 o'clock) then jackfrost. After that she'll teleport. Did repeatedly , and not answer to chat.