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  1. Percival Slaughter


    LOL your UD was afk for more than 2 mins and it can be clearly seen from the timestamps of that report. If you need help how to report properly, leave me a pm.
  2. Percival Slaughter

    Make Thana tower mobs non-aggressive

    @YEEZY BOOST Changing an item's script takes like 10 seconds XD But yeah, i dont think changing mob behavior is the solution. true, we need a firmer hand when it come to these things, as most of the RG's stationed at Thana are actually AFK.
  3. Percival Slaughter

    Make Thana tower mobs non-aggressive

    I disagree to this suggestion for a number of reasons: 1. This change favors ranged classes more and will DRASTICALLY lower the zeny/hr farming rate of melee classes that also farm there such as Ignition RK and Rolling Cutter GX. Even RT rebels will have a much harder time. 2. This will promote NOKS abuse as Ranged Classes with decent AOE skills who can't normally one-shot thana mobs can just turn on @noks will have free reign over the map. 3. If you change Thana Mob behavior, you might as well do the same at Magma Dungeon / Moscovia Dungeon as the Reflect RG's can easily transfer there. 4. A more viable alternative would be to change the script of Valkyrie Manteau / Aegir Manteau / Orc Lord Card. Remove the reflect effect and just change it to something menial.
  4. Percival Slaughter

    Rebellion Skills not getting range?

    There are actually four GS skills directly affected by Snake Eyes and Piercing Shot just happens to be one of them.
  5. Percival Slaughter

    afk farming

    I think he did receive punishment, I go to Thana alot and I dont see this RG anymore.
  6. Percival Slaughter

    Client Visual Bug

    I also have this problem here and from another server I used to play in. But I don't think it's a serverside issue bro. When you unplug/plug your laptop from power source, it reallocates your app's memory usage, which causes this 'fluctuation' of sorts. Apps tend to use more memory when not plugged in.
  7. Percival Slaughter

    afk farmers

    Though I have reflect RG myself, I don't want to tolerate these afk-ers. I say perma ban them @Lai
  8. Percival Slaughter

    Daily Reward Reworks

    Are you calling me a nolifer? 😕 But seriously though , +1 to this. I go MIA quite often too and wouldn't want my progress to be reset when I log back in. Also, +1 to the Hopeful Egg scroll suggestion. It's actually my favorite reward out of the current list.
  9. Percival Slaughter

    Suspected Botter

  10. Percival Slaughter


    So many players legit afk at BG today.
  11. Percival Slaughter

    is this kind of farm allowed in this game?

    so what exactly is the point of this thread then?
  12. Percival Slaughter

    is this kind of farm allowed in this game?

    Yet another case of, people hating what they don't understand. This will be my last reply.
  13. Percival Slaughter

    is this kind of farm allowed in this game?

    1. So it's our fault that your friends are too soft? 2. 7 people walking around a relatively small map is not really an efficient way to farm. It will be a cesspool. Case in point, even when there are only 2-3 rebels farming at Thana 10, they can't even get along with each other and report each other for KS here at forums, what more if there's 7 of us? 3. Thana has 12 levels, 4 of which are ideal for farming. We stay at Thana 9 because it is not IDEAL for the classes you mentioned to farm here (i.e. Dolor casting Decrease AGI), so we won't be disrupting anyone else's farming. There are 3 other levels where you can farm more efficiently than Thana 9, which for most of the day is vacant. 4. Your last sentence actually points to us not being AFK, thank you.
  14. Percival Slaughter

    is this kind of farm allowed in this game?

    Like Pervy Sage said before, you are always welcome to chill at thana 9 and check if we're afk or not to your heart's content.
  15. Percival Slaughter

    is this kind of farm allowed in this game?

    I even thanked you for luring some mobs to me, why you include me in report? ☹️😂