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  1. Aquaeous

    AFK in BG

    I noticed Legenie has not been moving at BG staging area since the start of the round. I only started to query her in the middle of the round and didn't get a response even after the round. Screenshots attached. The countdown wasn't continuously done in one chatbox because I had to buff teammates who died while I was taking screenshots.
  2. Aquaeous

    AFK at thana 10

    I ignored him not because he keeps pm'ing me when im farming but because he's a total jerk in general. Most BG players know how toxic this player is. If you take away my option to ignore him, what else can I do to sheild myself from his idiocy? And like I said, I ALWAYS REPLY TO HIM and do /e4 everytime he comes near me IN CASE YOU MISSED IT. @AhMasaSih, so tell me again why you still keep dragging my name into the forums even though I ALWAYS reply to you hmm? Out of the countless times you tried to query me in Thana 9, was there an instance where I never replied? NO. So lay off my case before shit really hits the fan.
  3. Aquaeous

    AFK at thana 10

    Let me lay it down for you in simple terms coz you obviously lack the right amount of brain cells. I have you on @ignore so I wont see your pm's for the sole reason that you're a stingy little SOB. I even told you 4-5 days ago that I as gonna put you on @ignore. I am able to do emoticons and talk everytime you come near because I'm actually in front of my screen ROFL-ing at your inability to one-shot mobs in Thana. You said so yourself, I ALWAYS reply to you when you come near me yet you continue to drag my name in the forums. @GM Lai Isn't this some form of harassment? Even coming from this guy's statements I think it's pretty obvious that IM NOT AFK everytime I'm on my RG in thana 9 farming. Yet this guy continues to drag my name in the forums. I feel like he is taking this issue too personal with me. -Seth Lightbringer
  4. Aquaeous


    also just some unsolicited advice. stop looting pearls, garnets, topazes etc. they're not cost-effective nor time-effective for their weight.
  5. Aquaeous


    I have this guy on ignore for being a pest for awhile now that's why his chatbox will not show up on my screen. Luckily, I took a video of this entire incident because I know what he's up to. aaa.rrf Even on his screenshot you can see me saying 'lmao' coz i was laughing at him dying, so LMAO.
  6. Aquaeous

    Toxic Behavior

    While we were playing BG, I noticed a player named BentahanShop just standing in spawn for quite a while (arounds 15-20 seconds or so). This is not the first time I saw him do this, as he was also immobile at the start of a KvM round prior (but I didn't take screenshots of it.) but I didn't mind it at the time. A couple of rounds later he was at it again and this time I finally asked him if he was AFK. Now I didn't take screenshots of our initial convo because I actually didn't want to report him, just wanted him to actually help us win the round, but he just went off on me and kept calling me 'idiot'. Below are the screenshots: