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  1. adamismoney

    Thanatos Tower Farming

    Immaterial arrows you can craft using skill arrow crafting. Imo easiest way to do this is farm yellow bijou (item 7448 common drop from acidus in abyss lake 3). Each one makes 50 Immaterial arrows (plus 50 silver arrows and 80 sleep arrows). So spend an hour or 2 in abyss lake 3 and should be set on Immaterials for a good bit. Here's a good link that shows how to craft all arrow types: Hope that helps, gl and happy hunting!
  2. adamismoney

    Storage Expansion

    +1 Impossible??
  3. adamismoney

    Thanatos Tower Farming

    Also maybe try a thanatos bow (+7 with a hunter fly card). With that and immaterial arrows should be able to 1 shot all mobs and stay full hp/sp even without the rideword hat. Goodluck and happy farming!
  4. adamismoney

    [Opinion] Improvement to Instance Rewards!

    Like several of the suggestions, few that come to mind didn't see mentioned ... The Wave mode instance(s)- (haven't even checked out the new one yet as the first was such a waste of time) - dunno what to change/increase/add but I can't imagine anyone does it with the current "rewards" Bio/morse - basically forced to do solo for good rewards and takes a while since mobs have like a zillion hps; with a party of 2-3 is okay, any more than that and several players get nada - maybe one trophy per party member? Mora dailies (not really an instance but involves hazy forest)- Make rewards more comparable to difficulty level to complete = 5 coins each for bow wow and woof-grr that take 1 sec and a novie can do but the soul guide takes a lot more time/effort (especially if get one on higher island numbers) and often less reward. Central Lab - guess this is just a solo instance really which is okay i guess but I'd love to see certain "mvps" removed and maybe some other "real" ones added. If goal was to encourage party participation then that would help some or if trying to make more difficult spawn all 3 at once (i'd love this since occasionally my agi/bless from admiral wears off by the time i walk there, wait thru entry, and get to 3rd mob after all that long slow chatter). Just my 2 cents
  5. adamismoney

    What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    when decide do a quick maint and d/c all without notice and in middle of oghh should maybe reboot CD on all instances when do that (or just give hour or so notice before)
  6. @Zohan (or anyone with an opinion) .... 1- why such high luck stat if pure AS build? isn't that high more for hybrid, or something I'm unclear on? 2- can explain plz purpose of str stat on any ranger? (doesn't @storage + 10 gym passes make kinda unneeded?) thankies for any opinions/replies
  7. adamismoney

    [Anniversary Event] Get Yo Lai On!

    if thats true bet alot ppl kicking themselves for trashing that april junk LOL
  8. adamismoney

    [Anniversary Event] Get Yo Lai On!

    at least its useful for a month =) maybe after that change name to may fools hat side note fyi - if u have a snowflake aura do NOT preview the cash ones that can now preview. I did this knowing if u equipped a new one you lost it, but not that if was just window shopping. already pm with hilmir so he knows now and he said after dealing with more imp issues will look into
  9. adamismoney

    Failed to communicate with server

    dunno what i did/didnt do really but guess it just was having a day off, self fixed thx for reply
  10. adamismoney

    Failed to communicate with server

    Att:dish network is saying that website is blocking my ip or dns server and now can't even access website or forum unless I go somewhere with other wifi. Gateway bad error 502. Anyone else have att dish network for internet. They saying can't be changed thru their router. Help plzzz
  11. adamismoney

    Failed to communicate with server

    reinstalled and still same =( Any advice???
  12. adamismoney

    Failed to communicate with server

    Everything was fine last night (~12 hours ago) when logged off and went to bed. Have tried ~20-30 times over last 90 minutes or so always with same result. HALP plz. thanks
  13. adamismoney

    Failed to communicate with server

    When going to open game for first time today says.... Attempt to connect patch server... (as usual) then Failed to communicate with server (and start button is not able to be clicked) Can someone help please (preferably in a not overly technical answer since I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed) Thanks very much!!!
  14. adamismoney


    +100 I liked the old school days (not here) where everyone vended in pront and all over the place but i know thats to big a change +1 agreed, or even just one (the people with like 10 are beyond overkill when some days i cant get one even) +1 agreed or more extreme like 12 hours. looking at same crap for days is boring +1 on my extreme makeover kick maybe even 3 tiers Last note ... how about some kind of "auction house" type system? I recall something like this many years ago somewhere Just my 2 cents (over maybe even 2 dollars worth)
  15. adamismoney


    dat damage