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  1. Storage Expansion

    +1 Impossible??
  2. [Opinion] Improvement to Instance Rewards!

    Like several of the suggestions, few that come to mind didn't see mentioned ... The Wave mode instance(s)- (haven't even checked out the new one yet as the first was such a waste of time) - dunno what to change/increase/add but I can't imagine anyone does it with the current "rewards" Bio/morse - basically forced to do solo for good rewards and takes a while since mobs have like a zillion hps; with a party of 2-3 is okay, any more than that and several players get nada - maybe one trophy per party member? Mora dailies (not really an instance but involves hazy forest)- Make rewards more comparable to difficulty level to complete = 5 coins each for bow wow and woof-grr that take 1 sec and a novie can do but the soul guide takes a lot more time/effort (especially if get one on higher island numbers) and often less reward. Central Lab - guess this is just a solo instance really which is okay i guess but I'd love to see certain "mvps" removed and maybe some other "real" ones added. If goal was to encourage party participation then that would help some or if trying to make more difficult spawn all 3 at once (i'd love this since occasionally my agi/bless from admiral wears off by the time i walk there, wait thru entry, and get to 3rd mob after all that long slow chatter). Just my 2 cents
  3. What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    when decide do a quick maint and d/c all without notice and in middle of oghh should maybe reboot CD on all instances when do that (or just give hour or so notice before)
  4. @Zohan (or anyone with an opinion) .... 1- why such high luck stat if pure AS build? isn't that high more for hybrid, or something I'm unclear on? 2- can explain plz purpose of str stat on any ranger? (doesn't @storage + 10 gym passes make kinda unneeded?) thankies for any opinions/replies
  5. [Anniversary Event] Get Yo Lai On!

    if thats true bet alot ppl kicking themselves for trashing that april junk LOL
  6. [Anniversary Event] Get Yo Lai On!

    at least its useful for a month =) maybe after that change name to may fools hat side note fyi - if u have a snowflake aura do NOT preview the cash ones that can now preview. I did this knowing if u equipped a new one you lost it, but not that if was just window shopping. already pm with hilmir so he knows now and he said after dealing with more imp issues will look into
  7. Otogakure

    dat damage
  8. Otogakure

    interested in joining on ranger but can't seem to catch anyone online ign Robbin from the Hood
  9. New Active player seeks guild

    whooops, edit to above post, think I'm actually GMT -5, or whatever EST USA is
  10. New Active player seeks guild

    Hi all, I'm in search of guild to join. A bit about myself and what I'm looking for... New to server (less than a week). Just getting started but will play 30-50 hours/week I'm in Eastern time zone USA (GMT +8) and am on anywhere from 8 am to 10 pm typically. I only communicate in english (know more but personal preference Played RO on main servers for ~4 years on sakkray then moved to chaos for ~6 months but gave it up 6+ years ago. There I led a large woe active guild and co ran an alliance of a few guilds that kicked arse. Hosted forums, marketplace, teamspeak and ventrillo for alliance of up to 200 active players. Here I know no one, I roll solo alot, but would like the occasional chatter of a guild. Would like info and help when needed and offer same in return, Willing to join in parties for whatever. Currently not looking to woe (although I will) first just trying to get to know some people and the lay of the land and gather up some decent gears and levels and will likely nake a hadful of chars for different purposes and see what fits me now as well as like having access to all classes for needed situations. Current chars are listed in signature although levels may change and new chars may be added and signature wont always be updated Let me know of any suggestions anyone has, Look forward to "meeting" some of ya'll. Have a great day, and have fun!