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  1. @Zohan (or anyone with an opinion) .... 1- why such high luck stat if pure AS build? isn't that high more for hybrid, or something I'm unclear on? 2- can explain plz purpose of str stat on any ranger? (doesn't @storage + 10 gym passes make kinda unneeded?) thankies for any opinions/replies
  2. [Anniversary Event] Get Yo Lai On!

    if thats true bet alot ppl kicking themselves for trashing that april junk LOL
  3. [Anniversary Event] Get Yo Lai On!

    at least its useful for a month =) maybe after that change name to may fools hat side note fyi - if u have a snowflake aura do NOT preview the cash ones that can now preview. I did this knowing if u equipped a new one you lost it, but not that if was just window shopping. already pm with hilmir so he knows now and he said after dealing with more imp issues will look into