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  1. Topic Name cairn transform DT to CP in mass Describe your suggestion What is this? right now cairn transforms 50 DT to 1 CP one at a time. Can we make it that he has option to transform as many as can Why do we have to add it? be faster especially for those who farm instances for DT Who will benefit this? instance DT farmers and afkers so basically all player in limit Will this change the system drastic? no Room for improvement? add as option or as default. Other
  2. @Mavne I wonder how illusion hunter bow + illusion boots will compare to other bows + gray wing boots when that release
  3. Yesus

    Rebel Gatling Fever Request

    @Mystery Player each class has its pros and cons. rg rog has problem dealing with holy monsters. swirling petals has problem with high flee monsters. @mavne was the one who wrote the sharp shooting build. I saw his round trip build its intriguing I also want to try it but don't have enough to buy quips right now. im end game ish too with my rebel but its crit build and I can feel u, that rebel lacks on some places.
  4. you guys are smart *mindblown* that's spot on adjustment I think. guess farm dt while its not adjusted XP yeah cp is a bit too easy.
  5. not really sure about how the mechanic can be improved. but I agree that there should be some adjustments, experienced this first time yesterday and it sucks to spend time recruiting and doing the instance then one player afk or got dc and cant come back in.
  6. Yesus

    LMP farming guide

    update as per new lava wave and forest wave adjustment
  7. Yesus

    GX DD Crit Gear

    is valk dagger not better than sandstorm?
  8. Yesus

    Leveling 175-185

    you can try the bounties in hq, I manage to max some characters using that. takes some times but gives u decent exp every turn in. you can also wait for Infinity space IS party you can also try illusion comodo
  9. What is this? just a suggestion to make an automated announcement to remind players to vote and claim their daily rewards. a week or two ago, gm lai would make announcements reminding players to vote. and i always voted back then. recently though havent seen those announcement thus fail to vote. Why do we have to add it? automated announcement maybe 2-4 times a daily something like "Reminder: Vote to help Limitro grow and get points, check your daily attendance, claim your daily slot reward." something like that Who will benefit this? Everybody Will this change the system drastic? No Room for improvement? Yes
  10. Yesus

    How to calculate damage

    I still dont get it T_T but thanks for the feedback and inputs Mavne and Theo here are 2 examples of how i've been trying to follow along the formulas, maybe you can point out what im doing wrong
  11. Yesus

    How to calculate damage

    sharp shooting @Mavne thanks a lot for this! i understand most of your breakdown but i dont get other parts i dont get where the min~max watk comes from (i get the min ~max base atk), also the crit atk final dmg.
  12. Yesus

    How to calculate damage

    thanks Theo i made a calc based of this. then factored in the new def formula in the recent changelog. then use weapon perfection and maximize power to remove variance, used basic weapons of differing levels, tested on diff monsters on my mech. on my rebel did the pretty much the same with the change of replacing perfection and maximize power with crit damage. and sadly my calc is showing different stuff from what i do in game. attached is the calc i made i give up for now haha ro dmg calc 2.xlsx
  13. Yesus

    How to calculate damage

    Hello i want to learn how to calculate damage i kinda get the % modifiers like crit 20% + long 15% should be calculated as 1.2 * 1.15 i also get the status atk [185/4] + dex + [str/5] + [luk/3] x elemental modifier but i dont get the weapon atk and the finalizing atk thing and the skill dmg thing im playing a crit rebel. am curious to see if +16 calf kingcobra will outdo +16 calf diamondback coz there are other stuff that needs to be accounted to like with calf kingcobra there is 10 more weapon atk, no gatling fever, range +45%, crit +15% while with calf diamondback less 10 weapon atk, + 2% weapon atk, + 45% range thanks in advance
  14. Yesus

    LMP farming guide

    yah boredom is the enemy. i manage to finish it for the first time the other day with my rebel, was listening to a joe rogan show haha. so many gwings now in the market. my rebel sometimes empty sp tho even with incubus and rideword so i use the blue pots from the sad potion box drop of invi egg
  15. Yesus

    LMP farming guide

    Truedat and when ur losing your focus around wave 70 they can get away Will give it a try thanks so far using my rebel and round trip is working good but losing sp even with incubus and rideword