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  1. Faiz mediating scam. nice to have players like this helping each other :)


  2. Guys beware of UD or Singkawang in DT parties he left our HTF party when we were inside aldy and tried to sabotage our next fwn party


    UD ima make u famous if you dont change




    1. onion


      Whoa. Thanks for the heads-up, man.

      Loving that last sentence up there, by the way.

  3. Yesus

    Weapon damage VS physical?

    Yes i tag you on damage calculation thread. Maybe you can say what your building so we can reco you stuff
  4. Yesus

    How to calculate damage

    @Corazón this will help you understand more. I havent been able to fully figure it out so i gave up hahaha and resort to following what people do in game
  5. Yesus

    Revive Wave Mode Once Again

    +1 on sky and forest wave duration reduce
  6. Yesus

    Improving the cash shop

    Good call theo just thought wildly your suggestions makes more sense hoping people to chime in their ideas to your suggest
  7. Yesus

    Improving the cash shop

    just thinking maybe cash items to make some end game stuff more feasible to get like perfect vicious mind weapons, perfect abusive/flattery enchants. just idea
  8. Yesus

    Rockridge Quest

    Yes agree with zombie on tradeable coin as someone who farmed this seriously before i dont agree with suggestions of making this too easy. The guns from the mines is useful too. The only change i would like to see is to have the coins tradeable . Im retired from farming mobscarf and would like to have some use for my coins and also help other players build their mobscarf. no to most suggestions here only yes to tradeable coins
  9. Yesus

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

  10. Yesus

    Acronyms List

    Acronyms list - coz new players ask me what these acronym mean, maybe this will help, add comment I left out many for sure- Aaw arch angel wings Acd after cast delay Afk away from keyboard afaik as far as I know Aspd attack speed Blue lumin - blue luminous stone Bs gloves - black smith gloves Cc cart cannon Cd cooldown Ce costume equipment Ci criss impact Cmb cursed magic boots footgear Cmm cursed magic mail armor Crs cross ripper slasher Cs crushing strike Dt donation token Ea expert archer enchant Et endless tower Faw fallen angel wings Fct fixed cast time Fcp full chemical protection Fs fighting spirit enchant or full support Fw or fwn face worm nest instance He hawkeye temp boots enchant Gaw golden angel wings Gl good luck Gmt geffen magic tournament Gtb golden thief bug Gxb great crossbow Htf horror toy factory instance Is infinity space instance irl in real life Jdr juliette de rachel katar Jtb jitterbug Ke kunai explosion Ld lucky day temporal boots enchant Lindy lindy hop sword Tg turtle general Ty thank you Ogh old glast heim instance Oghh old glast heim hard instance Per physical enhancer ring Mir magical instensifier ring Mf muscle fool temp boots enchant Rc rolling cutter Redux reduction Rm Rte red twin edge weapon Temp buts - temporal boots foot gear ex luck temp buts Thana mostly referring to memory of thanatos card or thanatos dungeon Tix ticket Vh vending harbor Vip vip coins Wth white tiger doll hat headgear
  11. Yesus

    Cheap Farming "Gunslinger" "Rebellion" Farming Guide

    there is player in game Blade Gunner he asked me coz he new he cant afford to buy minigun right away. I suggest to really new players. Buy the gatling gun from novice shop in hw its on the right cubicle to izaac he sells cheap weak gatling gun for 10 zeny I think if you have good level aldy you can use that to farm the limit coins in Magma 2 with round trip. or you can also use ur free mercenary.
  12. just to clarify I am not that Yesus2

    1. onion


      That is not you?? 😮 ok ok

    2. Sven Mq

      Sven Mq

      Hoh shit there's an impostor Yesus runnin around

    3. Karyu


      he's a fan of yours i guess lol.

  13. Yesus

    Nerf GTB in pvp only not in PVM

    I think as of now this has most possibility of pvp and pvm satisfaction
  14. Mikyu I miss you XD