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  1. Yesus

    AFK farmer

    Careful eh he can be quite salty
  2. Isuki giving away nothing XD

    give away haha.JPG

  3. Yesus

    AFK farmer

    ok apparently he just dont know how to respond to warning like that but if he dont respond again i'll report please disregard this report as for now
  4. Yesus

    AFK farmer

    and again just now
  5. Yesus

    AFK farmer

    afk farmer T_T
  6. Yesus

    Dont reset Deep Sea during maintenance

    This would be awesome! Can someone reopen it pls
  7. To not reset Deep Sea open after every maintenance Coz again it resets after maintenance and its quite common to have the schedule of maintenance right after Deep Sea is just opened Like this deep sea opening many people helped out to open, so i suggest this to not waste players effort I'm not sure if is intentional, but looks not. I hope players vote yes and explain if they vote no
  8. Yesus

    LimitRO 17.1? Or stay 16.2?

    Wow ty gm for trying to understand what players will feel but in the end i think this is just how game is tbh i feel very unhappy when i saw about the tiger king hat [1] having just gotten my +16 white tiger king hat but now im keeping it and feel still strong haha and less pressure to rush to get new equips, just taking my time slowly busy irl too im of opinion to slowly put new content and also unnerf equips like temporal manteau and fafnir i hope to hear more from other players before voting
  9. Yes pls! Or maybe just add to current dt instances
  10. Yesus

    Want tips on how to beat Limit Island quest

    I think you can go back to limit island via @phone for lunette quest yes best if go party. Before karyu would lead the way with his ranger on camouflage
  11. Yesus

    At what defense is an extra WK better than Thana?

    yo! this one is complex. if you new i think its better to following guides as pro players make them and they spent zen aldy to test that is best build. complex coz thana is really dependent on your target's defense so it very situational. but if you using it for mvps and mobs generally they have high def so thana is really good. i'd say for physical classes thana is a must wk is better compare to turtle general and corrupted wanderer card i'd say now corrupted wanderer is better than wk for skill based physical like KE oboro. and TG is better than WK for auto attacks like my crit rebel hope it help
  12. Yesus

    Ban Idle Farming

    as GM clarified in this player report farming with autocast build is ok as long as you can reply when someone chats you. but i think it's not enough. and its one factor affecting the declining price of vip coins. tbh i just hate players who play like this thats why i try to check on them from time to time and aggressively check if they afk or not. and some of them really hate me. find them hanging out in asgard bottom or rockridge in the past. but it's just a suggestion of course, GM know best. I would like to see how playerbase react Report reply Lai 3,339 Posted June 27 The player has been punished. Not allowed to "AFK" Farm. But you can setup auto spell character. AFK farm means, when you are farming, and someone chats with you, and you dont reply.
  13. new profile :) illustration by @onion ty ty

    1. onion


      Omg you're using it! xD

  14. Yesus

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    wow ty for including me
  15. My laptop somehow freezes when i record ingame 1 enter 2 enter up to 20 is best i can do for now