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  1.  @Rolkies you're right i didnt notice that on the ss, ty for pointing out

    @Yorutia yeah Rolkies is right, the easiest way to really confirm if its both is that the character will auto tele once you resu it. but it's hard if you dont have screen recording program, or the limit recorder crashes your client when you use it just like what sometimes happens to mine. maybe you can use your phone to video.

    and also i agree its super hard to catch this people

    i hope admin become more proactive in dealing with them

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  2. this one is a similar case to this

    but as you can see there, there is evidence that seth is not afk even tho he has ignore on


    @Now you see me it's not our problem that you cant reply coz your using other acct. 


    yeah its true it's hard to deal with toxic players sometimes that's why many people has ignore on @JUST ORDINARY HUMAN characters. 

    since you aldy know what xDosx is up to, you should have prepped better counter evidence. i dont buy the counter-evidence that you post: 1) you dont seem to be on when he checked on you - you could have chatted on public chat like what seth did, or posted on main channels like trade, or simply walk 2) we know how ignore works


    i agree that the dead evidence is not strong too. if you counted him down while he was dead there, that could be something. usually that would mean that the rg was afk for so long he got overweight, cant autocast anymore and died. at least for thana tower. @Dickson why i believe dead rg who cant reply to pm is good enough evidence


    @PopoRi who that botter let's try catch it


    so tl;dr @Marpo im not convinced you are not afk based on the first ss here

  3. who is even told you this build. whoever told you this build should've said its not legal to afk while using it

    if gm will check this acct, maybe can check trade logs, this acct might be an alt