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  1. i'm curious has anybody managed to get and try the newly released heart card in mouth if so i would like to know how it compares to the mobscarf and sunglasses combo for crit builds im using rebellion thanks
  2. Lakshmi

    Mobscarf Farming Guide

    Yehey! Will edit later and add the limit link yah haha so hard work but possible And rewarding
  3. Lakshmi

    Mobscarf Farming Guide

    Let's break the market lol I think mob scarf farming is a good way for new players to farm. but warning though if mob scarf price goes down around 30vips thanatos farming will be better. as of writing this mob scarf sells for around 50 vips you will need many characters of same class in one account that you have decent enough gears to kill rockridge monsters you can use your main account or create an other account just for farming maobscarf entertainment to listen to or watch while farming can be quite boooorrrring i use rangers i think basic for me is thana card+ jitterbug set, then i go for aspd crit stats coz i dont want to be clicking so much by using skills i also suggest using ferlock set to walk even faster of course do the starter quests on step 7 you have to let the npcs talk and wait clear the area from monsters they can kill you while npcs busy talking for step 15 aspd build will help you a lot in hitting those stones step 27 getting the scarf and muffler can take a while but once you get it on step 28 you can get it all back and use for your next character coz Albert will drop them! this one is tricky i just usually look for pictures 2,3,4,5 and its there usually this one can also be a bummer but most of the sand mould are near the big rocks you can see in the mini map then once that is all set up the flow for farming is do this then the sea anemone (edit: sir sephylon added this guide to wiki:) then this's_Food_Supplier what i do is buy bunch of the items here with a merchant class then storage so easy access then this! then these just trigger dont do yet then go inside the pipe area optional: you can trigger this quest why i say optional coz my style is to skip the rockridge cave quests coz they take a lot of time the style is to do all the quests outside the cave on as many characters as you can then on the final stretch include the cave quests if you want or if i manage to finish the easy quests fast then i do the cave quests then go outside the desert flywing to trigger these while kiling cayotes and gathering ores go to these locations to get the ring and also dont forget to kill at least 3 shotgun buffalo go to locations of picture 5,4,3 and 2 on step 4 of this guide! usually you will get ring from those aldy once finish ores and coyote gather reward then go next map kill 3 of each buffalos or depends if you have one of them on vigilante hit list manually count 3 coz sometimes quest counter dont come up then go back to rockridge to get rewards you will get 140 rockridge tokens each character if you dont do the caves will take around 15 mins each character so depending on the number of characters you have you can take around 10 days to complete the 30,000 rockridge tokens needed for mobscarf for doing the cave quests trigger fireworks from pipe area go asgard talk to cactus near warper go out cave trigger ghasts quests hunt gasters and the vigilante buffalo then go asgard cactus warper again go out claim gasters quests go rockridge claim vigilante and fireworks i usually skip filling up the 10 poisonous powder part i wait until it fills up naturally from doing it with many characters but just trigger the fireworks so its ready when i fill then farm explosive powder many but only put 1 in inventory in turn in coz npc will get all if you put more than 1 some things i dont understand: i see some people farming with dual i tried it but its confusing for me maybe because i already established my farming routine but i guest you can try it i think it works
  4. Where to farm zeny? Where else to farm How to level fast Where to trade donation tokens to cash points What job to use Daily rewards
  5. Lakshmi

    inappropriate char name

    Char Name: Taena Mo Desuka Violation: Inappropriate character name roughly translates to: you piece of shit vomit
  6. for levelling you can wait for infinity space party, do bounty quests, use mercenary to level [i think you can still level up to 130ish with merc on magma 2] for zeny thanatos will be good start, there is guide in forum search for it dont forget the daily slot and attendance rewards
  7. Lakshmi

    Happy Giveaway Drawing

    Character Name: Yesus Final Image: Drawing process: 
  8. Lakshmi

    How much are VIP coins?

    refer to this page bro
  9. Lakshmi

    Best/fastest way to farm zenny

    i think straight up zeny thana 10 is still the best i see some ROG royal guard farming there but i prefer to farm there with my rebel i think if your well equipped enough and can solo instances that will be more profitable
  10. Lakshmi

    naked doram gmt farmer

    make a new doram level up to 100ish using mercenary see this guide on how to do that: do this quest to gain access to the instance: stats dex=vit>int>luk>str=agi skills to use Silvervine Root Twist Scar of Tarou strat when round starts walk a lil to your back use silvervine to trap then spam scar maybe 5 scar then renew silvervine you can farm 100ish coins theres this opponent that uses pneuma, you can kill her but takes time, just spam and you will catch her without pneuma
  11. Lakshmi

    Analysis: What job i should use?

    up! really great guide. I hope more people happens to read this
  12. i prefer using the sword merc i think its easier and cheaper no need to buy merc pots