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  1. IGN: AndiBless Name: Andi Link to social media: How long have you been playing RO in general? 9 years How long have you been playing Limit RO? 4 months What makes you want to be a Helper? I want to help new players, solve doubts, I know I can handle all newcomer's doubts and I'd do my best to investigate anything I couldn't answer super fast. I don't want this server to die off, so I want to encourage the new players that come check to stay and enjoy this server. What can you offer to Limit RO if you're a Helper? I would love to constantly hold events and instance raids, discord activities, made up events (if thats allowed). But mostly I'd offer guidance for players that are not only new to the server but to the game, I've seen "check forums", "google it" as an answer to new players a lot, but new players need clear explanations, not to be referred to the internet, so I'd like to give that help n_nU. Also I work from home, so I'm OL a lot! I speak English and Spanish (also understand most romance languages)
  2. Ah, but the fetuses on the jar are real, they are rabbit fetus...
  3. Haha, is just stuff I have hanging around in my room... xD
  4. Ragnarok Monster Egg Themed Easter Eggs I wanted to make the background look like is a bunch of random items on a Genetic's Cart... (yes the Embryo is not an Egg, but it suits the visuals xD) The process was not particularly interesting: Hope u like it!, happy festivities...! IGN: AndiFist
  5. CharName: AndiBless Original: LoginScreen 1024x768.bmp Preview: About: The basic idea here is a party of friends taking a break from a quest, I wanted to show as many things from the game as possible the homun, pets, mercs, mobs, foods and mounts... and make it seem playful, so the story here is that the Sorc dropped his Arunafeltz Sandwich and it was picked by a poring, then the mean AB gives the poring Increase Agility !! and it runs away with the sandwich while the Gene just spits out water in laughter, in the background Luciola Vespa is lovingly glancing at Sera but she only cares for her Apple Pudding and Egnigem Cenia is madly in love with Doppelganger just like Dali Bow Merc who doesn't appreciate the competition, then all the other pets just around their masters... The technique is mixed media, the photographic background is not from google ;D also my pics Hope u like it ;3 Facebook page: WIP: First Try: Second Try xD
  6. So, I'm new what is the reward here?
  7. That totally fixed it, thx a lot ;3
  8. ORLY?, will go try that ;D thx...
  9. So here is the item: Used the "@hatch˝ command and chose the New Year Doll Egg to hatch But no pet shows up, I moved around and waited, thinking it might take a little to load the sprite or something but nothing happens, and the item disappears from the inventory I used "@hatch" again and the hatch selection option shows up again but the text is now in red color, again, nothing happens if I click it. Finally if I teleport or warp, the item appears back on the inventory. And that's about it, there is no problem with any other egg, they hatch and show the sprite properly: