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  1. Party Trolling

    Hello, A warlock player by the name of RaChoMoy. The player was in a party for an instance run, Old Glast Helm Hard. Difficult as it is and the type of party we have. The party require all players to pitch in. At the final boss, veteran players who had done the instance before warn all party members to not melee or use magic. Despite the warning RaChoMoy, continue to insist of using magic throughout the battle. Resulting multiple party wipes and making the completion of the instance difficult. See screen shots of the player casting magic. Unfortunately, there are no screenshots to give further details because we were all trying to survive with the ignorant player. Some indications are in the text, actions, and way the other party members are position (spread out) If any other members were part of the party, feel free to comment or add additional information. Thanks,
  2. [Anniversary Event] Get Yo Lai On!

    Yep, at least useful. Speaking of fools. After 30 days have an option to make it permanent cash costume without gemstone by exchanging April fool gemstone, coins, and April loot.
  3. Kill Stealing, CoriX

    The player choose to intervene leveling of a character, I am doing. This occurrence has happen more than 3 times. As my character kills the mob, I gather. The Assassin Cross would use roller cutter of my Paladin and the mobs currently on my Rune Knight while waiting for the next batch. CoriX - Assassin Cross Class Walks in, Roller Cutters, teleport, and repeat.
  4. More Trolling Vending

    Characters Venderero Venderero [xx] xx = one, two.... six Syntax Taking up vending slots with 1 item in each character with an absurd price.