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  1. Entity 808


    Hello Welcome to LimitRO Hope you'll enjoy it
  2. Entity 808

    Silk Mode 2018

    As long it's related to show your skills on playing RO and not by your items (What I mean is balanced WoE), then I tottally agree with it. [(How 'bout Novice WoE for Silk and Normal)(Please take the Novice WoE as a joke ^ _ ^ )]
  3. Entity 808

    Silk Mode 2018

    Lol, didnt noticed you said that XD, Ive only read to make AB useful again XD
  4. Entity 808

    Silk Mode 2018

    Yea, that sounds good for me :>, I remember when I was an RK where I couldn't beat the other RK on silk because of his pots (I did not know what HP pots are in that time). So yeah, I think the harder the process, the more fun silk woe would be. Like, we should let them use their skills for winning not by their pots (although I use foods too, I wan't to disable it )
  5. Entity 808

    Silk Mode 2018

    MY SUGGESTION~ ~ ~ What if, try disabling other foods such as +20 +10 or no foods at all or maybe just the lvl 1 to 4 foods . Since some people can't afford those foods since they just started LimitRO . With this suggestion, everyone will play by their skills and not by there stats. (This is only 70% serious )
  6. Entity 808

    Snowman Calendar

    Sad I missed the CE T_T , and I think, if i would buy it, It would cause billions T_T
  7. Entity 808

    How to fix this?

    I think you should install the new full installer of LimitRO, not sure though
  8. Entity 808


    Baka po 'di nyo na-install ang new full installer Nangyari yan sa iba dati.
  9. Entity 808


    Hello there friendly new player, Welcome to LimitRO. Hope you'll enjoy this server We do have a guide here: So yeah, that's it. (sponsor my guide please T_T ... XD )
  10. Entity 808

    Stone BG Bug using GTB

    I think it's becuase GTB nullifies quagmire (Magic Skill) that makes you slow and also you cant be buffed by Increase agi which means I think you can't also get affected by decrease agi.
  11. Entity 808


    Hello there Welcome to LimitRO LimitRO has a friendly community, 99% of it is friendly and thbute other 1% is not friendly but don't worry because there's only a 0.1% you'll encounter those unfriendly people So again, welcome to LimitRO
  12. Entity 808

    Summon the Scary "Scatleton" Cat!

    Yeah, just like the WPS Points requirement. It was already finished when I visited Asgard T_T
  13. Entity 808


  14. Entity 808

    Plant the Pump

    The way you take care of your plant is the same as the way you take care your plants in Asgard?