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  1. titouhoon

    des français?

    cc, des français présent? 😢
  2. titouhoon


    yo vous êtes tjrs là?
  3. titouhoon

    How are warlocks now????

    OH THANKS @Hilmir !! are you sure of that? and how can i reach 170 aspd?
  4. titouhoon

    How are warlocks now????

    okkkk thanks teluoborg that sucks QQ
  5. titouhoon


    https://discord.gg/sGwYv venez sur le discord
  6. titouhoon

    How are warlocks now????

    ok thanks but i still dont understand: so if i Reading spell book like 3 chain lightning, i can spam release? or cd because i reading spell book chainlightnih?
  7. titouhoon

    How are warlocks now????

    hello last time i played ro it was in 2013 on french renewal server and warlock was good but now seems like they ad cooldown on release? so its now impossible to play Warlock ASPD with chain lightning right? What is the warlock situation atm on pvp/ bg / and woe pls
  8. titouhoon


    ta pas empowred golden staff frildora kikoo chain lightning pr moi stp? ^^^^^^
  9. titouhoon


    ta guilltoine katar+ 10 pr moi? ^^^^^