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  1. Had White Knight Card, freshly traded (from Orochimaru;) talked to Admiral for Card Remover. Had same card (a White Knight) removed from weapon, and the first card disappeared. All storages were checked, all items checked, and relogged as per suggestion of Orochimaru, card seems to have disappeared for good. Not sure what else could have triggered this... Screens include the re-carded weapon and cards in inventory (no 2nd white knight, as there should be.)
  2. Loner's Box (B)

    It's in the item description. o < o Plus, RMS says it, too.
  3. Loner's Box (B)

    (Should give graffiti, rather than flag graffiti.)
  4. Loner's Box (B)

    Loner's Box (B) / Angry Solo Hat [5449] Headgear failing to give skill - Scribble / Graffiti Problem persists after relog, switching headgears, leaving map. Lucky Break / (Stats don't seem important here, so I won't list them.)
  5. Pussy Cat Bell

    Nope! It shows up as blush down by the neck. The icon's always been wrong, haha. That's how it is on RMS, too. Apparently other people (well, one that I talked to) have had issues with it, too.
  6. Pussy Cat Bell

    I tried to take one, but it didn't show up right. It has this weird distortion/discolor/tilt. :< You can't see it too clearly.
  7. Pussy Cat Bell

    Pussy Cat Bell - 5051 Displaying as 'Blush' item. Mixed Headgears to see if effect changed (Unchanged) Reloged (Unchanged) Checked Patch (Unchanged) Uh... it wasn't like this before/isn't supposed to be like this? Lucky Break / (I don't think you need stats because it's a visual error.)