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  1. Had White Knight Card, freshly traded (from Orochimaru;) talked to Admiral for Card Remover. Had same card (a White Knight) removed from weapon, and the first card disappeared. All storages were checked, all items checked, and relogged as per suggestion of Orochimaru, card seems to have disappeared for good. Not sure what else could have triggered this... Screens include the re-carded weapon and cards in inventory (no 2nd white knight, as there should be.)
  2. Kolya

    Loner's Box (B)

    It's in the item description. o < o Plus, RMS says it, too.
  3. Kolya

    Loner's Box (B)

    (Should give graffiti, rather than flag graffiti.)
  4. It has been two weeks (minus a day) since I started this thread. In that time, my collection has grown 50 headgear, making my total 158. Thank you to those who helped!
  5. It has been one week since I started this thread. In that time, my collection has grown 51 headgear, making my total 108. Thank you to those who helped! Let's hope next week is as fruitful!
  6. Kolya

    Loner's Box (B)

    Loner's Box (B) / Angry Solo Hat [5449] Headgear failing to give skill - Scribble / Graffiti Problem persists after relog, switching headgears, leaving map. Lucky Break / (Stats don't seem important here, so I won't list them.)
  7. Kolya

    Pussy Cat Bell

    Nope! It shows up as blush down by the neck. The icon's always been wrong, haha. That's how it is on RMS, too. Apparently other people (well, one that I talked to) have had issues with it, too.
  8. Kolya

    Pussy Cat Bell

    I tried to take one, but it didn't show up right. It has this weird distortion/discolor/tilt. :< You can't see it too clearly.
  9. Kolya

    Pussy Cat Bell

    Pussy Cat Bell - 5051 Displaying as 'Blush' item. Mixed Headgears to see if effect changed (Unchanged) Reloged (Unchanged) Checked Patch (Unchanged) Uh... it wasn't like this before/isn't supposed to be like this? Lucky Break / (I don't think you need stats because it's a visual error.)
  10. Awh, thanks Lai. (PS: Hope you have a happy marriage! Congrats!!)
  11. Hey there. I'm Kolya, a long time Ragnarok player. My main hobby in-game is to collect headgear. To help keep track of what I have (and maybe show off as the collection grows,) I decided to make this post, which will always be under construction. Let me also say I am always up for buying spare materials/hats (or taking them off your hands) for headgear! Message me in-game (In order of likeliness: The Librarian, Lucky Break, Spellbound Owl, Harrier Lily, Dollface, Red Mountain) to inquire. Currently, I'm new to the server and don't have a WHOLE lot of funds, but we can talk. And no, I'm not interested in selling any of my headgear (this is NOT a sales thread!) unless you're interested in commissioning me to make a new one. Now, without any further to do... Top Wedding Veil Fancy Flower Ribbon Hairband Bandana Kitty Band Bunny Band Hat Goggles Cap Crown Western Grace Cute Ribbon Wizard Hat Unicorn Horn Jack be Dandy Red Bandana Bomb Wick Orc Helm Safety Helmet Egg Shell Nutshell Bao Bao Magician Hat Banana Hat Mystic Rose Morpheus's Hood Morrigane's Helm Alice Doll Marionette Doll Beret Shafka Yellow Ribbon Vane Hairpin Vanilmirth Hat Flower Lily Flower Crown Orchid Hairband Filir Hat Academy Freshman Hat Academy Completion Hat Wind Milestone Feather Beret Rideword Hat Stellar Black Cat Ears Hermose Cap Puppy Headband Romantic Gent Halo Turban Big Ribbon Sacrificed for Red Tailed Ribbon Red Tailed Ribbon Bucket Hat Poo Poo Hat Renown Detective's Cap Smokie Leaf Circlet Boy's Cap Magni's Cap Anubis Helm Nurse Cap Leaf Cat Hat Evil Wing Mush Mush Captain's Hat Mini Propeller Majestic Goat Ghost Bandana Little Angel Doll Beer Hat Koneko Champion Wreath Black Bunny Ban Panda Hat Jewel Crown Flying Evil Wings Snake Head Hat Ulle's Cap Fin Helm Sweet Gent Santa Hat Sunflower Burning Spirit Stop Post Spiky Band Ribbon Chef Carmen Miranda's Hat Antonio's Santa Hat Teddybear Hat Bunny Ears Hat Geographer Band Pirate Bandanna Angel's Kiss Kitsune Mask Magistrate Hat Antenna Shadow Crown Poporing Hat Deviling Hat Twin Red Ribbon Rage of Luster Bacsojin Hat Moon Rabbit Hat Cookie Hat October Fest Cap Middle Eye Patch Elven Ears Small Ribbons Purple Glasses Black Frame Glasses Blush Mischievous Fairy Zorro Masque Binoculars Masquerade Lower Assassin Mask Clown Nose Iron Chain Romantic Leaf Pussy Cat Bell Crunch Toast Gangster Mask Romantic Flower Pipe Flu Mask Cigarette Angry Snarl Spiked Scarf Donut In Mouth Mixed Goblin Mask Sphinx Hat Poker Face Surprised Mask Whisper Mask Loner's Box(B) Solo Hat Lion Mask Dokebi's Wig Goblin Leader Mask Annoyed Mask Decorative Golden Bell RO 5th Wedding Anniversary Munak Hat Coif Wings of Victory Costume Alien Festival Shadow Handicraft Driver Band Ribbon of Pocketwatch Golden Santa Poring Buck Chicken Hat Midas Whisper Magic Stone Hat Dying Swan Protect of Crown Circlet of Bones Mitra Rune Circlet Blazing Soul Minstrel Song's Hat Cow Hat Persica Flower Drooping Aliot Drooping Kiehl Little Fashion Hat Blue Tiger Mask Love Hat (Girl) Mini Globe (Vermin) CURRENTLY HUNTING Red Glasses (Need: 1 Fashionable Glasses, 1 Angled Glasses Cherry Township (Need: 10 Fragment of Rosetta Stone, 10 Piece of Queen's Wing) Captain's Hat (Need: 4 Bucket Hat [1]) Pecopeco Hairband (Need: 2 Angel Wing, 200 Pecopeco Feather, 10 Valhala's Flower) Cat Ear Beret (Need: 96 Bloody Coin, 17 Broken Crown) FROM THE NPC Well Chewed Pencil Chewing Bubblegum Sigrun's Wings Ice Ear Wing Shaman's Coif Lady Tanee Hat SINCE IT'S CREATION, THIS THREAD (AND MY COLLECTION) HAVE GROWN BY: 112 HEADGEAR making my collection 170 HEADGEAR Special Thanks to: Shappo, Kev Hellyeah, Jeong Hyun Yong, and Master Orochimaru!
  12. Hey there, I'm Kolya, and it just so happens I'm interested in joining a guild. If you've clicked on the link, you're probably curious, so here's what I'm looking for. Social Adult-Friendly MvP/Party Friendly Non-WoE Required Now, what can I offer in return? Diddly squat, except for 12+ years of Ragnarok Online experience, a sprite editing hobby, a sunny outlook, and an inexplicable drive to collect headgear. Leave a message, or snag me in-game @ The Librarian, Spellbound Owl, Dollface, or Red Mountain.
  13. Kolya


    Hey there! I'm Kolya, genetisist and hat hunter extrordinare. I'm pretty new to this server, but a LONG time RO player. I'd like to meet with a player of yours to see if your guild is a good fit for me! If anyone is on tonight past 11:30 EST, I'll be on The Librarian and will check your home town. Thanks!!
  14. Kolya

    Hey, I'm Kolya.

    Hello, Limit! I'm Kolya, a long time RO player returning to the action after a year (or more) of downtime. I don't WoE, but I love a good social guild. I like to play chemists, full support priests, battle sages, rangers, and rebellions. Mostly, I collect headgear and farm items for them. I also make and edit sprites in my free time... I'm not super good at making items fresh in Ragnarok's style, but I'm working on it! In the meantime, editing them is a lot of good fun and practice. Anyway, thanks for stopping by! If you see me in game (The Librarian, Dollface, Spellbound Owl) feel free to say hi! I don't bite... very hard.
  15. Kolya

    Working Homunculus AI?

    Err, so it's been awhile since I've played RO, so I may have missed something simple, but at first my AI wasn't registering (yes, with /hoai toggled) so I tried to install a different one. Well, that lead to crashes, and so I replaced it with the default folder... but that still means I'm left without an AI. Does anyone know what to do here? What AI I should use/how to get it to work/is willing to send over their AI folder? Thanks for your time!