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  1. Character Name : Jack Morrison
  2. Character Name : Jack Morrison
  3. You tell me which one, Master Keele. I don't know which item you guys put on the NPC. (@go vending)
  4. Character Name : Jack Morrison
  5. When I tested earlier I wasn't seeing any Eddga card effect or any SP Drain effects. (I was on Ki Explosion status, Sura tanking on Steel Body may have something to do conflicting with the card script?)
  6. I also wanted to double check if the scripts are right, because LimitRO DB is reporting autobonus2 in the item's script (which is for when you take damage) but others are reporting autobonus only (which is for inflicting damage) Can someone who has it on kRO check? Thanks! Character Name : Pai Tokudaiji
  7. They used to be in Armors IIRC. Weird.
  8. Item Name : Monkey Circlet Item ID : 10018 Details : Monkey Circlet is incorrectly placed under [Weapons] Category on Storage. Character Name : Jack Morrison
  9. I see. Then should be filed as an Item Desciption Change.
  10. Item Name : Superior Leaf Talisman Item ID : 28418 Details : Item Description is confusing as it is using a different Item name on the Set list of one of the items (Charm Grass Necklace, ID 28382) Item Set Bonus working as Intended. Previous Accessories item descriptions in the Same Sets (Catnip Meteor Set for LV100 and LV140 versions) should be changed to [Charm Grass Necklace] as well. LV100 Accessory - Lesser Leaf Talisman, ID 28416 LV140 Accessory - Intermediate Leaf Talisman, ID 28417 Character Name : The Tuna Mage
  11. Item Name : Fish in Mouth Item ID : 5403 Details : Fish in Mouth has a missing item description: Item working as intended with the missing information included. Character Name : The Tuna Mage
  12. Item Name : Tempest Item ID : 13198 Details : Tempest's Weapon Level incorrectly functions as a Level 4 Weapon Refinement Level also functions as a Level 4 Weapon Correct Item Level should be Level 2 Character Name : Jack Morrison
  13. Item Name : Southern Cross Item ID: 28201 Details: The Item's Weapon Level is incorrectly displayed as Level 3 The Item's stats and refinement levels correctly work as intended (Level 4) Character Name : Jack Morrison